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Christmas Gifts for Mom: Our Favorites

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Christmas Gifts for Mom: Our Favorites

Updated 11/11/2023

She’s been there every step of the way, guiding you with patience, wisdom, compassion and generosity. Repay her devotion with a Christmas gift worthy of her love. Whether you’re looking for something practical or meaningful, here are eight great holiday gift ideas for mom.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet: Looking to make a big splash this holiday season? Make mom feel truly special with a glittering diamond tennis bracelet. One of the world’s most beautiful and iconic jewelry pieces, the diamond tennis bracelet is an enduring classic that adds shimmer and glam to any outfit. Stunning yet easy to wear, this elegant statement piece is both simple and eye-catching in casual environments and formal settings. A versatile fashion piece, the diamond tennis bracelet has a rare ability to flawlessly blend classy subtleness with a bit of brilliance and flash.

Cashmere Scarves: The ultimate cozy smart-buy for mom, cashmere is sure to bring a smile to her face. The ultra-soft fabric is a perfect defense against the elements when it’s time to wrap up and stay warm. And since it comes in a variety of prints and colors, cashmere scarves will instantaneously transform all of your mom's favorite winter coats. You can elevate the idea by adding a soft and fashionable complementary cashmere sweater.

Diamond Studs: If you're looking for a meaningful gift for mom, diamond stud earrings are a safe, intelligent way to hit the mark. Discreet and dazzling, these versatile gifts go with everything. And with so many available options, it's easy to find a pair to complement her style.

diamond stud christmas gifts for mom

Smaller 1/2 carat earrings look beautiful for everyday outfits. Larger 1-carat earrings are gorgeous accessories for most social and professional occasions, while 2-carat options make striking statement pieces for formal affairs.

White Noise Machines: Modern research has linked poor sleep quality to a number of troublesome health issues, including diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease, dementia and premature aging. Give the gift of better sleep with a soothing white noise machine. These wonderful units produce all sorts of ambient sounds that are proven to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.

Silk Bedding: Sleep quality depends on more than soothing sounds. It also depends greatly on where mom chooses to lay her head. Practical and thoughtful, silk pillowcases will have her feeling refreshed and ready every morning. They can also make a noticeable difference when it comes to bedhead, complexion and wrinkles since silk reduces friction against the hair and skin.

Heart-shaped Jewelry: The universal emblem of love, heart-shaped jewelry is an easy way to honor mom during the holidays. With a diversity of beautiful selections, John Atencio makes it easy to find a heartfelt gift for mom. From delicate dangles to pretty feminine heart pendants, discover meaningful heart-shaped jewelry gifts that symbolize your bond.

Silk Pajamas: Why stop with silk bedding? Give mom the full feeling of luxury with a beautiful pair of silk pajamas. A hypoallergenic fabric, silk always feels great against the skin. It’s also easy for mom to maintain since it requires no special care aside from high-temperature pressing. With so many gorgeous colors and styles, it’s easy to find a suitable selection that will have mom feeling luxurious and comfortable in her own home.

designer rings christmas gifts for mom

Designer Rings: If you really want your holiday gift to stand out, consider a dazzling designer ring. John Atencio brings a unique perspective to his women’s ring designs, incorporating distinctive curves, dramatic shapes and pristine finishes. This results in a diverse variety of options that let you easily identify a piece that will seamlessly complement her jewelry collection and match her unique style. Choose a fiery diamond design or a meaningful birthstone piece with sea-blue sapphires, regal green emeralds, bold red rubies and other colorful gemstone combinations.

Sharing special moments is an integral part of being a renowned jewelry designer. Born from John’s enduring desire to creatively elevate monumental occasions, his jewelry pieces are the ideal way to pay tribute to your celebration of family and love.

With John by your side, there's never any reason to feel anxious about finding a meaningful Christmas gift for mom. Visit any John Atencio location, and our considerate jewelry experts can help you find a breathtaking gift that will have her smiling ear to ear. Whether you want lovely companion jewelry or an inspired stand-alone piece, we can guide you to a dazzling Christmas present that will show her just how much you care.

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