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Pear Cut vs. Marquise Cut: Which Diamond Shape is Right for You?

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Pear Cut vs. Marquise Cut: Which Diamond Shape is Right for You?

When selecting the perfect diamond for an engagement ring, two alluring cuts shine as sophisticated options: the graceful pear cut and the bold marquise cut. Both shapes make distinctive style statements with unique symmetries and sparkle. But which option is right for you? Read on for an in-depth comparison between both of these eye-catching diamond shapes and discover some of our favorite examples from John Atencio’s celebrated collection. 

The Alluring Pear Cut Diamond

With an elegant, teardrop silhouette reminiscent of a water droplet, pear cut diamonds exude a sense of fluidity and femininity. The rounded bottom and delicate point have an intrinsic organic allure that makes the shape a popular option for engagement rings. 

The graceful cut has long been associated with purity, royalty, and romance. Pear-shaped diamonds first rose to prominence in the 15th century among European nobles who were mesmerized by their glittering splendor. The subtle asymmetry of a pear diamond’s outline adds unique visual interest while still maintaining overall harmony and balance. When expertly cut, the interplay between pear-shaped facets generates exceptional brilliance.

Over centuries, the timeless beauty of the pear cut has made it a favorite for engagement rings and other sentimental jewelry pieces. The inherently romantic connotations of the shape evoke joy, beauty, and even tears of happiness. Pear-cut diamonds represent enduring sophistication and feminine energy, making them a popular choice among contemporary brides-to-be.

The Striking Marquise Cut Diamond

With its elongated shape and pointed ends, the marquise-cut diamond exudes lavish opulence. Its brilliant facets extend the appearance of diamonds, creating the illusion of greater size for maximum visual impact. 

photo of a custom marquise cut designed engagement ring by John Atencio

This unique cut’s name is said to originate from the Marquise de Pompadour, a French noblewoman who desired a diamond that mimicked the shape of the mouth. The dramatic contours and protracted outline of marquise diamonds imbue them with a contemporary edge, making their luxurious flair ideal for today’s bride. When positioned on the finger, marquise diamonds seem to blaze with fire and light. 

Beyond elongating and slenderizing the finger, marquise-cut diamonds have strong royal associations that further elevate their prestige. The cut's signature shape brings to mind images of aristocracy and luxury, and their commanding presence is also thought to convey confidence and majesty. For the woman who prioritizes bold contemporary style with a nod to heritage, the marquise cut flawlessly satisfies both angles.

Pear Cut vs. Marquise Cut: Feminine Grace or Regal Edge

Pear-cut diamonds and marquise-cut diamonds take divergent approaches to captivating brilliance and beauty. The softer curvature of pear diamonds creates a delicate interplay of light reminiscent of candlelight—lovely and intimate. As luminescence moves across a pear diamond’s faceted surfaces, it takes on a warmer, more subdued effect.

By comparison, marquise diamonds unleash their brilliance through contrast, with the elongated shape providing greater intermixing between bright and dark sections. Light dances across a marquise diamond in lively flashes, creating a bolder, more vivid sparkle.

When evaluating clarity, the narrower facets of a marquise diamond may make minor imperfections more apparent in certain lighting. With their wider facets, pear-cut diamonds can mask some minor flaws more readily. However, for premium diamond quality, both shapes display exceptional transparency and flawlessness.

Beyond optics, the two cuts differ aesthetically in their symbolism and style. Pear-cut diamonds evoke a sense of storybook romance and eternal femininity. Meanwhile, marquise-cut diamonds convey lavish sophistication and commanding confidence, suiting those with edgier sensibilities.

Pear vs Marquise Cut: Durability and Value Factors

Due to their elongated shape, marquise diamonds warrant some special care, particularly around the pointed ends, which can potentially chip if impacted. The rounded edges of a pear cut offer superior protection, resisting nicks better during everyday wear. 

In terms of costs, marquise diamonds tend to demand a premium for their perceived opulence and rarity compared to the more commonplace pear cut. However, excellence comes at every price point, and both cuts retain excellent resale value due to their timeless, sought-after engagement ring shapes. Bear in mind this is true if the gems are naturally sourced diamonds.

Relative to other diamond cuts, pear and marquise shapes hold their worth well thanks to enduring demand. So buyers can be confident these diamonds represent solid long-term investments.

John Atencio’s Artistry Showcases the Allure of Pear and Marquise Cuts

As one of the world’s most renowned jewelry artists, John Atencio matches his fine diamonds with equally exquisite designs. His curated pear and marquise collections include several iconic designs that capture the essence of each cut. 

Take, for instance, John’s Majesty, Satin, Duchess, and Essence marquise diamond engagement rings. Creatively designed using the finest materials, each dazzling piece showcases a fiery oval diamond complemented by glittering pavé luxe diamond accents. 


photo of a custom pear cut designed engagement ring by John Atencio


Not to be outdone, John’s alluring collection of pear-cut diamond engagement rings includes a breathtaking assortment of uniquely beautiful pieces—from classic solitaires to halo designs with a single row of cascading side diamonds.

Bear in mind that John also creates custom engagement rings (as shown above) to accommodate any special fancy diamond—including the marquise and the pear.

Choosing Between Alluring Cuts with John Atencio’s Guidance

When deciding between pear and marquise diamonds, John Atencio recognizes each client has their own inspirations and vision. By considering the personality and lifestyle of the individual, he ensures the chosen cut resonates aesthetically and symbolically, translating each client’s sentiments into wearable art through the language of diamonds.

Whichever cut you choose, John has all the expert guidance and gemological resources to help you select a gorgeous, GIA certified center stone of exceptional quality. With full lifetime warranties and custom design services, you can be confident in finding your perfect fit. 

Discover the dazzling light performance and symbolism of marquise and pear diamonds in gorgeous settings designed to match your personal style. Shop online or visit one of our convenient locations, where our attentive consultants can help you choose the diamond of your dreams.