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Amethyst: The February Birthstone

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Amethyst: The February Birthstone

Gorgeous enough for crown jewels yet economical enough for everyday wear, amethyst is the world’s most coveted purple gemstone. Read on to learn more about February’s birthstone and find out how to incorporate this compelling gem into your fine jewelry collection.

What Is it?

Amethyst is a purple variety of the quartz family of gemstones, which also includes prasiolite and citrine. Known for its eye-clean clarity and radiant color, the gem occurs in many hues, from a slightly lavender pinkish to a rich purple similar to the color of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape. Amethyst can also be slightly pleochroic, which refers to its ability to generate varying colors from different angles when light hits the gem.

Once as rare and expensive as red rubies and green emeralds, amethyst became much more affordable in the 19th Century when large deposits of the gem were discovered in Brazil. These days, in certain gem localities, amethyst sometimes forms in hollow, crystal-lined geodes so large you could stand in them. As the gemstone has become more available, it’s become wildly popular in a variety of jewelry pieces, from amethyst birthstone necklaces to bracelets, earrings and more. Amethyst birthstone rings are also popular diamond engagement ring alternatives, although these are usually enhanced with luxe diamond accents.

Fascinating Lore

Amethyst has many popular ancient folkloric and modern symbolic associations, from spirituality and love to supernatural protection. Thought to ensure clarity of vision, the vivid purple stone has always been linked to the thinking process. It’s also thought to inspire courage, creativity and valor.

The gemstone’s use in rudimentary jewelry can be traced all the way back to the Neolithic period (approximately 4,000 BC), and amethyst rings have been unearthed in burial sites from approximately 2,400 BC.

The Ancient Egyptians added amethysts to amulets as a form of prayer and security against harm. While Egyptian artisans used the gems to create breathtaking and elaborate pieces, other cultures found spiritual overtones in amethyst gems.

Often viewed as stones of peace, amethysts were said to produce soothing dreams by bringing the unconscious dreamer more in balance with the Divine. This peacefulness also extends to the waking mind, as amethysts are thought to help thoughts flow freely.

On the topic of February, according to ancient lore, St. Valentine wore a stunning amethyst ring carved with the likeness of Cupid. This is one of the biggest reasons for its birthstone status and popularity among February fashionistas who flaunt the luminous gemstone in a variety of jewelry pieces.

Striking Jewelry

Displaying stunning violet hues, amethyst shimmers and shines with a regal purple light that enchants virtually any look. Available in an array of soft and dark shades, these vibrant gemstones feature expressive facets with luminous depth. Amethyst pairs beautifully with both gold and silver. It also blends well with a variety of other gemstones, including topaz, garnet and diamonds.

amethyst february birthstone jewelry

Cool, calm and glamorous, amethyst is wonderfully giftable in rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Choose an elegant pair of amethyst drop earrings for that special woman in your life. Add some versatility to your existing jewelry collection with a bold and dynamic amethyst bracelet or necklace. When it comes to stunning, stackable rings, amethyst brings compelling color to your everyday accessories. You can even select a regally radiant amethyst gemstone in place of a diamond for a uniquely striking engagement ring choice.

Arguably the planet’s most loved purple gem, amethyst is the traditional birthstone of February. While this makes it a popular Valentine’s Day gift, the stone bestows beauty to all, whatever their birth month. Whether it’s multifaceted or smooth, lavender, violet or deep plum, amethyst always evokes serenity. The right piece also adds classy vibes and peaceful energy to casual and formal attire.

Uniquely Beautiful Birthstone Jewelry

Prized for its striking color, amethyst is available in a wide array of jewelry pieces. When crafting his stunning beautiful jewelry, John Atencio carefully selects his gemstones and has them hand-cut for his design inspiration. While you often have to settle for limited options at other jewelry stores; our consultants can show you a compelling selection, so you can find a breathtaking piece that reflects your distinctive preferences and style.

Whether you’re shopping for an alternative engagement ring or meaningful jewelry gift, amethyst is a worthy selection. At the same time, there are numerous other breathtaking gemstone options that can elevate your favorite ensembles.

At John Atencio, we offer an intriguing selection of gemstones that beautifully complement our artfully crafted jewelry pieces. We also offer a compelling collection of designer pieces featuring other birthstones, including rubies, emeralds, sapphires and more. Shop online or visit one of our many nearby locations and let our attentive and knowledgeable experts guide you to the perfect jewelry piece for yourself or that special person on your shopping list.