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It’s in the Heart! Celebrate Your Love with Heart Shaped Jewelry

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It’s in the Heart! Celebrate Your Love with Heart Shaped Jewelry

Updated 1/9/2024

Are you thinking about buying your love a special piece of heart shaped jewelry for Valentine’s Day this year? A universal symbol of love and caring, the emblem of the heart is believed to have been born in the Middle Ages by artists and scholars who used the special shape in ancient medical texts to represent the human heart. Over time it has become symbolic with the love between two people, depicting the romantic love that makes the world go round. Gifting that special someone with heart jewelry on the day of hearts is a natural endeavor, and it’s wise to follow a trend that renders such joy for the moment and the years to follow. Hearts are hot, and there is no jewelry that delivers on the promise of love like original John Atencio heart shaped jewelry.  

A John Atencio is Handcrafted for Love

Giving John Atencio heart shaped jewelry is especially meaningful during Valentine’s Day because his career was born from the emotion of love when he took it upon himself to handcraft a ring for his sweetheart decades ago. Now enjoying over 48 years of experience in designing distinctive statement jewelry, Colorado native John Atencio is notorious worldwide for crafting jewelry that showcases love and affection. There is meaning behind every piece he designs, and all of his cleanly bold creations begin as a hand sketch he performs with thought and devotion. Only master artisans using the highest standards and meticulous attention to detail are permitted to handcraft his designs, resulting in an outstanding piece of jewelry that lasts beyond a lifetime to become an heirloom. John Atencio is a socially responsible jeweler who designs the jewelry your love will forever adore. 

Introducing the Endearment Heart Pendant

John Atencio knows that the symbol of the heart represents the spirited tenderness each of us possess. Because we always remember the special people who have touched our hearts, he presents the Endearment Heart Pendant necklace fashioned in sterling silver with 14k yellow gold and offered with a faceted round brilliant Rhodolite garnet or amethyst. Also presented with pave diamonds or gold, this exquisite necklace reaches the pinnacle of gifting with hearts for Valentine’s Day. Suspended from an 18-inch snake chain, this exquisite pendant is certain to make her catch her breath on the day you celebrate your union. 

heart shaped jewelry from john atencio

The Solar and Apollo Double-Heart Pendant Necklace

Show her the extent of your adoration by surprising her with the Solar and Apollo Double-Heart Pendant Necklace. Both sterling silver and hearts are currently trending high in fashion today, so this gift will send the strongest and sweetest message to her heart. Holding the powerful impact of two beautiful, but different, hearts in co-existence on an 18” Ritorta chain, this stunning pendant necklace is one she’ll have reason to keep around her neck whether she dresses up or dresses down. When you tell her it represents her heart and yours, the shape of a heart will hold new meaning for her and make this Valentine’s Day gift for her one she’ll always remember.  

Solar Heart Dangle Earrings

Love also lives in the heart jewelry that dangles from her ears. The perfect complement to the Solar and Apollo Double-Heart Pendant Necklace, the striking Solar Heart Dangle Earrings will be a constant reminder of the Valentine’s Day you sought to present her with an exceptional gift that signified the love you feel for her. These sterling silver dangle earrings are a promise of things to come, and she will adore them almost as much as she adores you.

Selecting a special piece of heart shaped jewelry for Valentine’s Day is a breeze when you make the decision to gift her with original John Atencio jewelry. Browse the Valentine’s Gift Guide, our Valentine's Look Book or simply make an appointment with a concierge and come into one of our stores for an in-person browsing experience. The heart is always where it’s at with John Atencio.

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