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How to Bundle Jewelry for the Perfect Look

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How to Bundle Jewelry for the Perfect Look

Everyone wears jewelry differently. That's one of the beautiful things about buying pieces you love for yourself or being gifted items by a loved one you'll wear here or there. Layering jewelry with multiple pieces, such as two or three similar necklaces, has always been a hot fashion trend but bundling jewelry is on the rise.

Want to make a bold fashion statement with your jewelry? Adding another dimension to your outfit by buying several pieces within the same line of jewelry can have this stand out effect you're looking to achieve. Here are some tips and tricks for bundling jewelry from John Atencio.

3 Tips for Bundling Jewelry That'll Make You Shine

Wear Some of It or All of It

When bundling jewelry, you may not necessarily wear all set pieces at once. You might wear one or two at a time depending on the color scheme of your outfit and the occasion. Try on all pieces in your set collection to see how it looks. Consider investing in a watch that matches the set, too, for added flair.

You'll be surprised by what bundling does to make an outfit, your eyes, or your hair color pop. When buying jewelry in the future, try on all the pieces at the jewelry store to see how they look together rather than apart. This will give you a good idea on whether bundling a set adds to the overall look and feel of that particular jewelry collection.

Mix It Up

Don't be afraid to mix up sets of jewelry to bundle with different types of metals and stones that pair well together. If you're wearing blacks, yellow gold and rose gold will contrast gorgeously. If you're going with greys, a white gold set of jewelry will bring class and sophistication to your outfit. If you're going with a bolder color, rose gold and bright gemstones or the elegance of a diamond will sparkle.

When it comes to bundling jewelry and getting the most out of the pieces you own, it's all about experimenting with different outfit combinations and color choices. While one set will work with one of your favorite outfits, another collection of jewelry may not – and that's okay. That's why you buy all the jewelry you like to begin with.

Invest in Bundling

One of the biggest mistakes consumers make when buying luxury jewelry is not buying the matching pieces in a set. Sometimes this comes down to cost. Sometimes it comes down to preferring a type of jewelry over another. The downfall with waiting to add to set's collection is that you run the risk of the jeweler not carrying the line anymore, and you'll miss out on the opportunity to bundle the set together.

Wearing jewelry is as big of a deal as the clothes you wear every day. Whether you're out on the town, have a big client meeting at work, or are going to happy hour with friends, everything you wear highlights who you are and what you like. Bundle your jewelry to make an even bigger declaration about your style to the world around you.