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How to Measure Ring Size at Home

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How to Measure Ring Size at Home

A properly sized ring ensures a comfortable fit, while eliminating the need for resizing. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to determine the appropriate ring size for someone else, especially when you’re buying a ring as a surprise. Ideally, you should have the person’s finger measured at a nearby John Atencio location. If you can’t make the trip or want to purchase a ring as a surprise gift, however, there are some useful ways you can measure ring size at home. 

How Can You Measure Ring Size at Home?

There are a few simple tricks to help you get a decently accurate idea of ring size in the comfort of your home. One way is to locate an existing ring that fits well on the exact finger you would like to measure. Then, you can match the inside edge of this particular ring to the appropriate diameter on a printable ring size chart. You can also simply measure the inner edge of the existing ring and use that measurement (in millimeters) to help determine the right ring size.

finding ring size at home with tape measurer

If you don’t have a tape measure or ruler, you can always use a strip of paper, piece of dental floss or a length of string to measure the ring finger. 

Start by cutting a small strip of flexible ribbon, string, thread or floss. Then firmly wrap it around the finger. You can then compare your measurement with a printable ring sizing chart. Just be sure not to wrap the string around the finger too tightly or the ring will probably be too small. 

To help determine proper ring size, it’s best to use a ring size chart and printable ring sizer. If you aren’t able to print out a ring sizing chart, you can always bring an existing properly sized ring into a John Atencio store and ask one of our attentive associates to measure it. 

Why it Matters So Much

A well-fitted ring should sit comfortably at the base of the finger. Ideally, it should slide off easily without being loose enough to fall off on its own. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too tight or it could cut off circulation. An overly tight ring can also increase the chances of skin discoloration, since rings containing copper or nickel can alter the color of your skin.

Ring sizes are generally measured in millimeters, with every full size separated by .8 millimeters and every half-size separated by 0.4 millimeters. Even a fraction of a millimeter can drastically change a person’s ring size, so it’s important to get accurate measurements. 

If you guess wrong, you may need to get the ring resized. If you can’t seem to get a good idea of your partner’s ring size, it's better to purchase a ring a little larger, since sizing down is typically less complicated than sizing up. It can also be less expensive because jewelers have to add more material when increasing a ring’s size.

Getting Expert Guidance

Choosing an appropriate ring size is a critical step in the jewelry buying process. A poorly sized ring can be very uncomfortable and, in some instances, difficult to resize. If you’re having trouble measuring ring size at home, you can always try to locate an existing ring that already fits well and bring it as an example to John Atencio. Our jewelry experts can then use it as a reference point to help determine the correct size for your new ring. 

You can also ask your partner’s mother, sister or friends to help get a better idea of their ring size. Even if they don’t know, chances are your partner’s family or girlfriends will be able to get her ring size without raising a lot of suspicion. 

If possible, you can also bring the person with you and have a John Atencio expert use a finger-sizing gauge to get an accurate ring finger size. Whatever the case, our experts will work hard to ensure that your ring is properly sized. If necessary, we can also resize the ring later to ensure a more comfortable fit. Our experts can also show you how to choose a stunning design and match the right metal and gem. Make an appointment at a John Atencio location to meet with our attentive team of thoughtful experts.

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