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Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts in Jewelry

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Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts in Jewelry

When it comes to memorable Mother’s Day gifts, jewelry always hits the mark. But how do you find a piece that fits mom’s unique style? We’ve curated ten of John Atencio’s top jewelry designs to help inspire you. Honor mom with an artful array of bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces that are sure to make her feel loved and appreciated! Here are our favorite Mother's Day gifts in jewelry for 2022.

1. Lines Three-Diamond Necklace 


Few gifts compare to the scintillating look of the stylish and sophisticated “Lines” three-diamond necklace. Every work of art begins with an uncomplicated line. Simple and highly structured, John Atencio’s Lines collection brings the fiery brilliance of every channel-set diamond gemstone into unmistakable focus, mesmerizing admirers, whatever the setting.

2. Duplex Pave Hinged Cuff Bracelet


The debut jewelry collection of John Atencio’s son, Lex Atencio, Duplex features 14k yellow gold, black-oxidized silver and dazzling diamonds. Born from Lex’s desire to create an attainable collection for a new generation, Duplex is a fresh, intriguing look for fashion-conscious moms.

3. Angel Gold Pave Pendant Necklace


Inspired by the symbolism of the cross and the spirited tenderness of the angel, this necklace is a meaningful selection for mom. Designed to share strength, hope and love, the golden angel brings inspiration during happy moments and difficult times.

4. Treasure Gemstone Pendant


Inspired by John’s great uncle and his fascinating legacy in the creation of Walt Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, the Treasure collection is a brilliant, timeless statement. A gorgeous gift for mom, Treasure features rich jewel tones that blend a rhodolite garnet center or emerald-cut Tanzanite with scintillating baguette diamonds.

5. Endearment Diamond Pendant Necklace


Mom endears herself to the whole family by dedicating herself to their well-being. Repay this selfless commitment by honoring her with a meaningful Mother’s Day gift. The Endearment diamond pendant necklace is a strikingly symbolic selection. The circle of life is celebrated in the endless, softly contoured circlet, accented by a brilliant diamond gem.

6. Diamond Tennis Bracelet


A wardrobe staple, diamond tennis bracelets go with any ensemble, from ballgowns and pantsuits to t-shirts and jeans. Classic, elegant and stylish, these timeless staples infuse any outfit with shimmer and glam, while allowing mom to show off her unique style.

7. Adore Petite Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace


The heart represents the spirited tenderness in each of us, making it a fitting motif for Mother’s Day. This classic symbol of love looks strikingly beautiful in John’s gorgeous Adore petite diamond heart pendant necklace. Enhanced with a fiery diamond, these masterfully crafted jewelry pieces are sure to quicken mom’s heart rate.

8. Paris X/O Earrings 


Inspired by the culture and beauty of the famous Parisian city of lights, John’s Paris X/O earrings bring his exquisite diamond pave and soft arcs to the forefront. Mom will be reminded of the graceful curves of Paris’ city streets and the brilliance of the Parisian landscape.

9. Essence Diamond Earrings 


Conceived with love and beautifully crafted by hand, Essence is a finely curated collection in an assortment of gorgeous precious metals. Versatile and dynamic, these glittering stunners define style and elegance, adding a touch of class to casual ensembles, while beautifully complementing both business and formal attire.

10. Essence Crown Pave Diamond Pendant


Treat mom to the distinctive beauty of John Atencio’s Essence Crown pave diamond pendant. Ethically and responsibly sourced, each diamond is matched for brilliance maintaining the highest standards for quality inherent in the John Atencio tradition.

A Day to Remember

She's been there every step of the way, guiding you with patience, generosity and compassion. Honor her endless devotion with a jewelry gift that’s worthy of her enduring love. This Mother’s Day, shop John’s compelling collection of artfully crafted jewelry.

John has designed a wide array of inspiring Mother’s Day gifts, from fresh designs that convey a contemporary kind of chic to vintage-inspired jewelry dripping with bygone-era glamor. Browse online for Mother's Day gifts in jewelry from John Atencio and discover classic, modern and iconic designs that speak to her wisdom, integrity, confidence, timelessness and invincible passion for love and life.

There's no need to ever feel unsure about finding a Mother’s Day jewelry gift for your mom, wife or sister. Shop online or visit any John Atencio location, where our jewelry consultants can help you find jewelry she will always treasure. Whether you want versatile companion jewelry or an eye-catching statement piece, our team can guide you to a great gift that will show just how much you care.