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Mixing Metals in Jewelry: A Defining Trend in 2023

mixed metal jewelry
Mixing Metals in Jewelry: A Defining Trend in 2023

Are you thinking about mixing your metal jewelry but aren’t sure how to pull it off? If you follow the trends you know that layering and stacking jewelry is in style. Wearing combinations of different metals like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and silver is also hot, but there is an art to it. An expert in designing mixed metal pieces and jewelry that engage the senses, master jewelry designer John Atencio has taken this art to a new level. Read on to discover how effortless it can be to stay in vogue with his creations, then view our latest offerings to make those aspirations a reality.

amethyst tourmaline mixed metal ring

Bridge with a Mixed Metal Piece

Successfully wearing different metals is easy when you bridge them with a mixed metal piece. For instance, a rose gold necklace and a white gold bracelet will both visibly link to a ring containing those metals. John Atencio’s Signature Collection holds a stunning assortment of one-of-a-kind mixed metal rings that not only draw the eyes, but please the soul. Handcrafted with 18k rose and white gold, a marquise-cut amethyst, trillion-cut green tourmaline and pave diamonds, the Signature Amethyst and Green Tourmaline Ring is an outstanding piece that will highlight any rose gold and white gold necklaces, bracelets or earrings you wear with it.

Adore Petite Diamond Heart mixed metal necklace

Layering Mixed Metals is in Style

Create a sensational style by layering your mixed metal jewelry around your neck, on your fingers and on your wrists. Wearing different metals creates a casual, chic look, and multiple necklaces, rings and bracelets look great layered and stacked. Yellow, white, and rose gold are stunning when worn together, whether you choose to pair two different metals or wear all of them together. Case in point, the Adore Petite Heart Pendant Necklace in white gold worn against the Adore Petite Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace in yellow gold is a striking fashion statement that you’ll be remembered for.

Polar Cuff mixed metal bracelet

Mixing Metals of the Same Style of Jewelry

When you want to create a classy appearance with your jewelry, wearing the same pieces crafted in different metals works well using the layering and stacking methods. An excellent way to create this look is with the Polar Cuff Bracelet, handcrafted in 14k yellow, white or rose gold. Clean and contemporary, this bracelet looks fantastic with formal clothing, but also enhances a casual outfit. Recognized as iconic John Atencio, these bold and beautiful bracelets make wearing mixed metals jewelry a fun endeavor when you dress for the day or the night.

mixed metal jewelry

Mixing Metals with Different Styles of Jewelry

When you truly desire to make a statement, nothing says “bold” like stacking mixed metals in various styles. While they may have small similarities, perhaps connected by the presence of diamonds or upscale features, the notable difference is eye-catching. When decorating your wrists in this fashion, the Essence Pave Diamond Bracelet is always a notable add-on. Meticulously handcrafted in 14k white, yellow or rose gold with shimmering pave diamonds, this hinged bracelet is a simply stunning piece that is the crowning touch to your wrist. Stack the Lines One-Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet, the Orion Polar Diamond Cuff Bracelet and the Christy Twist Diamond Cuff Bracelet against it and you’ll be sitting in style. Whether you mix and match with two metals or more, this distinctive bracelet is a valuable asset to your wardrobe.

Wear a Collection of Mixed Metal Pieces

Apollo Collection mixed metal jewelry

Presenting a stylishly spirited appearance is simple when your necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings are crafted with multiple metal elements. Known for his bold creations, John Atencio designs collections of mixed metal jewelry that interchange seamlessly with many of his other collections. Handcrafted with sterling silver, 14k gold and pave diamonds, the Apollo Collection is a brilliant example of bold beauty. Inspired by fortitude and perseverance, Apollo’s textured design aspects integrate well with John’s Arrivo, Chorus and Entwine Collections. Accessorizing with mixed metals is made easy when you own matching pieces from the meaningful Apollo Collection.

John Atencio Designs Mixed Metal Jewelry

Owning 46 years of experience in the industry, John Atencio is known worldwide for his bold and distinctive designs. With 46 years of experience as a master designer, he is devoted to impeccable quality and meticulous detail, sketching every design on paper using his rich life experiences as inspiration. Committed to honorable sustainability practices that protect the environment, John only uses recycled gold and responsibly sourced gemstones in his creations. Learn more about the man who designs the most stunning mixed metal jewelry.


Mixing metals is a hot trend, and John Atencio obliges with exquisite mixed metal jewelry that will delight you every time you wear it. Contact a knowledgeable concierge or walk in to one of our retail boutiques to see it in person. Because you deserve to wear genuine John Atencio jewelry in every metal possible.