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The Top 5 Best New Year’s Eve Proposal Ideas (Updated 2022)

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The Top 5 Best New Year’s Eve Proposal Ideas (Updated 2022)

A New Year's proposal is a romantic gesture in which one person asks their partner to marry them on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day. It is a special way to start the new year with a commitment to a lifetime of love and partnership. If you are considering making a New Year's proposal, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Plan ahead: Make sure to plan out the details of the proposal, such as where and when it will take place, what you will say, and how you will present the ring.
  • Keep it personal: Make the proposal special and meaningful by incorporating elements that are significant to you and your partner.
  • Be considerate: Consider your partner's feelings and make sure they are ready for this step in your relationship.
  • Make it memorable: Create a memorable and romantic setting for the proposal, whether it's a beautiful outdoor location or a cozy spot at home.
  • Be prepared for the answer: Remember that your partner may not be ready for marriage, and it's important to respect their feelings and decision.

Overall, the most important thing is to make the proposal genuine and sincere, and to show your partner how much they mean to you.

Ways to Propose This New Year's

Have you been thinking of interesting ways to propose to your love on New Year’s Eve? This is a glorious time of the year to ask your love to marry you, and there’s nothing better than an engagement ring and a midnight kiss to celebrate 2023. Whether it’s a larger gathering or a private party with just the two of you, there’s a compelling way to pop the question on this sparkling holiday. The countdown to midnight is on, so read these New Year’s Eve proposal ideas then go straight to the source of bold and distinctive engagement rings, master designer and jeweler John Atencio.


Make it a Family and Friends Affair

Family and friends are everything, so make it a New Year’s Eve to remember with one of our New Year’s Eve proposal ideas that includes the people she holds the dearest. Even better, enlist their help to make the night a smashing success. There’s so much family and friends can do to create that unforgettable lifetime memory, from holding signs and snapping photos to just being present. The right time comes directly after midnight, so post your helpers around the proposal moment to take videos and snap photos of the big event from all angles, creating an amazing photo tribute of the moment that you’ll both always hold dear. Ensure you get a shot of that John Atencio Unity Engagement Ring in 18k Yellow Gold dazzling on her finger, because it’s going to take her breath away.


couple wearing john atencio jewelry drinking orange cocktails


Surprise Her by the Caviar

If she strays from the limelight, she may appreciate one of our New Year’s Eve proposal ideas with a little less flash. Where there’s a New Year’s celebration, there’s usually food, so slip her a little surprise where she’ll never expect it. Beautiful charcuterie and graze boards filled with smoked meats, cheeses and fruit are popular now, so put her promise note by the brie or set her sparkler by the sirloin. Now assist her with her plate and lead her toward forever as she comes across her surprise. When she realizes the John Atencio Majesty Round Engagement Ring in 18k Rose Gold shimmering by the caviar is for her, pop the question and gain her hand. Subtlety has its charms.


Ask Him with a Toast

If the champagne is flowing freely during your New Year’s Eve party, then use it for another of our New Year’s Eve proposal ideas. From putting the John Atencio Eclipse Band directly in the bottom of his bubbly (ensuring he doesn’t swallow it) to hooking it on his glass with a drink marker, there is a fun way to raise a toast to your man and ask him to be forever yours when the clock strikes midnight. Thinking out of the box? Add a surprise to his New Year’s Eve by stacking his ring between the olives of his cocktail then posing that question when you present his refreshment. Make a toast and step into 2022 as an engaged couple.


Say it in the Snow

Whether you jet off to a cabin in the woods or you get the gift of snow where you live, proposing in a winter wonderland on New Year’s Eve is a memorable way to start the rest of your lives. Introduce whimsy by slipping the Intrigue Diamond Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold by John Atencio on the snowman’s carrot nose or light up the night with holiday lights surrounding the proposal she’s been waiting for. You can invite others or share a heartfelt moment alone in the brisk air to ring in the New Year. After the ball falls, ask her to spend all of her tomorrows with you. There are so many variations on wintertime New Year’s Eve proposal ideas, and the glistening snowflakes provide a lovely backdrop for that once-in-a-lifetime moment.


Tie it on a Balloon for Him

Good cheer is in the air, glasses are raised to the coming year and gold and glittery decorations hang everywhere. If you’re looking for low-key New Year’s Eve proposal ideas, attaching his John Atencio Waves Band in Black Zirconium to one of the metallic mylar balloons that grace the room is one of them. Ensure the balloon is properly weighted, then party until the New Year’s Eve task is at hand. Celebrate the new year by drinking champagne and presenting him with the shiny token of your affection that will start your lives together.


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