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What is a Placeholder Engagement Ring and Why Should You Consider One?

placeholder engagement ring, temporary engagement ring
What is a Placeholder Engagement Ring and Why Should You Consider One?

Have you ever wondered about what a placeholder engagement ring is? Gaining ground in recent years and now a sizzling trend in 2021, this ring is a temporary engagement ring given in place of the actual engagement ring that will sit alongside the wedding ring. Today’s slant on the promise ring, this alternative may substitute the expensive stone that will eventually adorn it or it may even be a completely different ring, but it provides a meaningful sentiment of permanence. There are various types of placeholder engagement rings that permit you to propose before presenting the actual engagement ring, and John Atencio can assist you with this beautiful pledge to marry the love of your life.

John Atencio Designs for Love

An industry veteran with over 48 years of experience in jewelry design, John Atencio is known across the globe for distinctive statement jewelry that he designs from his heart. Envisioning, then sketching every piece from life’s inspirations, he selects only master artisans who use meticulous attention to detail to handcraft the exquisite jewelry that will become heirlooms. As a socially responsible jeweler who believes in the welfare of all people from all nations, John insists upon using only recycled gold and responsibly sourced gemstones in his creations. Read more about the man who has made it his life’s endeavor to design the art so many people choose to wear for a lifetime.

Why Give a Placeholder Engagement Ring?

There are different reasons you might require this type of ring to present when you ask your love to be yours forever. If you’re having a John Atencio custom engagement ring made, a placeholder absolutely fits the bill, filling in while the forever ring is being created. Another reason is that many people want to include their betrothed in the ring selection process. Many people (especially women!) want to browse and choose the ring they’ll wear forever, and this experience is one of most exciting times of their lives. A placeholder is also the safer bet if you’re planning a destination wedding out of the country. Likely the most popular reason is that this option allows you to propose while saving money for the bigger expenditure down the road, in the form of a more expensive gemstone or a different ring altogether.

Give a Less Expensive Ring as a Placeholder

One way to commit to your love is to present a less expensive ring that can be moved to the other hand or kept as a treasured memento after the actual engagement ring is purchased. John Atencio has several stunning rings that fit this special purpose, especially the 13 distinctive rings from the Luminaire Collection. Handcrafted in recycled gold, white gold or rose gold, and each crowned with a responsibly sourced, brilliant diamond, these rings were designed to express the love you share without breaking the bank to do it. Every one of these light- and love-filled rings is offered at under $2500 and will work as the perfect placeholder until you buy the John Atencio engagement ring that will remain on their finger always.

Bellisima engagement ring by John Atencio
The Bellissima Engagement Ring, part of the Luminaire collection

Give the Engagement Setting with a Substitute Stone

Another option is to gift your significant other with their forever engagement ring using a temporary center stone. A cubic zirconia is an excellent choice for this substitute, exhibiting a sparkle that is a promise of the real diamond or stone to come. Using a genuine, but less expensive gemstone as a placeholder until the time is right is also a viable alternative. Gemstones like blue topaz and amethyst are hardy gemstones that work well for the daily wear of a placeholder ring and look beautiful while standing in for the forever stone. Browse our engagement ring settings, then contact us to discuss a placeholder ring and the size requirements.

When it’s right, it’s right, so let nothing stand in the way of true love. Make the choice to hold that place on their finger with a stunning placeholder ring from John Atencio. Whether it’s by asking for their hand by substituting a cubic zirconia or other gemstone on the actual engagement ring setting or by giving them a significant, but lower priced ring they can keep as a beautiful memory after they receive the final engagement ring, a placeholder ring is a hot trend that is proving beneficial to many. Questions? Contact a concierge or simply walk into a John Atencio boutique. Everything is worth it when it leads up to a genuine John Atencio for life.