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April Birthstone: Diamonds

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April Birthstone: Diamonds

April's birthstone is the timeless and coveted diamond, sparkling with internal fire. As one of the world's most valuable and sought-after gemstones, diamonds have captivated people's hearts for centuries. For those lucky enough to be born in April, this iconic stone holds deep meaning that makes it especially desirable. Read on to learn more about April’s birthstone and find out how to pick the perfect diamond jewelry gift.

History and Lore of the April Birthstone

Dating back billions of years, diamonds are made of a single pure element — carbon. Subjected to intense heat and immense pressure below the surface of the earth, carbon atoms bond to create a diamonds’ iconic crystalline structure. The gemstone’s unique physical makeup makes it the hardest natural substance on the planet. In turn, the only thing that can effectively scratch a diamond is another pure diamond.

Regarded as the king of all birthstones, diamonds hold significant meaning for people born during the month of April. The fiery stones are thought to provide wearers with better relationships and increased inner strength. Due to their durability, diamonds have long symbolized longevity, strength and everlasting love.

Adorning modern and ancient royals since their discovery around the 4th century, diamonds represent the preeminent symbol of both power and beauty. Once diamonds became commodified, traders began transporting them across the famous Silk Road, selling them at a high cost to royals and other elites.

Historically, diamonds first became a popular choice in India, when the Imperial Colony and Moghuls easily mined the stones from deposits along three major waterways. These days, diamonds are found throughout the world, from the Kalahari Desert region to the south of Canada. They can also be created in laboratories, using highly specialized equipment.

Lab-Grown Diamonds: An April Birthstone Alternative

Not very long ago, it would have seemed impossible to create lab-grown diamonds with the exact same properties as natural diamonds. Now, innovative technology has made this vision a beautiful reality.

Lab-grown diamonds are made in dedicated facilities utilizing highly specialized equipment and responsibly sourced raw materials. By studying the natural processes that lead to diamond creation, modern technicians are able to recreate the environment in which diamonds develop beneath the Earth’s outer layer.

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While the process is complex from a scientific standpoint, the results are breathtakingly simple and stunning. Lab-grown diamonds have precisely the same chemical, optical and physical properties as natural diamonds. What’s more, they are essentially indistinguishable from natural diamonds. In fact, even the most seasoned diamond-detector would not be able to identify a lab-grown diamond without specialized equipment which would reveal microscopic inscriptions that are invisible to the naked eye.

April Birthstone Color

In their most popular form, diamonds appear translucent and glass-like with scintillating diffractions of light, making them a universal symbol of power, purity and extreme beauty. While colorless diamonds are the most coveted, April’s birthstone also comes in a variety of hues, including blue, green, pink, black, yellow and more. Brown and yellow diamonds are the most common versions of the precious stone, while red and blue are the rarest. The colors of an individual diamond can also range in intensity from vivid to faint.

While the iconic gem is typically linked with diamond engagement rings; these days, more and more people associate them with all sorts of exquisite jewelry. Anyone born in April should consider themselves very fortunate to have a birthstone as precious and influential as the diamond.


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April Birthstone Gifts

Because it is so dazzling and so versatile, April’s birthstone opens the door to an endless array of birthstone jewelry gift options. From breathtaking  diamond tennis bracelets and dazzling diamond studs to brilliant diamond pendants and artfully crafted diamond rings, John Atencio has an alluring collection of diamond gifts for people born in April. That said, diamond jewelry isn’t just for people born during a specific month. It’s for anyone who desires the timeless brilliance of the world’s most popular gemstone.

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