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5 Reasons to Shop at Local Jewelry Stores

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5 Reasons to Shop at Local Jewelry Stores

These days, it’s easy to jump on Amazon and purchase products from all over the world. Unfortunately, this growing trend has had a negative impact on local businesses in Colorado. Here are some compelling reasons to shop at local jewelry stores and other area businesses.

1. It’s an Investment in Your Community

No one wants to live in a place surrounded by empty shopping centers and ghost town malls. Unfortunately, when you send your money to businesses located outside of Colorado, you are increasing the odds of this sad possibility.

Obviously, shopping at a local business helps it financially. At the same time, it also supports the community and the wider local economy. It helps new businesses open and prosper within your local neighborhood. In turn, thriving local businesses help boost the home prices within the area. And since local businesses are owned by people who actually live in Colorado communities, they are more likely to invest in the area’s welfare and future.

2. It Helps Create Jobs

In addition to investing in Colorado communities, local shopping improves employment rates within the area. Small businesses are the number-one employer in the country, and local businesses are a critical part of this.

Local shopping helps create local jobs, which attracts new residents, which attracts real estate investment, which attracts more businesses, which generates more tax dollars for the community and so on. But it all depends on shopping locally. In essence, if you are sending your money to businesses in other states or other countries, you are not helping your community survive and thrive.

3. You Get Better Quality

Local businesses usually have trouble competing with large chain stores in terms of marketing. That said, unlike larger stores that have to maintain a huge stock of varied products, local stores are more likely to focus on quality rather than quantity.

They are also more likely to sell distinctive products you can’t find anywhere else. Take for instance John Atencio’s uniquely compelling design collections. From Elixir and Entwine to Bellagio and Luminaire, each one is inspired by John’s personal experience and the wondrous architectural achievements of the past.

diamond bracelets and necklace by John Atencio

While big brands usually sell mass-created, trending seasonal products, local jewelry artists like John specialize in creating one-of-a-kind jewelry you can’t find anywhere else. And since shopping local also ensures a more personalized customer service, you tend to feel more confident in your purchase.

4. It Creates Character and Prosperity

The unique character of any local city is defined in large part by the local businesses that reside there. From restaurants to movie theaters to boutique shops and mom and pop stores, each available shopping destination helps determine your overall satisfaction with where you live.

It also determines how attractive your community is to other people. From tourists to new home buyers to incoming students, communities thrive when they turn themselves into an alluring destination. That’s simply not possible without a strong economy fueled by local business owners. And these people cannot find success without the help of local residents who are willing to invest in their communities by shopping where they live.

5. It’s Better for the Environment

When you make a purchase from a remote retailer, it will take effort to get the item from their facility to your front door. Ships, aircraft and trucks have to haul products over oceans and across the country, burning up fossil fuel which contributes to pollution. Products are also heavily packaged to help them survive the long journey intact. This excess packaging usually ends up in landfills, where it can take centuries to decompose.

Much of this needless waste is avoided when you shop from local Colorado-based businesses, such as John Atencio. One of the few local jewelry makers who is committed to sustainability, John uses recycled gold and responsibly sourced diamonds to create his stunning, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. With several convenient Colorado locations, he is also committed to supporting local communities.

A fixture in the Colorado community, John is renowned for being one of the region’s premier local jewelry designers. Recently, this status was further bolstered when he won the annual Top of the Town Reader’s Choice Award for Best Local Jewelry Designer.

John is known for designing extraordinary jewelry pieces that reflect the skill and creativity of a master craftsman. Whether his customers want a fancy-shaped stone, a unique, nontraditional setting, or a modern creation that blends multiple styles, John can craft a beautifully compelling jewelry piece as unique as the wearer. It’s what makes John a legend in the industry and local fixture amid the Denver metro area and state of Colorado.

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