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Jewelry Trends 2021: Predicting the Best Year for Bold Jewelry

jewelry trends
Jewelry Trends 2021: Predicting the Best Year for Bold Jewelry

Have you been curious about which hot jewelry trends will emerge in 2021? Setting the trends for the masses, the houses of fashion speak loud and clear with the jewelry they choose to adorn their creations with, and their choices are creatively bold for this year. Because life was on hold for most of last year, much of the jewelry trending at the start of 2020 was ushered over to the new year with one clear message: ample accessorizing that calls attention is still in. And if there was ever a standout year to begin wearing jewelry that makes that bold statement, it’s 2021. The time is now, so discover the mainstays and the newest beautifully bold designs of master designer and jeweler John Atencio and stay on top of the trends.

John Atencio Designs Celebrate Life

An accomplished 48-year veteran of jewelry design, John Atencio is known worldwide for crafting distinctive jewelry that makes a statement. Thoughtfully envisioning each design then sketching it by hand, he is devoted to the highest standards in craftsmanship, with a meticulous attention to detail that’s evident in every piece. Creating clean, bold styles that celebrate life, it is the honor of this socially responsible jeweler to design, craft and present stunning jewelry that makes you look and feel terrific. Visit to discover the history behind the brilliance that brings this year’s trends to life.

Responsibly Sourced Jewelry is Trending in 2021

It feels great to buy jewelry that’s ethically sourced. Jewelry that is sourced in a sustainable manner isn’t only an international trend that’s certain to be visible for the foreseeable future, it’s a principle and a promise that John Atencio wholeheartedly believes in and ensures for those who wear his creations. Environmental protection and fair work wages, conditions and processes for miners are important factors that jewelry consumers have come to desire, and John Atencio delivers on the demand for these practices. Using only recycled gold for his wearable art, he also offers stunning lab-grown diamonds that sparkle with intensity and purpose. Visit to browse his extraordinary collection of natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds.

jewelry trends in 2021

Step Out in Sterling Silver

Sterling silver stands atop the pinnacle of jewelry trends in 2021. This fashion forward metal continues to push the bounds of vogue, showing up in chunky styles that beg notice. John Atencio celebrates sterling silver with the Entwine Gemstone Cuff Bracelet from his newly offered Entwine Collection, successfully blending bold design, brightly hued bezel-set gemstones and 14k gold accents. Showcasing a rich selection of earrings, necklaces, cuff bracelets and even a key chain, this collection promises to please. Whether you’re playing it casual or going dressy, these versatile pieces catch the eye and soothe the soul.

Go Exotic in 2021

Everything that’s exotic warrants a second glance, and that’s especially noteworthy this year. When it comes to glamour in the year 2021, fascinating stones like cabochons will keep your attention. Going exotic is effortless with the Bermuda Gemstone Ring with Pave Diamonds from John Atencio’s newly released Bermuda Collection that evokes the alluring blue-green waters of the island that inspired it. Trillion cabochons, sparkling pave-set diamonds and glimmering gold make this collection truly unique, eliciting thoughts of special past memories and the ones that wait for you.

Another exotic offering from John Atencio is the Apollo Shagreen Cuff Bracelet. This texturally enticing delight is presented in four variations (one with shimmering pave diamonds!) that showcase the majestic mix of shagreen leather, sterling silver and 14k yellow gold. Either way, cruising the jewelry trends in 2021 is an easy feat when you wear the eye-catchingly exotic Bermuda Collection or an Apollo Shagreen Cuff Bracelet.

Beads and Pendants are In

Beads bursting with color and pretty pendants will be plentiful this year, proving that fun jewelry can also be stunning jewelry. Mixing, stacking and layering those beads and pendants is also a trend in 2021, and John Atencio jewelry is perfect for it. Visit to see the gorgeous Amazonite gemstones, sterling silver and 14k yellow gold that make up the Solar Beaded Bracelets, offered in nine colorfully vibrant variations that ride this year’s jewelry trend. While you’re there, look for the different varieties of sweet and sassy heart pendants across collections, including the Solar Heart Pendant Necklace and the new Entwine Heart Pendant Necklace. Mixing, stacking and layering beads and pendants from John Atencio will look sensational on you in 2021.

No one makes it easier to enjoy the newest jewelry trends in 2021 than John Atencio. Visit the newly updated to browse the extensive selection of distinctive statement jewelry that complements your trendy fashion sense. After that, simply visit a store or schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with a concierge who will provide a variety of delivery options. Make exquisite jewelry from John Atencio a part of your life celebration in 2021.