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How to Style for Summer with Sterling Silver

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How to Style for Summer with Sterling Silver

Lustrous and cool-toned, sterling silver is a summer favorite that looks great in casual and elegant settings. But how do you flaunt your favorite silver jewelry while maintaining an air of sophistication? Add a compelling allure to your warm-weather look with these summer styling tips.

Be Careful with Color

Whatever the setting, you don’t want your silver jewelry to get lost in your outfit. That’s why color can be so important.

When you wear summertime pastels, it’s far too easy for jewelry to blend in with your ensemble because there’s very little contrast. Bear this in mind when styling for summer looks. As a general rule of thumb, cool colors (such as purple, blue and cool-toned green) nicely complement sterling silver jewelry pieces, which are also cool-toned. For a night out on the town, silver jewelry pairs beautifully with black since the bold color allows the lustrous metal to stand out.

Bring on the Bling

A simple way to accessorize breezy summer looks, sterling silver can also make a bold statement. Sleek and refined, the pretty pale metal evokes casual elegance when complemented by fiery diamond gemstones.

Whether it’s a sterling silver necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings, nothing amplifies tanned, warm-weather styles like icy diamond accents. Take, for instance, John Atencio’s Elixir Pave Diamond Necklace, a stunning sterling silver creation with brilliant pave diamonds. Paired with fiery sterling silver diamond earrings and a pave diamond ring, these scintillating stunners add intriguing flair to elegant summer ensembles.

sterling silver diamond bracelets

Layer Your Look

Layering is one of the easiest and most effective ways to style your sterling silver. This works especially well with bracelets and necklaces. For the latter, just be sure to use pieces of varying lengths. For instance, you can complement a long sterling silver chain with a shorter necklace that sits at your collarbone. These varying lengths create contrast while keeping the necklaces from tangling together. They also create a uniquely alluring look while allowing you to get more wear out of pieces you might normally reserve for special occasions.

Mix Different Metals

While conservative traditionalists argue against mixing gold and silver, contemporary fashionistas have embraced the trend as a way to add visual interest.

sterling silver diamond bracelet and ring

To make sure your summer look stays stylish and sophisticated, be sure to use only high-quality silver and gold jewelry with minimal embellishments. For this delicate look, simple jewelry pieces are better because they complement each other without looking tacky.

Not sure where to start? Try wearing two near-identical bracelets in varying metal tones. This way, they will beautifully contrast without appearing overly mismatched. If you have a silver or gold watch, consider pairing it with a stylish thin bracelet of a different metal. Aside from classic yellow gold, you can mix and match different metals such as brass and rose gold.

When it comes to mixing and matching precious metals, it all comes down to trial and error. Just be sure to try your selections on with your outfit in advance to make sure they work before you head out to a big event.

Incorporate Blackened Silver

These days, blackened silver is becoming a common component of stylish summer looks. Also known as oxidized sterling silver, this genuine sterling silver is purposely darkened using chemicals that hasten the natural tarnishing process. The final effect creates a striking dark patina made of a thin layer of silver sulfide on the exterior.

Oxidized silver’s deep, dark patina results in alluring jewelry with an eye-catching edge. Some compelling examples are found in John Atencio’s Elixir and Duplex collections, which include a diverse variety of uniquely intriguing jewelry pieces with bold blackened silver attributes.

Both collections include artfully crafted jewelry pieces with varying amounts of oxidized sterling silver throughout. At the same time, John has plenty of other stylish and versatile silver jewelry pieces to choose from. If you’re interested in adding oxidized silver or traditional sterling silver to your collection, John Atencio is the only name you need to know.

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