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5 Tips for Accenting Your Jewelry On Your Wedding Day

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5 Tips for Accenting Your Jewelry On Your Wedding Day

After your engagement, the ball starts rolling with wedding day planning and that day will be upon you in no time. In the beginning, it seems like a never-ending to-do list filled with venue meetings, trying on dresses, and all the images of what that perfect day will look like. After you get your dress or as you are picking out your dress, think about or wear the jewelry that will also play a role in your beautiful day. There are many ways to accent your perfect day with the right jewelry fit.

Here are some tips from John Atencio on how to accent your wedding jewelry on your big day and look even better than you could dream of.

Tips for Accenting Your Jewelry on Your Wedding Day from John Atencio


After you buy that perfect wedding dress and the right jewelry that goes with it, typically you start thinking about what to do with your hair. Depending on the type of neckline of the dress and the neckline of the jewelry, you may want to consider wearing your hair up to highlight the beauty. Test out different hairstyles while wearing the necklace to see what makes it jump out as you walk down the aisle.


When choosing your makeup color palette for your wedding, make sure to consider the gemstones in your jewelry pieces. Perhaps, using an eyeshadow that matches the gemstone will highlight it more. A subtle blush can bring out the gold or silver in your jewelry, too. Play around with color choices while wearing your jewelry to see what looks the best.


Getting your nails done is always a fun event for your wedding day. You may have the nail salon pop a bottle of Champagne for mimosa's as you're surrounded by your Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, and possibly your mom, too. While many go for a subtle color - often something like a French manicure - why not play with your color choices to find the right one? Go bold if you're wearing ruby or garnet. Go traditional if you're wearing diamonds. Experiment with colors, especially if you're wearing a bracelet with brighter gemstones.


Depending on the length of your wedding dress, your shoes may or may not be on display for your guests to see. If they are, tie in your shoes with your jewelry. A splash of color will bring your entire look together. Maybe faux stones will make you shine from head to toe. If going with the basic heels or subtle color style isn't the look you're striving for, switch it up, and go bold with your shoe choice. After all, you want everyone to be in awe at first glance as you walk down the aisle.


Saying your "I 'do's" in front of your family and friends isn't the only time you'll want to accent your wedding jewelry. What accessories will you bring with you to the reception? Will you have a purse or a clutch with you? If so, this is another opportunity to accent your jewelry and continue to showcase it and your beauty in all its glory for your entire wedding day. Go with a color that matches your gemstones or metal choices or add some sparkle to a purse or clutch to make it stand out.

If you haven't chosen what wedding jewelry you'll wear, browse the John Atencio collections to find the perfect match for your wedding dress. You're sure to find something that makes you even more beautiful on the big day than you could imagine.