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The Rise of Men's Luxury Jewelry: Elevating Father's Day Gifting

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The Rise of Men's Luxury Jewelry: Elevating Father's Day Gifting

With Father's Day just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about the perfect gift to show Dad just how much he means to you. This year, consider an extra special gift that combines luxury, sophistication and meaning—fine men's jewelry.

Once viewed as purely functional or simplistic, men’s jewelry has undergone a renaissance with stylish, statement-making designs that appeal to modern sensibilities. Read on to learn about men's luxury jewelry trends and find out why these gifts are the perfect way to honor Dad this Father’s Day. 

The Growing Popularity of Men’s Luxury Jewelry

Men’s interest in jewelry and accessories has risen dramatically in recent years. No longer relegated to utilitarian pieces like watches, men are seeking out jewelry that allows personal expression. 

What’s driving men to embrace jewelry as a way to upgrade their style? Several cultural shifts have contributed to the trend. But above all, men are simply becoming more fashion-conscious. They recognize jewelry’s ability to communicate personal style and individual values.

Along with the change in attitudes, the aesthetics of men’s jewelry are shifting. No longer content with basic chains, men favor intriguing silhouettes, mixed metals and unique aesthetics. Clean, architectural designs feel fresh yet masculine. And this new generation of premium men’s jewelry brings artistry and elegance to pieces like rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Leading the way is renowned designer John Atencio, whose exquisite collection brings luxury craftsmanship to every piece, making it easy to find dynamicl, special gifts for Father’s Day. 

Crafting Stylish Jewelry for Men

Blending architectural inspiration with artful sensibility, each John Atencio jewelry creation exudes refined elegance and sophistication. This has made him the premier source for stand-out men’s jewelry in Colorado and well beyond. 

So, what are some of the top pieces from John’s current men's collection? Here are a few of our favorites:

The New Duplex Collection

man wearing a mens duplex bracelet from John Atencio


Mixed metal layering currently stands out as a top men’s jewelry trend. John’s New Duplex collection aligns perfectly with this direction. Strong lines and dimensions create an eye-catching look, while the fusion of sterling silver, yellow gold and sleek black diamonds flawlessly integrates the mixed metals trend. Sleek, textured metals and diamonds combine to create a compelling aesthetic. 

More and more, men’s jewelry is taking a turn toward the bold and edgy. An exciting fresh addition, John’s all-new Men’s Duplex Collection takes this trend to thrilling new heights.

Matrix Collection


man wearing a mens luxury bracelets from John Atencio


For something classic with an edge, check out John Atencio's Matrix Collection. John blends bold, oxidized patterning with iconic circle, triangle and line symbols to create a uniquely personal statement. The woven metal texture adds visual interest and dimension to these timeless rings, which feature bold black diamonds throughout. 

Wedding Band Upgrades

Looking for a unique luxury gift for Father’s Day? A customized wedding band upgrade is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for Dad. Whether it’s for your father or husband, personalized jewelry holds special meaning, transforming an accessory into a cherished memento that honors the family bonds we hold so dear to our hearts. 


man wearing a luxury mens ring from John Atencio


Work with our team to thoughtfully customize a wedding band reflecting everything that makes your dad one-of-a-kind. Our experts will help guide you through selecting each special detail, from unique metals and finishes to engraved messages and meaningful gemstones. You can also build your own customized band online using our intuitive ring builder platform.

Styling Men’s Luxury Jewelry

Once considered statement-makers reserved for special occasions, men’s luxury jewelry now plays a role in completing even casual day-to-day outfits. Certain staple pieces easily integrate into wardrobes for a subtle elevated look. For example, a quality watch, bracelet and sleek ring instantly pull together jeans-and-tee or work-from-home attire.

When it comes to styling for evening looks, a singular bold bracelet or necklace often provides enough of an accent. Stacking multiple bracelets together can create dimension. Rings layered across a few fingers also let men play with jewelry proportions.

Most importantly, choose men’s jewelry that authentically reflects Dad’s personal tastes. With the wide array of men’s luxury jewelry now available, there’s something for every aesthetic. Lean toward pieces in materials and color palettes that speak to existing men's fashion sensibilities. This ensures that jewelry feels like a natural extension of individual style.

Beyond personalization, fine men's jewelry makes a special Father's Day gift thanks to its blend of beauty and significance. Each time he puts on a meaningful bracelet or glances down at a striking ring, he'll be reminded of the deep bond you share. The preciousness of the materials will match the preciousness of your relationship. With proper care, the gift can become a family keepsake passed down across generations.

By gifting a special man in your life a piece of luxury jewelry this Father’s Day, you’ll give him a meaningful token of connection. With John Atencio’s expertly crafted collection of men’s bracelets, rings, necklaces and more, you can find an elegant gift to show lasting appreciation. 

Shop online, schedule a one-on-one design consultation or visit one of John Atencio’s locations today to find that perfect Father’s Day luxury gift for Dad.