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7 Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor Jewelery Gift Ideas

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7 Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor Jewelery Gift Ideas

Choosing a maid of honor and bridesmaids for your wedding is hard work, but once you've made your choices, it's time to start thinking about how to thank them for once again standing by your side. Here are seven ways to show your appreciation for them joining you on your wedding day and everything that leads up to it.

maid of honor gift ideas

7 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation

Gift Cards

While gift cards might seem like one of the less personal ways to show your gratitude to a bridesmaid, pick up a gift card for somewhere or something special for each one. Write a heartfelt message in cards picked out for everyone to show just how appreciative you are for them being there with you.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts have been in style for years for weddings from the big day itself to the bachelorette parties to everything in between. Customized robes, bags, shirts, or other items that will remind your bridesmaids of being part of the day.

Totes or Purses

Totes have always been in style and always will be in style. Hand out totes – personalize them while you're at it – to help make the day easier for your bridesmaids. They can keep everything they need for your wedding day in the tote, matching the look and feel of your big day.

Champagne Glasses

Customized champagne glasses make for a great way to give a toast together, share in the celebration before and after saying I do, and remembering anniversaries in the future. Splurge on a bottle of champagne with personalized labels to drink together to celebrate.


You and your bridesmaids are getting all dolled up for the big day. Why not get customized hangars to mark the occasion? Not only does this make for a unique way to hang dresses but it also makes for cute pictures before getting ready and walking down the aisle.

Splurge on the Dresses

Consider buying your bridesmaid dresses for them as a thank you. One of the most significant downsides depending on the size of the wedding and the types of dresses worn is splurging on your outfit. If you have a small bridal party, this simple gesture goes a long way to show your gratitude.


We're a big fan of jewelry if you couldn't already tell. Consider giving your bridesmaid jewelry for being part of your wedding. Whether its customized bracelets to celebrate the day or something from our wedding jewelry collection, say thank you with something that'll shine well into the future.

No matter what route you take to thank you bridesmaids – make sure you thank them. They're taking time out of their lives to be part of your special day. Whether you go all out for them, follow up with a thank you card, or say thanks in person, go the extra mile and show them how much you appreciate them being part of one of the most memorable moments in your life.