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Romantic Jewelry Gift Ideas This Valentine’s Day

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Romantic Jewelry Gift Ideas This Valentine’s Day

Updated 1/14/2024

Romantic Jewelry

Have you been considering romantic jewelry gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day? Celebrated for centuries, the day of love is just around the corner on February 14. Since jewelry is always the answer, John Atencio makes it easy to select the gift that will thrill her. A master jewelry designer of bold and distinctive jewelry for almost 47 years, his unerring commitment to quality and his viewpoint on social responsibility makes John Atencio jewelry the jewelry to give. Read about some of our favorite jewelry picks below, then browse through our Valentine’s Look Book to select the perfect piece for the woman in your life. Because everyone deserves a genuine John Atencio.

Heart-Shaped Jewelry

romantic heart dangle earrring gift

The Solar Heart Dangle Earrings

Romantic jewelry gift ideas for Valentine’s Day abound at John Atencio, and these statement earrings are certain to delight her. Included in the Solar Collection, which uses circles, triangles and lines to symbolize the necessary balance of family, relationships and communication, this meaningful gift is right on the mark for this day of affection. The Solar Heart Dangle Earrings, crafted to precision with sterling silver and 14k yellow gold, will perfectly complement her wardrobe, elevating her casual look and making her feel fantastic. Make her heart a happy one this year with these unforgettable earrings.


romantic diamond heart pendant gift

The Precious Dangle Heart Pendant Necklace

When you’re considering romantic jewelry gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day, gifting her with heart-shaped jewelry is a sure bet, and John Atencio’s full selection makes it effortless. This year, leave her breathless on the day of love with the Precious Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace. One of the many John Atencio styles inspired by love, this beautiful piece of jewelry is handcrafted to perfection by master artisans with 14k white gold, pave diamonds and an 18-inch franco chain. Also available in yellow gold, this versatile necklace complements all of her clothing, and will always announce her arrival without words.

Red Jewelry

romantic diamond red cuff bracelet gift

The Apollo Shagreen Cuff with Pave Diamonds

When you’re browsing for a romantic jewelry gift that makes a personal statement, your search ends with John Atencio. From the Apollo Collection inspired by the qualities of duality and perseverance, the Apollo Shagreen Cuff with Pave Diamonds makes a memorable impression on the eye of the beholder. Crafted with care to the utmost detail, this beautiful cuff is fashioned with shagreen leather, sterling silver, 14k yellow gold and glittering pave diamonds. Also offered in the alluring shades of black, burgundy, teal, pink, purple, green and navy, this exceptional piece of jewelry will forever be her go-to for high style.

Custom Engagement Rings

romantic solitaire engagement ring

Essence Solitaire 1.0 Carat Engagement Ring

Unquestionably, the most romantic jewelry gift of all is the one you select to start a life together. When the time is now and that time is Valentine’s Day, John Atencio has you covered with a sparkling proposal-ready ring. Handcrafted with precision by master artisans, the Essence Solitaire 1.01 Carat Engagement Ring is made with 18-karat white gold and a dazzling, round brilliant 1.0 carat diamond. Perfect for wearing next to the gleaming wedding band that will sit against it for her lifetime, this ring of exceptional quality is waiting to be placed on her finger. The love of your life will always deserve a genuine John Atencio.

Diamond Jewelry

romantic diamond tennis bracelet gift

2.0 Carat Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet

John Atencio’s respected stance on environmental responsibility results in a romantic jewelry gift you can feel good about giving. Holding the shimmer and quality of naturally sourced gemstones, lab-grown diamonds are rising as stars in the jewelry world. The 2.0 Carat Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet is an outstanding example of this principle, meticulously crafted by master artisans with 14k white gold and 2.0 total weight of prong-set diamonds that are matched for brilliance. Also offered in yellow gold, this exceptional tennis bracelet will remind her of your warmth every time it’s on her wrist.


romantic diamond xo pendant gift

The Paris X / O Pendant Necklace

One of the ultimate romantic jewelry gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, this exquisite necklace confirms that X’s and O’s signify more than just kisses and hugs at the bottom of a letter. Belonging to the Paris Collection inspired by the romance and beauty of the City of Lights, this necklace holds a significance like no other. Ready for your gifting pleasure, the Paris X / O Pendant Necklace is meticulously handcrafted with 14-karat white gold and rose gold with pave diamonds. Also offered in white gold with yellow gold, and pure pave variations, there’s no question that love hangs from an 18-inch franco chain. She’ll never forget the day when you surprised her with this extraordinarily romantic diamond gift.



John Atencio designing jewelry

John Atencio Designs Romantic Jewelry Gifts

With happy clients around the globe, John Atencio is a Colorado native and master jewelry designer with almost 47 years of experience designing bold and distinctive jewelry that makes a statement. Inspired by history and his own rich life experiences, he sketches his jewelry visions in pencil before allowing his handpicked master artisans to carefully craft every piece by hand. John stands firm in his environmental responsibility and mandates that only recycled gold and lab-grown or responsibly sourced gemstones be used to bring his designs to life. Read more about the fascinating man who designs beautiful jewelry in the name of love.

It's so simple to make her deliriously happy this Valentine’s Day. Browse our large selection of jewelry gifts for her at, or experience it in person at one of our boutique stores. Questions? A knowledgeable concierge will gladly answer any questions you may have about finding the best gift for the one you love. Because she deserves a genuine John Atencio on Valentine’s Day.

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