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The 2023 Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Guide

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The 2023 Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Guide

When it comes to impactful Valentine’s Day gifts, jewelry always hits the right mark. But how do you choose something worthy of your special someone? From timeless classics to modern designs, we’ve assembled some inspired ideas in our latest Valentine's Day jewelry gift guide. So, let’s dig in and find something to celebrate your love story. 

Best Valentine Jewelry Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to honor that special person who makes your heart skip a beat. Whether you’re trying to fan the flame of new love or celebrating years of marriage, the greatest gifts come in the smallest boxes. 

Take, for instance, John Atencio’s stunning Paris X/O Collection. Informed by the culture, beauty and romance of the renowned Parisian city of lights, each stunning piece features scintillating pave diamonds and soft alluring arcs reminiscent of the gracefully curved city streets that run through the brilliant Paris landscape. 

Also inspired by one of the world’s most storied cities, John’s Antigua Collection celebrates the honor and strength of ancient Rome. Showcasing the rich hues of ethically sourced, hand-selected birthstones, this iconic sterling silver collection features beautiful rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings for a truly personalized Valentine’s gift.

Think your special someone might prefer something with an alluring edge? Oxidized silver’s dark patina creates captivating jewelry. Some intriguing examples are found in John’s Duplex Collection, which includes a range of stylish pieces with blackened silver attributes,14K yellow, white or rose gold, and fiery diamonds. A unique way to treat the apple of your eye, Duplex includes an alluring pendant, sleek stack ring, seductive hinged bracelet, and dazzling drop earrings. Worn together or as a complement to other pieces, Duplex black jewelry is an easy way to add intrigue to any outfit, from casual ensembles to elegant attire.

Valentine Jewelry Gifts Under $1000

Dazzling Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts don’t have to cost a small fortune. It’s easy to spoil your sweetheart with John Atencio’s jewelry gifts for under $1000

Crafted from timeless 14K gold and pale sterling silver, these gorgeous pieces bring eye-catching flare to any style, elevating their look in formal and casual settings. 

Each piece has been thoughtfully hand-sketched and artistically crafted from new, innovative designs to time-honored classics to elevate the moment without breaking the bank.

Romantic Gifts

Jewelry gifts infuse your Valentine’s celebration with romance, especially when it includes colors and special meaning that help signify your feelings. Countless examples are found throughout John Atencios’ vast romantic jewelry collection, which includes romantic heart-shaped pendants, birthstone rings and bracelets with meaningful symbols and stones.

Romantic pieces are also found in John Atencio’s Arrivo Collection, featuring gorgeous sterling silver designs with 14-karat gold accents. Define their style with colorful trillion and diamond-rich rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants, featuring amethyst, peridot, blue topaz and romantic red rhodolite garnet. 

Another intriguing collection with romantic overtones, John’s Paloma designs include dazzling diamond rings and bracelets with red rubies throughout, which burn with romantic allure alongside brilliant luxe diamond accents. 

John’s Elixir and Endearment Collections also feature especially romantic designs in icy sterling silver with lustrous 14-karat gold accents, fiery diamonds and vivid gemstones. that radiate eye-catching color. Celebrate your love with artful pieces that blend alluring textures and intriguing design elements to create inherently distinctive and bold sterling silver collections.

Heart Shaped Jewelry

Across the world, the heart shape is known to symbolize affection and romantic love. Worn directly over the heart, pendant necklaces make meaningful Valentine’s gifts that are treasured long after receiving them. 

John Atencio heart shaped pendants

When a pendant necklace is crafted in the shape of a heart, it brings added meaning, especially when accented with brilliant diamond gemstones. A good example is found in John’s popular Adore Collection.

A uniquely intriguing creation, Solar Adore Heart Pendant brings the hallmark triangles, circles and lines to every design, symbolizing the struggles we all face in balancing family, relationships and communication. Current and lasting, the heart-shaped Solar pendant is a meaningful and versatile Valentine’s Day gift they can wear every day.

An incomparable symbol of love symbolizing the spirited tenderness in each of us, the heart shape looks especially beautiful in John’s gorgeous Adore Petite Diamond Heart Pendant Necklaces. A fashionable accessory and heartfelt expression of your enduring love, each piece showcases an alluring three-dimensional lobed design. Featuring a single breathtaking diamond, these beautifully crafted pieces showcase the time-honored shape and unique fluid form that is iconic John Atencio.

Another wonderful heart-shaped jewelry gift can be found in John’s celebrated Devotion Collection. The unique architecture of John’s Devotion Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace provides rare opportunities to make a stunning statement from every perspective. Tipped with fiery channel-set diamonds, this pretty piece is a thoughtful way to elevate their look while showing how much you care. 

Whatever their taste, whatever their place in your life, John has the right heart-shaped jewelry piece to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

Classic Timeless Jewelry

If you’re looking for sure-thing Valentine's Day gifts for her, jewelry classics are always the safest bet. An iconic jewelry piece, diamond tennis bracelets make great gifts for your wife, girlfriend or family member. While traditional tennis bracelets include round-cut diamonds throughout, John Atencio offers intriguing variations that include unique gemstone shapes and distinctive designs.

Diamond stud earrings are another timeless favorite that elevates any look while having enough versatility for casual and formal settings. 

Elegant or playful, free-floating or fixed, diamond pendant necklaces make gorgeous Valentine’s jewelry gifts with a timeless feel. Designer rings also provide a diversity of classic options that allow you to pinpoint a piece that will match her one-of-a-kind style and fit her existing jewelry collection.

Valentine Diamonds

The most dramatic Valentine’s Day gifts come with a scintillating sparkle. Radiating brilliance and fire, John Atencio’s diamond jewelry brings a scintillating flare to their ensemble. Some fantastic examples can be found in John Atencio’s Elixir Gold Collection.

Inspired by the striking marquise gemstone, Elixir is John’s tribute to femininity’s breathtaking beauty and unerring power. Mesmerizing and exotic, these pieces blend soft curves with strong angles, bringing John’s artistry to a new level. Several pieces feature amethyst or citrine, but the glittering pave diamonds make Elixir jewelry a truly captivating Valentine’s Day gift.

Brilliant white diamonds are the star of the show in Monaco, another popular John Atencio jewelry collection. The beauty and simplicity of each gemstone comes alive in this inspired collection, featuring dazzling drop earrings, exquisite prong-set tennis bracelets, and other timeless diamond classics. Each piece includes responsibly sourced diamonds that beautifully complement John’s artfully crafted designs. 

Best Valentine Jewelry Gifts for Him

Whether you’re shopping for your husband or a boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, jewelry is a trendy way to show how much you care. 

Bold or understated, men’s jewelry can add a formidable edge to his sharpest look. From bracelets and rings to meaningful pendant necklaces, the right piece can turn an ordinary Valentine’s Day into a monumental moment he will never forget.

Unleash his hidden style with one of John Atencio’s bold and distinctive men’s jewelry gifts, meticulously crafted to make a strong and enduring statement.

Tips on Buying Valentine Jewelry

When choosing meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts for your special someone, jewelry is an intelligent way to go. To hit the right mark, however, you need to find something that holds deep meaning while reflecting their distinctive style. 

It helps to have an ally who can provide guidance every step of the way. John Atencio has everything you need, from ring sizing guides for men and women to bracelet sizing guides and flexible financing options. Our attentive consultants can walk you through all your options and help you select a heartfelt gift that will make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.