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2023 Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide

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2023 Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide

Updated 12/1/2023

It's not always easy to come up with holiday gift ideas for the important people in our lives. While many settle for things that meet everyday needs, others strive for more by choosing meaningful, timeless gifts. When it comes to turning special moments into enduring memories, nothing compares to a dazzling piece of jewelry. Whatever their taste, you’ll find that perfect piece in our 2023 holiday jewelry gift guide


Best Holiday Jewelry Gifts for Her

Diamonds are always a wise choice when searching for the best Christmas jewelry gifts or a meaningful holiday surprise. To hit the right mark, however, you need to choose something that holds deep meaning and reflects their distinctive style. 

Tennis bracelets and tennis necklaces make great holiday gift ideas for your girlfriend, wife or family member. While classic tennis styles include round-cut diamonds throughout, John Atencio offers alluring variations, including unique diamond shapes and one-of-a-kind designs.

Diamond studs are another classic favorite that elevates any ensemble while having enough versatility for formal and casual settings. 

diamond tennis bracelets holiday gift


Elegant or playful, free-floating or fixed, diamond pendant necklaces also make gorgeous gifts for the holiday season. Designer rings also provide a diversity of choices that allow you to pinpoint a piece that will fit her existing jewelry collection and match her one-of-a-kind style. 

Best Holiday Jewelry Gifts for Him

Bold or understated, men’s jewelry is a great way to add an edge to his sharpest look. From rings to bracelets to meaningful pendants, the right jewelry piece can turn ordinary holidays into monumental moments he will long remember. 

Unleash his indomitable style with one of John Atencio’s distinctively bold men’s jewelry gifts, meticulously crafted by hand to make a strong and lasting statement.

Holiday Jewelry Gifts Under $1000

Dazzling holiday jewelry gifts don’t have to cost a fortune. John Atencio makes it easy to spoil your sweetheart with breathtaking jewelry gifts for under $1000. Crafted from classic 14K gold and lustrous sterling silver, these unique pieces bring an eye-catching flare to any ensemble, elevating her look in casual and formal settings. 

From fresh, new designs to time-honored favorites, every piece has been thoughtfully hand-sketched and masterfully crafted to be that lasting memory for decades to come.

Birthstone Gifts

Ancient, colorful and symbolic birthstone jewelry gifts speak from the heart. These alluring gems add personalized beauty to jewelry pieces while giving them an intriguing aesthetic that elevates any look. Traditionally linked with individual months of the year, these gemstones carry fascinating lore and unique characteristics that add compelling attributes to a jewelry piece, especially when complemented with glittering luxe diamond accents.

If you’re looking for meaningful jewelry Christmas gifts for her, John Atencio’s birthstone jewelry is sure to hit the right mark. Bursting with colorful, mesmerizing hues, each piece combines the rich aesthetic of ethically sourced, hand-selected gemstones with the unique craftsmanship and artistry of a true creative master. 

Heart Shaped Jewelry

Enchant their jewelry collection with the timeless, universal symbol of love. Heart jewelry has long been the perfect way to honor any relationship milestone, from Valentine’s Day to wedding anniversaries. It's also a wonderful holiday gift with powerful heart-fluttering effects. Whether you’re looking for jewelry Christmas gifts for your wife, girlfriend, mother or daughter, these versatile pieces bring a deep meaning that honors the occasion. 

The classic heart shape has been the ultimate expression of love for millennia. Capture this timeless essence in a stunning heart-shaped jewelry piece from John Atencio. Whatever their style, John has breathtaking designs to turn special moments into enduring memories.

Holiday Diamonds

The most impactful jewelry Christmas gifts and holiday surprises come with a scintillating sparkle. Radiating eye-catching fire, John Atencio’s diamond jewelry brings a uniquely alluring flare to her ensemble. 

Ranging from G to H in color with a stunning SI1 in clarity, every natural diamond in a John Atencio design is matched for brilliance, responsibly sourced and selected to reflect John’s unparalleled commitment to integrity and excellence. John also offers artfully crafted designs with lab-grown diamonds that are physically, chemically and optically identical to natural diamonds that come from within the earth. 

Iconic Pendant and Earring Sets

Wreathe her neckline in glittering elegance and frame her beauty in fire. Of all the jewelry Christmas gifts you can choose, few are as can’t-miss as a pendant and earring set. These complementary pieces immediately elevate her look, adding dazzling glamor to any outfit. 


diamond pendants holiday gift


Choose from some of our favorite John Atencio earring and pendant sets, including Essence and Endearment. Each dazzling set is impeccably crafted using high-quality recycled gold and responsibly sourced diamonds for a statement holiday gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Popular John Atencio Collections

If you really want to see them light up this holiday season, consider giving matching jewelry from one of John Atencio’s signature jewelry collections.

Inspired by the graceful circles of Japanese calligraphy, Oyster brings smooth curves and gentle undulating arches to every design. Simplicity redefined, Essence showcases John’s uncomplicated artistry in beautifully versatile designs in classic yellow, icy white and blush rose gold. Inspired by striking blue-green ocean waters, Bermuda blends matrix turquoise cabochons with soft curves and dazzling pave diamonds. Not to be outdone, Gemini showcases color-rich, pear-shaped gemstones alongside sleek, undulating architecture that’s sure to turn holiday moments into life-long memories.

From Paloma and Venture to Lines, Devotion, Orion, Elixir and more, John offers numerous compelling collections featuring artfully crafted jewelry pieces you won't see anywhere else.


Browse John Atencio's 2023 Holiday Look Book

Browse his many stunning collections and find the perfect piece for their one-of-a-kind style.



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