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Top 5 Gold Jewelry Gifts for Mother's Day

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Top 5 Gold Jewelry Gifts for Mother's Day

She's been there all along, guiding you with compassion, generosity and patience. Honor her devotion with a gift that’s worthy of her never-ending love. This Mother’s Day, shop John Atencio’s beautiful collection of artfully crafted jewelry pieces. Find your inspiration with this helpful list of especially intriguing gift ideas.

1. Lines Three-Diamond Necklace $1,395

Looking to make a meaningful impact? Few things compare to the fiery look of the sophisticated and stylish “Lines” three-diamond necklace. All art starts with a simple line. Uncomplicated and highly structured, the Lines collection brings the scintillating brilliance of every channel-set diamond into unmistakable focus, transfixing admirers, wherever the setting.

lines pendant necklace gold jewelry gift for mom

Choose a Lines necklace in traditional 14K yellow gold and elevate mom’s appearance with a bit of classic elegance. Hoping for something a little more fashion-forward? The Lines collection hits the mark with white gold options featuring cool sophistication and a refined, silvery sheen.

2. Orion Polar Diamond Ring $1,475

Sharing in significant celebrations is an intrinsic part of being an accomplished jewelry designer. Born from John Atencio’s desire to creatively honor special occasions, the remarkable Orion Polar diamond ring collection pays tribute to celebrations of love and family.

orion polar diamond ring gold jewelry gift for mom

A single channel-set diamond sits ablaze atop a lustrous band, nooked off-center to create a cool, contemporary feel. Choose from classically elegant 14K yellow gold, pretty pale white gold or beautiful blush, rose gold.

3. Endearment Diamond Pendant Necklace $1,050

Mom endears herself to everyone in the family by selflessly dedicating herself to their well-being. Repay this passionate commitment by honoring her with a special Mother’s Day gift. The Endearment diamond pendant necklace is a stunningly symbolic selection. The circle of life is captured in the ceaseless, softly contoured circlet, accented by a single fiery diamond gem.

endearment diamond pendant necklace gold jewelry gift for mom

Available in 14K white and yellow gold, these meaningful jewelry pieces look great with any ensemble, from professional attire to her favorite t-shirt and jeans. They also hold deep importance by representing your love and appreciation for everything she is and everything she does.

4. Adore Petite Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace $795

The heart signifies the spirited tenderness in all of us, making it a beautifully symbolic motif for Mother’s Day. This quintessential symbol of love looks especially beautiful in John Atencio’s stunning Adore petite diamond heart pendant necklaces. Adorned with a single, scintillating diamond, these exquisitely crafted jewelry pieces are sure to quicken mom’s pulse rate.

adore petite diamond heart pendant necklace gold jewelry gift for mom

A fashionable accessory and a heartfelt expression of deep love, each piece captures attention with a compelling three-dimensional lobed design. This exquisite selection of hearts by John Atencio brings artistry and unique beauty to symbolism, so mom can proudly wear her Mother’s Day gift wherever she goes.

5. Essence Diamond Earrings $1,450

Simplicity redefined. That perfectly articulates John’s line of Essence single hoop earrings with pave diamonds. The clean lines, precise diamond pave, and simple but breathtaking artistry make the Essence collection so appealing. Conceived with love and crafted by hand, Essence is a finely curated collection in a variety of gorgeous precious metals.

essence diamond earrings gold jewelry gift for mom

Dynamic and versatile, these glittering stunners define elegance and style, adding a nice touch of class to casual ensembles and complementing both formal and business attire. Available in 14K yellow, white or rose gold, the Essence line provides plenty of options, so you can easily find something that blends well with other mom’s jewelry pieces.

A Day to Remember

Make Mother’s Day truly memorable this year with a gift from John Atencio. Browse our holiday jewelry gifts and discover beautifully forged pieces for every style. Honor mom with an artful array of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings that are sure to bring a smile to her lips.

Show just how much you care with a sleek, sophisticated, feminine piece of jewelry that reflects her unique and fashionable style. John has designed a variety of inspiring Mother’s Day gifts, from vintage-inspired pieces dripping with bygone-era glamour to contemporary jewelry designs that convey a fresh kind of chic.

John Atencio offers an assortment of Mother’s Day gifts, showcasing diverse styles that seamlessly blend with her wardrobe. Browse our selection and discover modern, classic and iconic jewelry designs that speak to her confidence, integrity, timelessness, wisdom and invincible zest for love and life.

There's no need to feel anxious about finding a Mother’s Day gift for your mom, sister or wife. Visit any John Atencio location, and our jewelry experts can help you find a gift she will truly treasure. Whether you want an eye-catching stand-alone piece or versatile companion jewelry, our staff can guide you to a great gift that will demonstrate just how much you care.