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Lab Diamond Pendant Gifts This Holiday

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Lab Diamond Pendant Gifts This Holiday

Lab Diamond Pendant Gifts This Holiday

Updated 11/22/2023

A dazzling jewelry staple, diamond pendants are sleek and stylish, whether they’re made with natural diamonds or gemstones grown in a lab. If you’re looking for an impactful holiday gift, here are some compelling reasons to consider a lab-grown diamond pendant. 

What Is a Lab-created Pendant?

Not very long ago, it would have seemed impossible to create lab diamonds with the same appearance and physical properties as natural diamonds. Now, modern technology has turned this vision into a stunning reality. 

Lab-grown diamonds are made in dedicated facilities using highly specialized equipment and responsibly sourced raw materials. By studying the Earth’s natural processes, skilled technicians can recreate the high-heat, high-pressure environment in which diamonds develop within the ground. Master artists like John Atencio can incorporate these gemstones into their designs, creating breathtaking custom lab diamond pendants identical to those made with natural diamond gemstones. 

Lab-diamond Pendants vs. Natural

Natural and lab diamonds share many similarities and a few subtle differences. Let’s dig into some of these by answering a few common questions. 

Can You Tell if a Diamond is Lab Grown with the Naked Eye?

Lab diamond pendants share many characteristics with pendants made with natural diamonds that are sourced from within the earth. One of the biggest advantages of a lab-created diamond pendant is that, to the naked eye, it is 100% indistinguishable from a pendant featuring natural diamonds. Even the most seasoned diamond detector would never be able to identify lab-grown diamonds because they are both chemically and optically identical to natural diamonds. The one difference is that lab-grown diamonds include microscopic inscriptions. Without special equipment, however, no one can tell whether your lab-grown diamond pendant includes naturally mined gemstones or diamonds made in a lab.


Are Lab Diamonds Higher Quality?

Both natural and lab-made diamond pendants are held to the same unyielding standards for quality. The 'Four Cs' (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) have always been used to set the value of jewelry-grade diamond gemstones, whether they’re mined from the earth or made in a lab. Whenever you purchase a diamond pendant made with lab diamonds from a reputable source such as John Atencio, you can be sure the piece will have exceptional-quality gemstones based on the all-important four Cs.

How is a Lab Grown Diamond Pendant Made?

There are two modern methods for lab diamond creation: a process called CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and another known as High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT). For high-quality, jewelry-grade gems, CVD is the preferred choice. With that said, each process essentially relies on very high heat and extreme pressure as the catalysts for diamond gemstone creation. The temperature in pressurized chambers can be up to 2000° Fahrenheit for an exceptional lab diamond.

While the creation process is scientifically complex, the final results are simple and stunning. Lab diamonds have the exact same optical, physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. Using highly specialized equipment and scientific know-how, technicians can grow them using similar conditions found in nature in a controlled environment. Jewelers can then take these gemstones and incorporate them into eye-catching diamond pendants.

What Are the Differences?

One of the biggest variances between natural diamond and lab-grown diamond pendants centers on sourcing. Because there are a finite number of natural diamonds scattered throughout the planet, they will always be scarcer and more valuable. On the other hand, because lab diamonds are basically limitless, they do not tend to be quite as valuable (or as expensive) as natural diamond gemstones that are forged beneath the surface of the Earth over billions of years. 

With all that said, many modern consumers prefer the way lab diamonds are sourced. In many instances, naturally mined diamonds are linked with ecological concerns and human rights issues. Not every diamond jeweler embraces John Atencio’s strict ethical standards. When crafting his uniquely dazzling natural diamond pendants, John maintains an unwavering adherence to the most stringent ethical and social standards. This means complying with the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), a critically important worldwide effort to end the trade of "conflict diamonds," which are often used to fund wars, human trafficking and other harmful activities. 

While John is always very careful to source his natural diamonds from reputable, eco-conscious suppliers; far too many jewelers do not maintain this commitment. In fact, many commonly create their pendants using diamonds that were carelessly mined in ways that harm the surrounding environment and local water supplies. 

Since all lab-grown diamonds are made in a dedicated environment using sustainably sourced materials, these ethical issues do not exist. Lab diamond pendants also usually cost about 30% less than natural diamond pendants of comparable quality and size.

That said, some people prefer natural diamond pendants for many good reasons. Many adore the fascinating history of natural gems and enjoy owning what is basically a collector’s item. A world-renowned jewelry designer, John Atencio maintains an alluring collection of lab-grown pendants and natural diamond pendants, making it easy to find the perfect holiday gift for that special someone on your shopping list.

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The John Atencio Difference

Masterfully crafted using only premium-quality natural and lab gemstones, John Atencio’s diamond pendants are available in various designs and carat weights. Browse online or visit any John Atencio location, where our attentive consultants can help you find a striking diamond pendant to elevate your look. Our attentive team can also help you choose a gorgeous gift to show that special someone just how much you care.