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The 10th Wedding Anniversary. 10 Ideas on How to Celebrate with Jewelry

10 year anniversary, anniversary ring, ring upgrade
The 10th Wedding Anniversary. 10 Ideas on How to Celebrate with Jewelry

Updated July 2023

Have you been thinking about upgrading your wife's wedding ring for your ten year anniversary? The wise answer is a resounding "yes," which is the same answer she gave you when you asked her for her hand in marriage a decade ago. She's been your rock, supported you through the good times and the bad times, and inspired you. There's no one who loves you like she does, so ask her to be yours all over again by upgrading the sparkle she wears on her finger. 

Holding immense significance, a 10th wedding anniversary symbolizes a decade of companionship, growth and shared memories. What better way to pay tribute to this milestone than with an updated wedding ring? This gesture celebrates a decade journey together while reaffirming your commitment to a shared future. 

Whether you choose an iconic statement ring or a diamond 10 year anniversary band, 10th anniversary jewelry is a powerful proclamation of love. Gift her a beautiful 10 year anniversary ring upgrade from John Atencio—a sparkling symbol of your undying affection. 

John Atencio Designs are for Life and Love

Love is a beautiful thing, and it's the primary reason Colorado native John Atencio strived to become a world-renowned master designer of distinctive statement jewelry. Beginning the process by sketching out his artistic vision, he draws from 47 years of experience in designing bold wearable art that consistently makes a statement.

John strongly believes in celebrating life's milestones through gifting exceptional jewelry, and he knows no greater honor than crafting fine pieces that reflect the devotion between two people. If your ten year anniversary is on the horizon, consider trading up to a larger iconic diamond statement ring or think about adding one or more dazzling diamond anniversary bands to her existing wedding ring stack. 

Incorporating additional rings into an already cherished wedding stack weaves an enchanting narrative, each ring holding its own intimate chapter in the couple's eternal love story. This heartfelt act not only heightens the aesthetic allure but also stands as an enduring testament to your unyielding devotion and the incredible shared odyssey of your love.

However, you choose to do it, celebrating milestones with unique 10 year anniversary jewelry holds profound significance because it serves as a tangible representation of love and devotion. John Atencio, a renowned master designer, understands the value of commemorating life's special moments through exceptional jewelry. Each meticulously designed piece becomes a symbol of the deep connection between two individuals and their shared journey. 

Upgrade to an Iconic John Atencio Diamond Diamond Ring

She'll know it's an authentically bold and beautiful John Atencio when she sees it, because it's crafted for sheer beauty and aesthetic balance to support the center stone. Truly something to behold, these weighty rings are made with a higher metal content that will give her the reassuring feel she craves from her wedding ring.

Known for striking iconic styles like the Intrigue and the forever popular Elevate, Ventana Quad and Techla styles, every John Atencio ring is crafted through a painstaking process demanded by John himself. There are never any shortcuts, resulting in a stunning ring of extraordinary quality that will take her breath away.

man giving wife an anniversary ring upgrade
The craftsmanship and unique features of John Atencio diamond rings make them truly exceptional. Each piece is carefully designed to exude boldness and beauty while maintaining a perfect balance to accentuate the chosen center stone. Shop online and experience how effortless it is to present your beloved with an upgraded 10-year anniversary ring. Or talk to one of our consultants to get inspired 10 year anniversary jewelry ideas she will love.

Give Her the Highest Praise with an Elite Ring

The diamond ring of diamond rings, John's Elite design is an upgrade option that will leave her speechless. Graced with a fancy-cut center gem of two carats or larger, each ring from this collection is decidedly distinctive and perfectly suited for that special woman in your life.

Fashioned after history's most inspiring and powerful women, whether it is The Diana, The Josephine, or another Elite ring, making the 10 year anniversary ring upgrade with a ring of this caliber says "You're forever mine," like nothing else can. And you can browse the John Atencio diamond database from the comfort of your home for responsibly mined natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds to see how you can make her dreams come true.

Choosing a ring from the Elite Collection goes beyond a mere gesture of love and affection; it carries profound symbolism and a powerful message. By upgrading her ring to an Elite piece, you are elevating to an exquisite token of love while also acknowledging her unique qualities, strength and significance in your life. An Elite ring is a stunning testament to the timeless bond you share and a beautiful declaration that your love is enduring and forever cherished.

Add a John Atencio Diamond Anniversary Band to Her Finger

A 10 year anniversary ring upgrade is an easy feat with a John Atencio diamond anniversary band. His strikingly stackable diamond anniversary bands are crafted with care to celebrate the ultimate in the love, marriage, and family that mean everything to you both. 

Fabulously featuring channel or prong-set diamonds in 18k yellow gold, white gold or rose gold in select rings, these anniversary bands commemorate this wonderful day with everlasting elegance. Choose one of these marvelously versatile John Atencio bands, two of them for each side of her ring, or several to stack in first-class fashion. Better yet, start a tradition and gift her a band each anniversary to commemorate another year together.

John Atencio's diamond 10 year anniversary jewelry brings an irresistible allure, captivating hearts with exquisite craftsmanship and timeless beauty. Designed to honor the cherished milestones of love, marriage, and family, these pieces effortlessly blend sophistication and sentiment. 

So, reignite the flame and upgrade to a coveted John Atencio ring for your 10th anniversary. John offers in-person appointments, virtual appointments, complimentary shipping and curbside pickup. Shop online, visit a local store, or call 1-866-806-9486 to connect with our attentive and helpful Bridal Concierge. 

More 10-Year Anniversary Jewelry Ideas

For a truly exceptional 10-year anniversary gift, explore a world of unique jewelry beyond ring upgrades. Consider a dazzling pair of diamond stud earrings, a timeless symbol of enduring love and elegance that will adorn her ears with brilliance. Or surprise her with a breathtaking diamond pendant necklace, showcasing a radiant gem that signifies the depth of your bond.

Another captivating option is a delicate diamond bracelet, draping her wrist with sparkling diamonds that shimmer with every movement, reminding her of your unwavering commitment. These exquisite jewelry pieces go beyond rings, allowing you to commemorate this significant milestone with a remarkable token of your affection.

In addition to ring upgrades, explore the realm of personalized jewelry for your 10-year anniversary. Customized jewelry offers a unique and sentimental touch, allowing you to engrave a heartfelt message or incorporate birthstones to represent your loved ones. Personalized jewelry captures the essence of your relationship, making it a treasured keepsake that will be cherished for years to come. With these distinctive and meaningful pieces, you can celebrate your 10-year anniversary with a gift that is as special and extraordinary as your love story.

Purchasing and Upgrading: The Easy Steps

Experience the ease of purchasing and upgrading with John Atencio's exceptional customer service and convenient options. Whether you prefer an in-person appointment, virtual consultation, complimentary shipping or curbside pickup, John Atencio ensures a seamless and personalized experience. Don't hesitate to reach out online or call 1-866-806-9486 to connect with a dedicated Bridal Concierge who will guide you through the process. 

With a range of exquisite options and the support of a trusted brand, now is the perfect time to consider the upgrade that celebrates your journey of everlasting love and devotion. Make the choice to celebrate your 10-year anniversary with a John Atencio treasure that will beautifully commemorate this milestone in your relationship.

The Everlasting Symbol of Your Love

Embrace the significance of your 10-year anniversary by honoring it with a profound and heartfelt gesture. With its timeless allure and deep symbolism, jewelry holds the power to encapsulate the depth of your love and commitment. It serves as a tangible reminder of the beautiful journey you have embarked upon together, reflecting the cherished memories, shared experiences, and unwavering bond you have cultivated over the years. 

By selecting a meaningful piece from John Atencio, you can express your enduring devotion in a tangible and lasting way, allowing your loved one to carry the essence of your affection with them always. Let the power of a John Atencio jewelry piece amplify the celebration of your 10-year milestone, affirming the strength and beauty of your beautiful bond.