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Modern, Classic, Pavé or Solitaire? What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

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Modern, Classic, Pavé or Solitaire? What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

Have you ever thought about what your engagement ring says about you? Maybe it already rests on your finger, on perhaps you’re dreaming of what your future holds. Regardless of your position, the ring you wear not only says a lot about you, it also speaks volumes about the special person who gave it to you. You know that true love doesn’t come along every day, so when it’s real, you want this very significant piece of jewelry to reflect everything that your love is and who you are as a person. When you’re absolutely in love and you want the world to know it, you wear an exceptional statement engagement ring from renowned jewelry artisan John Atencio. The question is, does the modern, classic, pavé or solitaire engagement ring reflect who you are?

John Atencio Designs the Engagement Ring for Your Love

Inspired by the highest affection two people can share, every phenomenal engagement ring by John Atencio begins as a sketch by the artist himself who holds over 48 years of experience.

Known the world over for designing distinctive statement jewelry that begs notice, John Atencio is greatly regarded for his high standards and meticulous attention to detail, permitting only master artisans to handcraft every piece. Crafted with a higher metal amount than average rings to give you the reassuring feel you crave, these heavier pieces are crafted to be heirlooms. John believes in designing stunning engagement rings that showcase love’s greatest milestones. Discover more about this socially responsible artisan.

engagement ring styles by John Atencio

The 4 distinct styles of John Atencio engagement rings

What a Modern Engagement Ring Says About You

Bold design and clean lines are the hallmark of modern engagement rings, and no one designs them quite like John Atencio does. This simplistic variety of engagement ring with distinct angles goes hand-in-glove with non-traditional people who tend to be adventurous and courageous. Fancy colored gemstones, including emeralds, sapphires, rubies, lilac amethyst, and green, blue, red, pink, yellow and orange diamonds, have taken root as the focus stone of modern engagement rings in recent years. You’re also likely to see unique gemstones and shapes, like trillions and cabochons, fitted in these rings. If you’re the modern type, discover John Atencio’s contemporary Ventana Quad ring with a princess-cut center stone and a strong, clean-cut elegance that echoes your own personal fortitude.

What a Classic Engagement Ring Says About You

A classic engagement ring is timeless and always in fashion, just like the person who prefers it. Often claiming a traditional, round-cut diamond with sensational sparkle, this exquisite ring is worn well on the hand of the ultra-feminine who love romantic, time-honored traditions. Expressing the traditional with a twist, gemstone cuts like oval, pear and princess also make a beautiful appearance in classic engagement rings. Treasured by the conventional who appreciate smooth, soft and elegant jewelry, John Atencio’s Satin Round Engagement Ring is the epitome of a stunning, classic ring in a sparkling setting.

What a Pavé Engagement Ring Says About You

When you like to be the center of attention, an engagement ring with pavé diamonds is the one you need to wear, especially when dazzle and intense sparkle describe your personality. Delicate with a touch of daring, a pavé engagement ring fits well with a person who appreciates larger-than-life splendor on their finger every day, because the center stone will capture their attention and the detailed band of pavé diamonds will keep it. If this is you, look no further than the Theodora Elite Ring by John Atencio. Combining a cushion-cut center and pavé diamonds with 18k white gold, this elite ring is a sensational piece of jewelry that will make you feel like the nobility that inspired it.

What a Solitaire Engagement Ring Says About You

An engagement ring with a single gemstone and an otherwise unadorned band is uncomplicated yet sophisticated, much like the person who wears it. As simple as it is, it allows for a variety of gemstones and shapes, emphasizing the pure beauty of the single stone in a graceful manner. Add a pavé band, and you have an engagement ring that shimmers beyond your wildest dreams, just like the Essence Engagement Ring from John Atencio. Handcrafted in 18k gold, white gold or rose gold, the contoured lines, iconic styling and pavé diamonds highlight your focus stone in beautiful style.

When you’re head over heels in love and not afraid to show it, you deserve to wear a John Atencio engagement ring that makes that forever statement. Visit JohnAtencio.com to discover the endless ring possibilities that reflect the immense love you share. While you’re there, browse John Atencio’s natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds to find the color and cut combination that best suits you. Questions? Contact a concierge or visit a John Atencio boutique and discuss your engagement ring desires in person. Your love deserves a John Atencio.