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Best Diamond Gifts this Holiday

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Best Diamond Gifts this Holiday

Nothing elevates the holiday season like scintillating diamond jewelry. Whether you’re searching for the best diamond gift for your wife, girlfriend or special family member, the following shopping guide will help you find that perfect piece for the season. 

What Are the Best Diamond Gifts?

Looking for dazzling go-to diamond gifts? Nothing compares to the fire and brilliance of a diamond ring for that special someone. Choose a solitaire to spotlight her inner radiance or a pave band to wreath her finger in endless sparkle. Vintage-inspired diamond rings also capture timeless romance and enduring elegance she'll cherish forever.

Not to be outdone, diamond earrings add the perfect amount of glitz to any holiday look. From classic studs with eye-catching flash to dramatic drops that frame her face in light, diamond earrings are a foolproof way to make that special someone smile. For vintage flair, try diamond halo earrings or intricate diamond clusters inspired by antique styles. 

Perennial top gifts like diamond halo pendant necklaces illuminate the holiday season with eye-catching brilliance. Diamond line bracelets also earn rave reviews for their slim, stackable shape that complements unique styles.

In addition to classically popular pieces, more and more people are making their holidays shine with lab-grown diamond jewelry. Identical to natural diamonds, these affordable options offer dazzling beauty without environmental impact. Lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces add show-stopping elegance, while still fitting holiday budgets. 

Diamond Gifts Recommendations from John Atencio

When it comes to choosing the perfect diamond holiday gift, it’s best to go with an original. Unlike mass-produced jewelry, each John Atencio design is meticulously hand-crafted to showcase distinctive artistry. With award-winning skills honed over decades, John himself oversees every step to ensure unmatched quality. From hand-selecting ethically sourced gems to setting each diamond with optimal alignment, John's personal touch elevates every piece. 

Here are some exquisite gifting options from John’s collection for this holiday season:

Diamond Studs

diamond studs gifts

Widely considered some of the best diamond earring gifts, studs lend timeless allure with stunning fire highlighted by complementary metals. Classic studs dazzle in pale white gold for a sleek, modern flair or warm yellow gold for a classic, timeless look.

John brings the same daring creativity to his diamond studs as he does with every jewelry piece. This gives customers incredible variety, like the dazzling Orion diamond studs, and exquisite Devotion earrings with a mesmerizing center diamond encircled by a cluster of glittering stones.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

diamond tennis bracelet gifts

The classic tennis bracelet is no longer just a simple line of diamonds. Today's designs artfully incorporate precious metals in creative ways.

Take John's Orion and Lines collections, for example. Each design blends contemporary lines with graceful artistry, crafting alluring pieces that capture attention. Stylish and distinctive, these unique diamond tennis bracelets are perfect for women wanting to elevate their style.

Not to be outdone, Paloma and Monaco bring John Atencio's signature creativity to the traditional bracelet, infusing new life. As these pieces demonstrate, contemporary options come in varied metals and styles, like cluster bracelets. Whatever your taste, John Atencio offers a world of distinctive tennis bracelet designs and intriguing styles found nowhere else.

Designer Rings

diamond ring gifts


Bring warmth to the cold winter months by adding a flicker of color or fire to her finger. One of the easiest can’t-miss gifting options, designer rings provide a diversity of choices that allow you to pinpoint a piece that will fit her existing jewelry collection and match her style. 

A master of creativity with decades of design experience, John Atencio offers an artful array of disinfection designs to slip on her finger this holiday season.

Tennis Necklaces


diamond tennis necklace gifts


Wreathing the neckline in breathtaking fire, diamond tennis necklaces are the perfect way to show how much you care. From dainty to bold, these glittering pieces now come in an array of on-trend styles. Fashion-forward options include floating diamond necklaces, graduated Riviera necklaces, and chokers with a tennis necklace inset. 

A legend in the jewelry world, John Atencio offers unique tennis necklace designs you won't find elsewhere. Shop online or visit one of his convenient locations to discover striking jewelry designs to make this holiday season one for the decades. 

Gifts for Him

Daring or understated, men's jewelry is an excellent way to bring an edge to his most stylish look. From rings to bracelets to meaningful pendants, the perfect jewelry piece can turn regular holidays into unforgettable moments he'll cherish for years.

Unleash his bold style with one of John Atencio's uniquely striking men’s jewelry gifts, painstakingly hand-crafted to make a strong and enduring impression.

Why Choose John Atencio

With over 48 years perfecting his diamond jewelry designs, John Atencio is the pinnacle for one-of-a-kind diamond gifts. Each piece spotlights his flair for innovation—exclusive patterns and details you won't find anywhere else. John's diamond creations feature ethically sourced stones, set by hand to maximize fire and brilliance.

Whether you seek versatile diamond studs, romantic diamond pendants or bold diamond statement rings, John offers diamond jewelry to delight for decades. When it comes to diamond gifts that dazzle with artistry and integrity, John Atencio is simply unmatched.

For diamond jewelry of remarkable artistry and timeless beauty, John Atencio is the only name you need to know. With hand-selected diamonds and meticulous craftsmanship, each gift is built to become an instant heirloom.

If you seek can't-miss diamond jewelry to create lasting holiday memories, John's one-of-a-kind designs beat out every other jeweler. Give the gift of iconic diamonds from the very best in the business this holiday season. Give them a John Atencio.