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Why Titanium Jewelry is Trending

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Why Titanium Jewelry is Trending

Have you been hearing about men’s titanium jewelry and you’re wondering exactly what it is? While this precious metal has always been present, it’s quickly becoming a hot material for men’s jewelry because of its strong, but lightweight nature. This, and its corrosion-resistance to seawater and chlorine, make it ideal for active men who also desire the trendy luster of this gunmetal-colored jewelry. Master designer John Atencio is an expert in using this durable metal to handcraft men’s titanium wedding bands, so read on to discover the hot metal that is getting so much attention, then visit John Atencio to browse and buy.

Why Choose Titanium?

Discovered in 1791, this chemical element is represented on the Periodic Table by the atomic number of 22 and the symbol Ti. Titanium is a silver-gray metal with a low density, but high strength. Corrosion-resistant, lightweight and strong, it is an ideal jewelry metal for an active person. Less expensive than platinum and gold, titanium is a trending alternative that is popular with millennials and those who want to celebrate a noticeably modern material that's always been present on earth.

Titanium Flat Band with Meteorite

Titanium Flat Band with Meteorite by John Atencio

An active man wants a ring made with modern materials that support his lifestyle and his outlook. Meticulously handcrafted to last a lifetime, the Titanium Flat Band with Meteorite by John Atencio is a fitting ring for the man who wears jewelry with purpose. This eye-catching titanium ring has a sand-blasted finish and an exclusive inlay crafted from the Gibeon Meteorite that was formed in space over 4 billion years ago. Ultra-comfortable to wear and unique in every way, this ring makes a beautiful gift and an even better wedding ring. Shop and give him the ring he’ll never take off.

Titanium Domed Band with Carbon Fiber

Titanium Domed Band with Carbon Fiber by John Atencio

When you’re searching for a modern men’s ring that’s also highly functional, titanium is an easy choice to make. Handcrafted with a stylish and rugged black carbon fiber inlay, the Titanium Domed Band with Carbon Fiber by John Atencio is a wide band with a polished finish that’s made to stand the test of time and look great doing it. As the next-generation jewelry that’s trending, he’ll love to receive this sleek titanium ring as a gift for any milestone occasion. It’s also perfect as a durable wedding ring he’ll cherish for the rest of his life. Shop for this beautiful ring at and make him a happy man.

Titanium Flat Band with Carbon Fiber

Titanium Flat Band with Carbon Fiber by John Atencio

The strength and lightweight quality of the men’s titanium jewelry by John Atencio is perfect for today’s man who needs a robust ring he can wear during every activity he undertakes. Designed with a uniquely segmented carbon fiber inlay, the Titanium Flat Band with Carbon Fiber is a wide, flat, polished band that stands up to his work and play activities. While he’ll enjoy the clean lines and strong titanium material, he’ll appreciate the comfort fit that makes wearing it a joy. Visit to learn more about this titanium ring that will look great on his finger.

Titanium Flat Diamond Band with Carbon Fiber

Titanium Flat Diamond Band with Carbon Fiber by John Atencio

John Atencio offers the best of both worlds with the exceptional style and functionality of this titanium ring. Combining the strength of titanium and the dazzle of a diamond, this is a comfort-fit ring he’ll always appreciate. Crafted by hand with care, the Titanium Flat Diamond Band with Carbon Fiber is a polished wide, flat band with a black carbon fiber inlay and a hammer-set, round diamond. Lightweight and handsome, this ring serves as either a beautiful reminder of life’s celebrations or a stylish wedding ring. Visit to make this stunning ring a part of his everyday life.

John Atencio Designs Titanium Rings

John Atencio, the man behind the iconic jewelry designs so many people adore, is a master designer with 46 years of experience. A renowned designer with customers around the world, he is known for his bold and distinctive jewelry creations that only master artisans are allowed to handcraft. Designing from the heart, John sits down to hand-sketch every piece from his life’s inspirational moments. He is also a socially responsible jeweler, insisting that only recycled gold and responsibly sourced gemstones be used in his creations. Read more about the man who designed the men’s titanium jewelry that will look great on any man’s finger.

Lightweight, but strong, titanium is a bold material, and John Atencio designs the titanium ring he’ll always appreciate. Browse and buy any of his distinctive designs or walk in to one of our boutiques to view his amazing collection in person. Questions? Simply contact a knowledgeable concierge to assist you. Because every man deserves a genuine John Atencio.