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Glossary: Promise Ring

Although it isn’t an engagement ring, a promise ring is a significant declaration of commitment. While the meaning of the jewelry is often unique to the person wearing it, most promise rings are given to symbolize an exclusive relationship, along with some degree of love and devotion.

A couple may feel they aren’t quite ready for marriage due to a variety of factors, from their age to their careers to their studies. If they still, however, wish to devote themselves exclusively to the other, a promise ring is a powerful and beautiful way to signify this commitment.

Promise Ring Designs

Promise rings are purposely made to be distinct from engagement rings. You generally won't see a large fiery center diamond in a promise ring. You will, however, see more delicate styles and thoughtful gemstone designs.

Promise rings can take a diversity of forms to honor the love and commitment being expressed. From intricate to slender, customized to thematic, you will find a broad range of promise rings to choose from. If you aren’t sure where to start, it can help to talk to the seasoned jewelry experts at John Atencio. Whether you’re interested in diamond promise rings, gold promise rings, matching promise rings or something sleek, slender and simple; our experts can help you find the perfect piece for your big promise.

Are Promise Rings Only for Couples?

While this is common, the actual answer is, no. A promise ring can be given for a variety of different reasons and can have any number of different recipients. Essentially, it is a piece of jewelry that symbolizes or signifies a promise.

They can be exchanged between brothers, sisters and best friends. They can be worn by a group to serve as a common symbol for a particular cause or affiliation, including sports teams, religious organizations, or sorority members. You can even buy a promise ring for yourself as a reminder of a vow or promise you made (i.e. to stop drinking or smoking). You could also wear your own promise ring as a gentle push to achieve an important goal, such as graduating college, writing a novel or losing weight.

Which finger do you wear a promise ring on?

Promise rings are traditionally placed on the ring finger of the left hand if you aren’t married. Many people decide to move the promise ring to the ring finger of the right hand once they get married. With that said, how you decide to wear your promise ring is essentially a personal choice. Sometimes, people decide to wear their promise rings on a necklace chain.

If you consider your ring to be a symbol of a committed romantic relationship, you can wear it on your ring finger in place of a wedding ring. You could also wear it on a different finger to show that you have yet to reach that monumental milestone.

How long should you wear a promise ring?

In most cases, promise rings are given once a couple has been dating for about six months to a year. It’s common for people to wait around a year before replacing a promise ring with an engagement ring. That said, none of these traditional timeframes are binding; you can give and wear a promise ring under any circumstances (and timeframe) you like.

How serious is a promise ring?

In many instances, a promise ring can point toward a forthcoming engagement ring; but their meaning and significance are quite different. When someone gives a promise ring, they are demonstrating their intent to maintain a committed relationship with the receiving individual.

What is the meaning of a promise ring?

A promise ring represents a promise to take a committed relationship seriously. It also signifies hope for the relationship's positive future development. It does not, however, promise marriage; although, many people who exchange promise rings do go on to get married at some point in the future.

At John Atencio, our jewelry experts can show you how to select a gorgeous personalized promise ring that beautifully represents your intent. Visit one of our locations and let our knowledgeable team guide you to the ideal jewelry piece or perfect gift for that special person on your shopping list.