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Lab vs. Natural Diamond Tennis Bracelets

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Lab vs. Natural Diamond Tennis Bracelets

An iconic jewelry staple, tennis bracelets are sleek and stylish, whether made with lab-grown diamonds or natural gems. Here are some of the similarities and differences of lab vs. natural diamond tennis bracelets, along with some tips for choosing a piece for your jewelry collection.


Lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets share many similarities with tennis bracelets made with natural diamonds mined from the earth. One of the most compelling advantages of a lab-grown diamond bracelet is that, to the naked eye, it is absolutely indistinguishable from a tennis bracelet featuring natural diamonds. Even the most knowledgeable diamond detectors aren’t able to identify a lab diamond because they are both optically and chemically identical to natural diamonds. The only actual variance is that lab diamonds have microscopic inscriptions. Without highly technical equipment, however, no one will ever know whether your diamond tennis bracelet includes naturally mined or lab-grown gemstones.

At the same time, both natural and lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets are held to the same strict standards. The 'Four Cs' (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) have long been used to dictate the value of jewelry-grade diamonds. Lab diamonds are always held to the same unyielding standards as natural diamonds. Whenever you buy a diamond tennis bracelet made with lab diamonds, you can be confident that it will have exceptional-quality gems based on the all-important four Cs.


One of the biggest differences between natural diamond and lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets centers on sourcing. Since there are a limited number of natural diamonds on Earth, they will always be rarer and more valuable. On the other hand, since lab-grown diamonds are essentially limitless, they don’t tend to be as valuable or expensive as natural diamonds forged over billions of years beneath the surface of the Earth.

With that said, many people prefer the way lab-grown diamonds are sourced. In certain instances, natural diamonds are associated with human rights issues and ecological concerns. Not all diamond jewelers embrace John Atencio’s unwavering ethical standards. When creating his uniquely beautiful diamond tennis bracelets, John maintains a strict adherence to the most stringent social and ethical standards. This includes complying with the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), an important worldwide effort aimed at ending the trade of troubling "conflict diamonds" which are sometimes used to fund human trafficking, wars and other harmful activities.

At the same time, while John is careful to source all of his natural diamonds from eco-conscious suppliers; not all jewelers maintain this commitment. In fact, many jewelers commonly create their tennis bracelets using diamonds that were recklessly mined in ways that harm the natural environment and local water supplies.

Given that all lab diamonds are made using sustainably sourced materials in a dedicated environment, these potential ethical issues don’t exist. Lab diamond tennis bracelets also typically cost about 30% less than natural diamond tennis bracelets of comparable quality and size.

With all that said, there are also many good reasons why people prefer natural diamond tennis bracelets. Many people adore the history associated with natural gemstones and like the idea of owning what is essentially a collector’s item.

lab vs. natural diamond tennis bracelet

Which Option Is Better?

When it comes to deciding between a natural diamond and a lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet, there really is no wrong choice. As with any jewelry piece, it all comes down to each person’s personal preference. Some people prefer lab diamond bracelets because they appreciate the way they are sourced and like the lower price tag. Others prefer natural diamonds because they know they are selecting stunning stones that were forged by the Earth’s natural processes between 1 billion and 3.5 billion years ago.

Lab and Natural Diamond Tennis Bracelets at John Atencio

When it comes to celebrated classics, the tennis bracelet is right up there with iconically beautiful diamond studs. Whether you are surprising that special someone or treating yourself, you can’t go wrong with this stunning jewelry staple.

Masterfully crafted using premium-quality natural and lab-grown gemstones, John’s diamond tennis bracelets are available in a diversity of styles and carat weights. Browse online or visit any convenient John Atencio location, where our jewelry consultants can help you find a striking tennis bracelet to enhance your look and complement the pieces you wear every day. Our attentive team can also help you choose a breathtaking gift to show that special someone just how much you care.

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