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Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings: Ask for Her Hand with the Family Jewels

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Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings: Ask for Her Hand with the Family Jewels

When getting ready to propose, finding the right engagement ring to do so is nerve-wracking for most people. Some give their mother's engagement ring, passed down for generations. Others look for something new and creative that matches their partner's spirit. If you're looking for something unique and exciting to propose with, consider vintage inspired engagement rings.

What Are Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings?

These engagement rings mimic vintage and antique rings from the past. They often include diamonds and gemstones passed from one family member to another. Sometimes they feature metals, shapes, and other features that have fallen out of what "fashion" trends are currently popular. In some instances, these engagement rings are recreated with the family jewels to look like your grandmother's engagement ring or your mother's wedding ring.

Can You Use the Family Jewels to Create a Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring?

Absolutely! By working with a jewelry designer like John Atencio, you can recreate a vintage look with an engagement ring that stands out and is unique.

While there are many traditional bridal styles on the market for engagement rings and wedding bands, brides want to stand out with something original. These vintage and antique inspired engagement rings do that. They bring beauty and grace you won't always find in modern styles if you're a bit more old-fashioned in what you want to wear on your finger.

Starting with the diamonds or gemstones, you can craft a new ring around that. On the flip side, if you have a ring in your possession that needs a new diamond, gemstone, or a combination of stones, you can start with that to get a vintage look.

These vintage-inspired engagement rings aren't just for those looking for something "older looking." Many takes on these engagement rings mix and match shapes, styles, and colors to create something with a vintage feel – but still bold and modern.

Talk to your family and see what types of engagement and bridal jewelry they wear to get inspiration. Look through their jewelry boxes. Hear the stories behind the different pieces of jewelry and the meaning behind them to understand the power one ring has for the rest of someone's life.

As you begin thinking about what the engagement ring you're giving away looks like, start to consider all the possibilities out there. There are many traditional looks to engagement rings, but that may not be the right fit for asking for their hand. Choose an engagement ring that shows how much you know them and how much you love them. A vintage engagement ring is one such way to showcase how much you know your partner.

Vintage inspired engagement rings are one of the most beautiful ways to say "I love you" when asking for his or her hand in marriage. If you've fallen in love with something one of your family members wear or want to capture the beauty of something worn in the past, working with John Atencio to immortalize that into an engagement ring is the way to go.