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John Atencio Wins Top of the Town - Best Local Jewelry Designer

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John Atencio Wins Top of the Town - Best Local Jewelry Designer

A fixture in the Colorado community, John Atencio is renowned for being one of the region’s premier jewelry designers. Recently, this status was further bolstered when John won the 2021 Top of the Town Reader’s Choice Award for Best Local Jewelry Designer.

For more than three decades, Top of the Town has been Denver's go-to resource for discovering the top local businesses in culture, nightlife, dining, shopping, sports, outdoors, fitness and services. The selection process is highly competitive, and only the industry’s very best rise to the top.

The prestigious honor is the brainchild of 5280 Magazine, The Mile High City’s top-selling local publication. Originally created to shine a light on local enterprises, 5280 has earned widespread popularity through the years. In fact, the magazine outsells many noteworthy national publications, with a readership exceeding Oprah, People, Time and Martha Stewart Living.

This extensive readership allows 5280 to get broad input from local residents about which businesses deserve recognition for providing exceptional products, services and customer relations. When companies earn 5280’s Top of the Town award for their category, they are receiving a very prestigious honor.

A Tradition of Excellence

By earning the number one spot on Top of the Town’s Readers' Choice ballot, John Atencio has further cemented his legacy as Colorado’s premier jewelry designer. While he’s proud of his current status, it’s all part of a journey that began many years ago.

John has spent four decades designing compelling, creative jewelry that evokes sophistication, glamour and style. Inspired by the future and informed by the past, he has continued to refine his wondrous craft, bringing his artful visions to life for a customer base that spans the world.

As he continues his inspired artistic journey, John curates new stimulating designs while also producing popular classic jewelry pieces of extraordinary quality. From pendants and necklaces to rings and bracelets, every single design is expertly crafted in pursuit of progress, enduring beauty and strict social responsibility.

Sadly, not every Colorado jeweler takes an ethical approach to their trade. When it comes to ethics and sustainability, John Atencio strikes a harmonious balance between social responsibility, quality and our collective stewardship over the planet. Very few jewelers maintain his unwavering integrity and commitment to ethical and social standards. Each of his jewelry pieces is made while adhering to the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), a renowned worldwide effort to stop the global trade of "blood diamonds" used to finance human trafficking, war and other unethical, destructive activities.

John's strict commitment to sustainable and ethical diamond sourcing is based on hard-earned relationships with conscientious miners, suppliers and cutters. This allows customers to rest easy knowing that John’s gemstones are always free from any taint of environmental consequences, war or human exploitation.

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An Award-Winning Legacy

What started as a modest jewelry endeavor has evolved into an award-winning, international fashion brand with deep roots in the local community. Generations of Colorado men and women treasure John's jewelry, and this has once again been reflected in Top of the Town’s Readers' Choice ballot.

John is renowned for designing extraordinary jewelry pieces that reflect the skill and creativity of a master craftsman. With 48 years of experience in design, his expertise extends to collaborating with customers to design wearable art that reflects unique personalities while meeting John’s strict standards for durability, quality and unmistakable beauty. Through every single step of the design process, John’s team works with their customers to refine any custom piece until it exceeds their expectations.

Whether his customers want a fancy-shaped stone, a unique, nontraditional setting, or a modern creation that blends multiple styles, John can craft a beautifully compelling jewelry piece as unique as the wearer.

Bold lines. Balanced dimensions. Fluid form. It’s what makes John a legend in the industry and local fixture amid the Denver metro area and state of Colorado. Honored with the 2021 Top of the Town Reader’s Choice Award, John feels even more driven to reach greater heights of artistry and beauty for his friends and neighbors throughout Colorado.

At John Atencio, we use the finest materials to craft distinctive statement pieces and breathtaking wearable art. Browse our online collection or make an appointment at one of our convenient locations, where our team can help you choose a stunning piece of jewelry for yourself or that special person on your gift list.