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Say it in Red! How to REALLY Surprise your Significant Other on Valentine’s Day

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Say it in Red! How to REALLY Surprise your Significant Other on Valentine’s Day

Updated 1/14/2024

Have you been considering the best way to surprise your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? You can always go with the standard fare of candy and flowers, but in 2023 you’re thinking that you should love a little harder and reach a little higher for the one who holds your heart. Even better, you plan to make it a fun occasion by surprising your love in fantastic fashion, but how exactly? Going the gamut for love isn’t a new exercise, but one that’s been honed to perfection by those who have given their significant others the highest honor of jewelry. Give her the surprise of her life by gifting your girlfriend with distinctive jewelry from John Atencio, the world-renowned master jeweler who designs every piece from the heart.

John Atencio Designs for Love

Known across the globe for his clean and bold jewelry designs, John Atencio holds 48 years of experience that have long established him as a premier master designer of statement jewelry. Designing from his heart, he personally envisions and sketches each piece, which is then handcrafted by select master artisans who bring his designs to life. Meticulous attention to detail is employed at every step because every piece is designed and crafted to be an heirloom that will bring delight across the ages. Insisting that his creations be crafted using only recycled gold and responsibly sourced gemstones, John Atencio believes strongly in social responsibility that supports all of the world’s citizens. 

How Do I Surprise Her?

The best way to surprise your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day lies not only in the gift you give, but the way you give it. There are numerous ways to surprise your girlfriend or partner, including the romantic basics of hiding jewelry in a candy box, tying it to a ribbon on the flowers you bestow, or capping a romantic getaway with a present under a pillow. With a little effort, you could create a scavenger hunt that includes small gifts of candy and perfume along the way to the discovery of John Atencio jewelry. You can also recreate a special moment like the first date in a truly memorable way that will surprise your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. Cooped up in the house? Create a surprise picnic on the living room floor with your love’s favorite take-out or pop the jewelry gift in the refrigerator for discovery when it’s opened. Whichever method you choose to surprise your girlfriend with on Valentine’s Day, jewelry from John Atencio will magnify that surprise, making her see you in a brilliant light.

The Heart is Where the Love is

Jewelry from John Atencio is always a fan favorite around Valentine’s Day because of the impressive selection of distinctive heart-shaped jewelry he offers. Your better half may already expect to receive a heart-shaped gift, but when they open an authentic John Atencio heart-shaped necklace, bracelet, set of earrings or keychain, their surprise will be felt long after the moment has passed. Presenting the Devotion Heart Dangle Earrings in 14K yellow or white gold is a sure way to gain attention from your love. Why not start a tradition?

devotion heart dangle earrings

Gifting her with the new Entwine Heart Pendant Necklace crafted with sterling silver and 14k gold is a wonderful start to your new Valentine’s Day tradition of presenting her with unique John Atencio heart-shaped jewelry every time the holiday of hearts rolls around. That is, until you’re ready to ask her to stand beside you forever. At that point, a stunning John Atencio engagement ring is in order for a Valentine’s Day surprise that will leave her speechless.

Give Her the Best Valentine’s Day Surprise

The best way to surprise your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day is by asking her to be yours for the rest of time. If popping the question is on your mind, gift the one you adore with the most supreme surprise of all, an iconic John Atencio engagement ring. Whether you hide it in a box of candy or offer it on bended knee, this surprise will be one that both of you will always remember. Crafted for beauty and aesthetic balance, a John Atencio engagement ring is made with a higher metal content that will give it a weighty, reassuring feel that she’ll enjoy every day after her big surprise. Experience iconic styles like the Intrigue and the popular Ventana Quad and Techla diamond engagement ring styles, then browse the database of responsibly mined natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds to set the surprise in motion. Sweets may reign supreme on this day of hearts, but an engagement ring from John Atencio will produce a rush far sweeter than candy.

Say it in red this year! It’s a breeze to surprise your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day with beautiful John Atencio jewelry. Visit our online store to find your favorite Valentine’s gifts and browse the extensive selection of stunning heart jewelry. While you’re there, take a peek at our Valentine’s Gift Guide or Valentine's Look Book and make an appointment with a concierge for a virtual or in-person browsing experience. After all, the best way to surprise your beloved is with John Atencio jewelry, because John Atencio designs are for love.

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