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Best Cool and Unique Men’s Wedding Rings

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Best Cool and Unique Men’s Wedding Rings

Looking to honor your commitment with a distinctive wedding band? Whether you prefer cool sophistication or some eye-catching elegance, there’s a ring to suit your one-of-a-kind style. Read on for some uniquely intriguing men’s wedding band designs for your walk down the aisle.

Tantalum Rings

Heavier than tungsten, tantalum is a popular gunmetal-gray wedding band material that appeals to many modern men. A little bit darker than platinum, this intriguing rare earth metal offers a polished sheen and dense durability for men who want an iconic ring design.

Outdoor Style Rings

Whether you want to connect with the great outdoors or share your love of sports, outdoor and lifestyle men's rings provide an array of handsome options. Inspired by nature. John Atencio’s compelling collection boasts innovative materials, unique craftsmanship and a personal expression all its own.

Cobalt Rings

For the savvy ring shopper, cobalt provides the same feel and look of white gold for about a third of the price. Its sleek, lustrous color is beautifully reminiscent of plated platinum. With impressive toughness and high resistance to scratching, cobalt is often inlaid with carbon fiber, meteorite, diamonds and hardwood.

Platinum Rings

With its natural white brilliance, platinum is tremendously strong and exceptionally scarce. Denser than gold and around ten times as rare, platinum is a very popular precious metal for men’s wedding bands. John Atencio has a diverse selection of platinum ring designs. Go with a matte, frost or hammered milgrain design with contemporary appeal and a touch of tradition.

Damascus Steel Rings

Blended from a variety of different metals, Damascus steel has a rich history deeply rooted in legendary battles and glory. Once used to create razor-sharp swords, the famous metal makes an especially intriguing men’s wedding ring. Discover eye-catching bands accented with everything from wood to meteorite to ancient dinosaur bones.

Black Zirconium Rings

Looking for a distinctive men’s wedding band? A lustrous, durable metal, black zirconium is a bold and handsome choice. With an impressive rating of 9 on the Mohs scale for hardness, the jewelry material cannot be scratched by anything other than a diamond. Select from a broad range of designs with meteorite, diamond and gold inlays.

Meteorite Rings

A meteorite is a solid chunk of debris from an asteroid or comet that falls from space and collides with Earth’s surface. Needless to say, these specimens are extremely rare, making them a highly compelling material for unique jewelry pieces, including meteorite men’s bands. Honor your vows with an exceptionally scarce material billions of years in the making.

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Gold Rings

When it comes to choosing a compelling men’s wedding band, you can’t go wrong with gold. Pale white gold adds an element of sleek sophistication to a man’s wedding ring. The effect is elevated when paired with glittering brilliant-cut diamonds or a sleek matte black ceramic inlay.

Dinosaur Bone Rings

All wedding bands hold important symbolism and special meaning unique to the people who wear them. These days, a man’s wedding ring can be made in an array of materials to match the lifestyles, tastes and history of the individual who wears it. Dinosaur bone wedding bands bring an alluring edge to your look while adding an intriguing element to your union.

Echoing the inspiring and bygone history of an ancient era, dinosaur bone wedding bands are uniquely impressive and very impactful. Crafted from fossils, these jewelry pieces are a stunning way to honor your love. Forged by skilled jewelry experts, John Atencio’s dinosaur bone wedding rings are an inspired way to celebrate your past, present and future.

Diamond Bands

Add some tasteful elegance to your wedding band with strategically placed diamonds. Perfectly placed for maximum impact, John Atencio’s premium-quality diamonds bring a noticeable fire to your fingers with a diamond men's band. From scintillating channel-set diamonds to bold black brilliant-cut gems, nothing elevates a man's wedding ring like a row of glittering diamonds.

Engraved Rings

Bold or subtle, a man’s wedding band should reflect who he is. Make the symbol of your enduring love story even more meaningful with a thoughtful personalized engraving. Choose a uniquely handsome men’s wedding band with a satin finish, blended metals, hammered milgrain or matte accents. Then, enhance the jewelry piece with a custom engraving, from initials dates to little meaningful messages only you and your partner understand.

Searching for a unique men’s wedding band? Visit any John Atencio location, and our thoughtful experts can help you find a cool, sophisticated ring that suits your style and budget. Visit any one of our nearby stores, where our attentive team can show you how to choose a stylish piece with an attractive inlay to celebrate your walk down the aisle.