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Tips for Matching Jewelry

matching jewelry, pairing jewelry
Tips for Matching Jewelry

One of the most exciting aspects of jewelry is taking the opportunity to mix and match different pieces to create a style all your own. By pairing different designs, gemstones and metals, you can create uniquely intriguing looks that make the most out of your entire jewelry collection. But how do you pair your jewelry pieces in ways that maximize their impact? The following guide includes informative tips for matching jewelry to elevate your look and amplify your style.

How to Pair Jewelry with Your Outfit

When it comes to matching jewelry with your outfit, many factors come into play, including color, style, season and whether your intention is to dress up or go casual. Coordinating colorful gemstones to clothing always presents a stylish appearance, whether they match exactly or they complement the color of your outfit (reds with greens or yellows with blues).

As a general rule, simple jewelry flatters casual clothing, and statement jewelry adds elegance to an outfit. Some jewelry is designed to serve either purpose, especially classic pieces like simple gold cuffs and diamond stud earrings.

You can also wear a single piece or match and stack to create a stylish look. Unsure what that might look like? Check out the photo above featuring the stunning Entwine Gemstone Cuff Bracelet featuring prasiolite. Here, each John Atencio piece plays off the other with subtle contrasts that don’t clash. The pale metal and gemstone also complement the color of the blouse, creating harmonious beauty that attracts attention for all the right reasons.

Renowned for his bold and distinctive designs, John Atencio designs jewelry for every occasion, making it simple to select the pieces that elevate your apparel. Read on to discover how easy it is to match your clothing to breathtaking John Atencio jewelry.

bermuda pave diamond earrings

Elevate Your Look with Diamonds

Extremely versatile, diamonds heighten the impact of any outfit. Sparkling diamond studs lend themselves to any ensemble, whether you’re dressed up or dressed down. But the exceptional diamond earrings from John Atencio’s Bermuda Collection reflect sheer elegance.

John’s opulent Bermuda Pave Diamond Earrings are a step above the rest, handcrafted with 14k yellow and white gold and flooded with shimmering pave diamonds.

All attention will be on you when you wear the scintillating pieces from this collection; so choose a muted dressy outfit that won’t compete with this dazzling statement jewelry.
Elixir Gemstone Hinged Cuff Bracelet

Pair Statement Jewelry with Black for a Classic Look

Minimalist fashion will always be in style because sometimes less is more. Simple but chic, black clothing is a popular go-to color that pairs well with all sorts of statement jewelry.

Black outfits look amazing with the statement jewelry from John Atencio’s Elixir Collection. Handcrafted with sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver, 14k yellow gold and a marquise-cut amethyst, the Elixir Gemstone Hinged Cuff Bracelet is a striking piece that looks beautiful against black clothing. Embrace that classic look by flaunting jewelry from the Elixir Collection on your ears, wrist, finger and around your neck.
matching jewelry with outfit

Match by Color for the Perfect Look

Matching jewelry with your outfit is simple when you go by color. Bright and beautiful gemstones are currently quite popular among modern fashionistas. John Atencio is a master of designing jewelry with striking stones that include brilliant shades of blue, purple, red and green.

John’s Treasure Collection honors the tanzanite and rhodolite gemstones, providing deep, jewel-toned focal points that will accentuate the same colors in your outfit. Elevating any clothing but perfect for more formal occasions, the bold and distinctive Treasure Gemstone Ring is handcrafted in 14k white and yellow gold with an emerald-cut tanzanite center stone and pave diamonds. Matching your outfit to the same colors in your jewelry is always a sure bet.
cobra dangle earrings by john atencio

Go Bold with Cobra Dangle Earrings

It’s easy to know how to match jewelry to your outfit when you wear distinctive pieces from John Atencio. These unique earrings are an excellent example of how statement jewelry can accentuate your clothing. Belonging to the Oro Perfecto Collection created by the hand-forging that inspired John in his early career, the high-shine, textured Cobra Dangle Earrings are meticulously handcrafted in 14k yellow gold. All eyes will gravitate toward these timeless statement earrings, so create balance by wearing a demure ensemble and keeping the rest of your jewelry muted.

Dress Up or Down with a Sleek Cuff

Sleek and unique, some jewelry will complement any outfit, whether you’re going dressy or staying casual. Feminine and bold, the John Atencio Polar Cuff Bracelet is crafted by hand in 14k rose gold, white gold or yellow gold.

Wear a single cuff with simple earrings and jeans for an everyday look or stack all three metals against each other with some diamond studs for a dynamic fashion statement. This cuff bracelet will match anything you wear and raise your style quotient every time it’s on your wrist.

Matching Jewelry with Other Jewelry

In addition to matching your jewelry to your outfit, you need to properly style your jewelry pieces to create a harmonious look. Many times, this means matching new jewelry to an existing engagement ring, which is a treasured item that never leaves her finger. Unfortunately, this can be a bit tricky if you’re purchasing new jewelry as a gift. Here are some ways to incorporate new jewelry without clashing with an existing engagement ring.

Match Jewelry by Carat Weight

One of the easiest ways to match new jewelry with an engagement ring is to complement the carat weight. Just match the center stone carat weight of her engagement ring to the stone or stones in a new bracelet, necklace or earrings.

If you selected a 1.5-carat stone for her engagement ring, choose a 1.5-carat stone for her jewelry. If her ring was crafted with scintillating pave diamonds, consider a glittering Paris Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

Whether you match the new jewelry to the center stone or the most prevalent stone type in her engagement ring, the pieces should complement each other in beautifully compelling ways.

Match Jewelry by Metal

One of the easiest ways to style jewelry is to match the precious metals. This is near-effortless when you shop at John Atencio, who offers a diverse assortment of jewelry pieces in high-quality 18k gold, white gold and rose gold.

If you’ve selected the Victoria Elite Diamond Engagement Ring in white gold, for instance, you can complement the piece with John’s Bellagio Pave Diamond Collection in white gold. Choose the Cuff Bracelet, Dangle Earrings or Pendant Necklace as a matching statement piece to her ring.

Likewise, the Devotion Hinged Diamond Bracelet in rose gold will handsomely highlight her rose gold Decision Diamond Engagement Ring by John Atencio.

Buy Several Pieces at the Same Time

Planning to propose? Consider giving her a special gift that complements her engagement ring.

This is a moment she’ll always remember, so give it the fireworks it deserves. Since you’ve already stepped up to the plate by purchasing a John Atencio engagement ring, hit a home run by accompanying it with a bonus gift of matching jewelry. Quicken her heart rate and expand her jewelry collection with the perfect complementary necklace, earrings or bracelet from John Atencio.

Layer Matching Jewelry

Think outside the box when selecting matching jewelry that complements her engagement ring. In addition to matching the metal or the center stone in her engagement ring, you can layer pieces like the Essence Pave Diamond Bracelet, the Paloma Diamond Cuff Bracelet or the Monaco Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

Make that monumental moment a little sweeter by layering the Adore Silver Heart Pendant Necklace with any John Atencio sterling silver or white gold necklace, or layer the unique 18” and 20-inch Paloma Confetti Diamond Station Necklaces. With so many possibilities, you can mix and match metals, stones and styles for that unique look she’s always dreamed of.

Whether you include a matching jewelry gift when you pop the question, offer it as a wedding gift, or celebrate her for any reason at all; she will love having jewelry that complements her engagement ring.

Harmonious Matching Jewelry for Your Love Story

When it comes to striking statement jewelry, no one does it like John Atencio. Inspired by life’s everyday moments and major milestones, John hand-sketches every piece of jewelry, creating uniquely beautiful pieces that are wearable works of art.

With half a century of design experience, world-renowned master artisan John Atencio enriches the wedding experience by crafting exceptional jewelry for his clients.

Designing several collections of matching jewelry that perfectly complement his artfully crafted engagement rings, John makes it easy to pair jewelry and elevate your proposal.

Unsure how to pick a perfect match? Schedule an appointment at John Atencio and learn how we can enhance the engagement experience.