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5 Father's Day Jewelry Gifts Dad Will Love

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5 Father's Day Jewelry Gifts Dad Will Love

Buying gifts for the men in our lives can be difficult. Sometimes we don't know what they need or what they want. Imagine how they feel when they shop for us. When Father's Day comes rolling around each year, finding the perfect gift for our dads, grandfathers, boyfriends, or anyone filling the role of father in life can be even more challenging. Let John Atencio help you find the perfect Father's Day gift that the men in your life will cherish forever.

5 Jewelry Gifts the Men in Your Life Will Love for Father's Day


Cufflinks are one of those accessories that most men need but don't realize they need until they're getting dressed up for an event. Ensure the men in your life are ready for that moment by getting them a pair of cufflinks that go with their favorite color, suit, jacket, or tie. Cufflinks come in different shapes, styles, and themes, too, so find the perfect set for the man in your life this Father's Day. 

Money Clips

Money clips are used by men who don't want to carry a bulky wallet filled with the entire contents of their life in it. For special events, fancy dinners out, and other moments, a money clip reduces feeling weighed down by a wallet in his pocket. Money clips come in different sizes, colors, and styles. Like cufflinks, they can be customized for your special guy to say thank you for everything he does.


If your man loves to wear pendants, there are different types out there specifically for men to show your love and affection. No matter the metal preferences or colors your man loves, finding the right pendant is a matter of shopping around. Pendants from the John Atencio collection come in sterling silver with a dog-tag style that's unique and something your guy is sure to love to wear.


Buying a ring for your loved one, especially if you've been together for a while will take him by surprise. Whether you're buying a brand-new ring for Father's Day or you want to upgrade his wedding band, surprising your guy with a new ring he will love will show how much you cherish him. It'll also show how much you know him by choosing the perfect metal and style he loves.


If you're looking for a terrific Father's Day present for any man in your life, a watch is still a go-to way to show your appreciation. Watches come in so many styles, picking one out may be one of the most challenging gift-giving experiences of all. Consider surprising the special guy in your life by taking him shopping for a watch where he can choose one himself by your side.

Men's Matrix Ring

John Atencio will help you find the perfect Father's Day jewelry gift for any man in your life. Whether it's your father, your husband, a boyfriend, or even someone who's stepped into the role of dad, our experts will help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry to say thank you on this holiday.