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Our Top Picks for Diamond Hoop Earrings for Women

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Our Top Picks for Diamond Hoop Earrings for Women

Like any good statement earring, hoops have a unique ability to draw eyes to the face. Unlike chandeliers and studs, however, hoop earrings have a round shape that complements the jawline and cheekbones, defining their features with both shade and shape.

A versatile accessory for any ensemble, hoop earrings are foolproof gifts. They can be dressed up for formal affairs and dressed down for a casual day of shopping. Here are some of our favorite picks from John Atencio’s distinctive collection.

Essence Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings

Essence Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings by John Atencio

Simplicity redefined. It is in the simple artistry, clean lines and exquisite diamond pave that makes this particular collection so appealing. Each 14K set is available in classic yellow gold, refined white gold and flattering blush rose gold. Designed with care and crafted by hand, John’s Essence Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings are a great way to layer or stack to elevate your many looks.

Paloma Diamond Hoop Earrings

Paloma Diamond Hoop Earrings by John Atencio

Iconic John Atencio artistry, the Paloma collection is simplicity, beauty and dimension. With this inspired design, elegant bezel diamonds encircle a softly dimensional architecture.

In ancient scripture, the term Paloma is used to reference the dove, an iconic symbol of love and peace. When crafting the designs for his Paloma Diamond Hoop Earrings, John drew his inspiration from his paternal grandmother, a woman of steadfast faith, who envisioned a world united as one.

Devotion Diamond Hoop Earrings

Devotion Diamond Hoop Earrings by John Atencio

Part of John’s iconic gold collection, Devotion diamond hoops captivate with clean lines, glittering channel set diamonds and a pristine high-polished finish. The lustrous gold pairs perfectly with a broad range of outfits, while the scintillating princess-cut diamonds attract attention with eye-catching fire.

Deco Pave Devotion Diamond Hoop Earrings

Deco Pave Devotion Diamond Hoop Earrings

Flaunting briolette-cut black onyx and gorgeous pave diamonds, these unique hoop earrings are a black and white tribute to the celebrated art-deco period.

Apollo Pave Diamond Hoop Earrings

Apollo Pave Diamond Hoop Earrings by John Atencio

Inspired by the duality of perseverance and fortitude, John Atencio used an artful blend of alluring textures and intriguing design elements to create these inherently bold and distinctive hoop earrings. Encircled with fiery pave diamonds, the Apollo Pave Diamond Hoop Earrings showcase a gorgeous blend of lustrous sterling silver and 14 karat gold.

Essence Single Hoop Earrings with Pave Diamonds

Essence Single Hoop Earrings with Pave Diamonds by John Atencio

Simple yet stunning, the Essence Single Hoop Earrings with Pave Diamonds are sure to elevate your look. Embrace the traditional luster of timeless yellow gold. Prefer something more modern? Essence captivates the eye in icy white gold. These versatile diamond hoops also look gorgeous in romantic rose gold which flatters any skin type.

Choosing the Right Pair

There are many things to consider when deciding on women's earrings that will raise eyebrows for all the right reasons. By working with established experts in the jewelry business, you enjoy a wider variety of choices and the expertise to help you decide. Whether you're looking for something dazzling, simple or a personalized one-of-a-kind gift, the experts at our store can help you choose the perfect jewelry gift today.

From versatile hoops to studs, dangles and gemstone earrings, John Atencio brings his one-of-a-kind perspective to his incredible selection of women’s earrings in premium-quality 14 karat gold and stunning sterling silver. With that said, you can always customize hoop earrings with metals, stones and designs to better reflect your style or that of a loved one. Whether you're searching for a classic design created around the shape of a hand-selected gemstone or something a bit more personalized, John Atencio's jewelry consultants can help you find the perfect jewelry gift.

A World of Unique Options

Looking for a trendy design or traditional classic? John can guide you toward a uniquely beautiful jewelry piece. From studs and hoops to lab-grown diamond dangles and drops, we have an alluring selection for every preference and any occasion. Discover diverse designs, including alluring ear cuffs and studs with hearts, gemstones or fancy colored gems. Whatever your setting, whatever your look, the perfect earrings are just a few clicks away.

Find a dazzling gift for her or treat yourself to a stunning pair of diamond earrings that go with absolutely everything. Shop online or visit a nearby John Atencio store where our attentive team can show you how to choose a perfect pair of earrings for an upcoming occasion or everyday look.