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The Importance of Conflict-Free Engagement Rings

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The Importance of Conflict-Free Engagement Rings

The right diamond can turn magical proposals into monumental moments. Unfortunately, not every diamond is worthy of your love story. Far too often, jewelers source their diamonds from questionable suppliers who aren’t shy about engaging in unethical practices. Before you choose an engagement ring, it’s important to understand why you should seek a conflict-free diamond.

Shifting Attitudes

From clothing to coffee, modern consumers are increasingly concerned about how their products are sourced. In addition to environmental consequences, people want to know that workers are being treated fairly and profits are being spent ethically. Over the years, these evolving attitudes have made their way to diamonds, which are among the most financially significant and meaningful purchases of a person’s life.

It can be difficult to imagine that a fiery, masterfully cut diamond gem began as a rough stone in the ground. In reality, diamonds go on quite a journey from the soil to your finger. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for certain diamonds to have dark origins. As people become more aware of this fact, they are starting to demand conflict-free diamonds for their jewelry.

What Is a Conflict-Free Diamond?

Depending on how and where a diamond is mined, various social, environmental and human rights issues come into play. Sadly, the diamond trade can sometimes be used to fund unethical activities, including forced labor and violent wars.

Conflict-free diamonds are mined and shipped without any connection to terror or rebel groups that engage in these sorts of harmful activities. Procedures and agreements like the worldwide Kimberley Process have been created to guarantee that specified diamond gemstones are mined according to strict ethical standards.

Diamonds mined outside these standards are often referred to as conflict diamonds or blood diamonds. These stones are often illegally traded or mined from war-torn areas. They gained notoriety during the infamous Sierra Leone civil war that took place during the 1990s. Conflict diamonds gained even more attention with the release of the popular 2006 Leonardo Dicaprio film Blood Diamond, which showed how rebel groups engaged in disturbing tactics to sell and smuggle diamonds.

Fortunately, increased attention has generated a larger interest in conflict-free diamonds. These days, more and more consumers are determined to avoid conflict diamonds when they purchase engagement rings. This means shopping at an ethical jeweler who is committed to sourcing diamonds that do no societal or environmental harm.

Avoiding Blood Diamonds

Far too often, people inadvertently fund unethical and violent activities abroad by purchasing diamonds from jewelers who source their materials without vetting the providers. The truth is that very few jewelers maintain John Atencio’s strict adherence to stringent social and ethical standards.

conflict free diamonds

For one, John always adheres to the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), an important global effort to end the trade of conflict diamonds. He has also worked hard to establish and nurture long-standing relationships with like-minded miners, diamond suppliers and cutters. This commitment gives customers the confidence that their diamond engagement rings will be free from any taint of violence, war or human exploitation.

Still, while it’s important to always seek conflict-free gems, we recommend going one step further. In addition to ensuring that his diamonds are always conflict-free, John also works hard to make sure his diamonds are eco-friendly.

Artistry and Integrity

When selecting an engagement ring, many people simply visit a local jewelry store and pick out a preset piece from the display. Unfortunately, many simply don’t realize they may be purchasing a diamond with a dark, disturbing past.

If you’re planning to purchase an engagement ring with a natural diamond, you’d be well-advised to make sure the jeweler has the same ethical standards as John Atencio.

You can also eliminate any remaining concerns over conflict diamonds by purchasing a stunning lab-grown diamond. John always takes an ethical approach to sourcing materials for his masterfully crafted rings, and his lab-grown diamonds are the current standard for responsible and ethical stewardship in the diamond trade.

At John Atencio, we always conduct business with social and environmental awareness. If you're searching for conflict-free, eco-friendly jewelry, explore our lab-grown diamonds or make an appointment at one of our stores, where our experts can help you choose the perfect diamond engagement ring for your one-of-a-kind love story.