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Topaz and Citrine: The November Birthstones

citrine, november birthstone, topaz
Topaz and Citrine: The November Birthstones

Like the icy blue autumn skies and beautiful changing foliage, November’s two birthstones - topaz and citrine - burst with the seasonal colors of their namesake. Read on to learn more about these two uniquely compelling gemstones and find out how you can harness their essence in elegant fine jewelry pieces.

What Are They?

The primary birthstones of November, topaz and citrine are beautiful semi-precious gemstones with versatile color and fascinating lore.

A variety of quartz, citrine has a warm golden-yellow hue that can range from transparent, pale yellow to deeper brownish orange.

With an exceptionally broad color range, topaz comes in an incredible range of hues, including sky blue, cyclamen pink, fiery orange and honey yellow. This is due to the fact that the gem is actually transparent. In nature, topaz gets its color from impurities which can turn the stone virtually any color. In fact, colorless topaz is quite common and usually treated to give it a striking blue color. Topaz is also pleochroic, which allows it to appear as varying colors from different perspectives. For instance, red topaz may show pinkish reds, yellows and dark reds at various aspects.

Coveted for Centuries

Topaz comes in a diversity of colors, from shades of breathtaking blue to the rare red imperial colors. Symbolizing love and affection, topaz was once believed to increase a wearer’s strength and intellect. The ancient Greeks believed the stone could make a wearer invisible, while also providing calming effects and serving as a symbol of honor.

Throughout history, citrine was thought to offer similar benefits, including the ability to heal, calm, promote prosperity, and even protect against snake venom. With its warm golden-yellow hue, the gem pairs beautifully with a variety of metals to make gorgeous jewelry pieces.

Rare in nature, citrine’s tawny color often causes it to be confused with topaz. Its affordability and durability make it the world’s top-selling yellow-to-orange gem. In today’s modern jewelry market, citrine’s most popular shade is a deep, earthy reddish or brownish orange.

topaz and citrine jewelry by john atencio

Modern fashionistas continue to prize each of these gemstones’ ability to elevate a variety of jewelry pieces. Both topaz and citrine add a flicker of color to fine jewelry. The cheerful gemstones offer a spark of invigorating light in the dark winter months. Relatively hard stones, citrine and topaz are durable enough to withstand years of everyday wear, making them popular choices for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and alternative engagement rings.

A brilliant blue topaz center stone brings intrigue to a ring, especially when framed by fiery white diamonds. Sparkling with tranquil hues, a London blue topaz looks especially striking contrasted by striking luxe diamond details. Set in classic yellow, fashion-forward white, or romantic rose gold, topaz creates vivid alternative engagement rings. Enhanced with scintillating complementary diamonds, the effect is magnified amid breathtaking halo settings.

Citrine can also be quite mesmerizing when showcased in a beautifully designed engagement ring setting. The golden yellow gemstone brings a compelling flash of color to the finger. It also flickers in a harmonious union with white, yellow and rose gold.

A very hard gemstone, topaz can scratch many other gems, so it’s important to use care when storing your topaz jewelry. While it is a very hard gemstone, topaz does have perfect cleavage, which can cause it to chip if it’s not expertly cut. This is why it’s important to get your topaz jewelry from a reliable source, such as John Atencio who guarantees the quality of every jewelry piece and every single gemstone.

Distinctively Beautiful Birthstone Jewelry

Prized for their compelling color, citrine and topaz are available in a wide variety of jewelry pieces. When crafting his one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, John hand-selects every gemstone and creates a unique design around it. While you often have to shop pre-made pieces at other jewelry stores; our team can help you choose a breathtaking piece that perfectly reflects your preferences and style.

Whether you’re shopping for a unique alternative engagement ring or a stunning jewelry gift, topaz and citrine are both worthy selections. At the same time, there are a number of other stunning gemstone options that can elevate any ensemble and attract attention for all the right reasons.

At John Atencio, we offer an intriguing collection of gemstones that beautifully complement our stunning jewelry pieces. We also offer a compelling collection of fashionable pieces featuring other colorful birthstones, including emeralds, rubies, sapphires and more. Visit one of our many nearby locations and let our attentive and knowledgeable experts guide you to the ideal jewelry piece for yourself or that special someone on your shopping list.