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The Gift of the Heart: Heart Pendant Necklaces

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The Gift of the Heart: Heart Pendant Necklaces

Worn close to the heart, pendant necklaces are meaningful gifts treasured long after they’re given. When a pendant is crafted in the shape of a heart, it carries extra meaning, especially when accented with glittering diamond gemstones. Whether you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or a birthday, you simply can’t go wrong with this popular classic.

What Is the Meaning?

Throughout the world, the heart shape is recognized as a symbol of affection and romantic love, but its historical origins are somewhat difficult to pin down. Some historians believe the iconic pictogram was originally derived from the natural shape of ivy leaves, which were traditionally associated with fidelity, while others believe it was modeled after parts of the human anatomy. Whatever the case, the shape has long been thought to represent love and affection.

Because the human heart has long been associated with pleasure and emotion, the shape was ultimately co-opted as a worldwide symbol of romance and courtly love. It grew especially trendy during the Renaissance when it was used in artwork depicting the Sacred Heart of Christ. By the 18th and 19th centuries, the heart had become a recurring motif in intimate love notes and Valentine’s Day cards.

These days, the heart shape is commonly showcased in designer jewelry pieces, including diamond heart pendants.

heart pendant necklaces by john atencio

Most everyone knows that a heart necklace typically symbolizes love and deep affection. Although the design has been around for decades, this type of necklace has recently become an increasingly popular trend. If you’re looking for a gift that’s straight from the heart, consider some of these popular John Atencio designs.

Adore Petite Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

The heart symbolizes the spirited tenderness in each of us, making it an appropriate motif for Valentine’s Day. This incomparable symbol of love looks especially beautiful in John Atencio’s gorgeous Adore petite diamond heart pendant necklaces. A stylish accessory and a heartfelt expression of love, each piece captures attention with an alluring three-dimensional lobed design. Showcasing a single brilliant diamond, these beautifully crafted jewelry pieces showcase the time-honored, unique shape and distinctive fluid form that is iconic John Atencio.

Prelude Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

Rimmed with channel-set, princess cut diamonds, John’s Prelude Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace is a breathtaking expression of love. The glittering diamonds bring brilliant definition to the piece, giving it scintillating gravity that plays beautifully with any ensemble. Crafted from sustainable, recycled gold, this dazzling gift is destined to become one of your loved one’s most treasured keepsakes.

Cherish Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

With a softly contoured design, John’s Cherish Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace is a gorgeous gift with plenty of obvious meaning. Enhanced by sparkling channel-set diamonds, this eye-catching piece looks lovely in timeless yellow gold and fashion-forward icy white gold.

Devotion Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

The unique architecture of John’s Devotion Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace provides rare opportunities to make a stunning statement from every perspective. Tipped with fiery channel-set diamonds, this pretty piece is a thoughtful way to elevate their look while showing how much you care.

Entwine Pave Heart Pendant Necklace

Entwine your love with the striking sterling and gold Entwine Pave Heart Pendant Necklace by John Atencio. Like a warm, comforting embrace, Entwine's soft contours and gold accents bring forth the rich beauty of every shimmering bezel-set gemstone.

Endearment Gemstone Heart Pendant Necklace

Accented with a velvety-purple amethyst or burning bright-red garnet, the Endearment Gemstone Heart Pendant Necklace makes a uniquely beautiful gift. The contemporary sterling gold combo plays beautifully together amid a sleek, fashion-forward design that adds meaningful luster to their sharpest look.

Essence Pave Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

Simplicity redefined. That’s John’s Essence Pave Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace. It is the clean lines, scintillating diamond pave and simple artistry that makes the Essence collection so appealing. Designed and expertly crafted by hand, Essence is a finely curated collection in 14K yellow rose gold. Beautifully versatile, white gold heart pendants also make thoughtful gifts that allow them to layer or stack to amplify their look.

Elegant or playful, free-floating or fixed, heart pendants for necklaces provide gorgeous gifts at several price points. Whether you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or a birthday, these traditional favorites always hit the mark.

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