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Find Her "Perfect Fit": Why John Atencio is Denver's Destination for Bespoke Engagement Rings

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Find Her

Finding your soulmate is truly magical. When you're ready to get engaged, you’ll want the perfect ring to symbolize your bond. Since your relationship is unique, the ring should be, too.

A custom design beautifully honors your one-of-a-kind love, especially when you shop at the right place. Read on to learn why John Atencio is well known for offering some of the very best engagement rings in Denver.

Tailored to Your Love Story

No one understands your partner like you. What better way to showcase this truth than with a fully personalized ring? Opting for a customized engagement ring allows you creative control over the design and aesthetic, setting your design apart from the rest.

Unfortunately, when many couples get engaged, they simply visit a chain jeweler to select one of many pre-made ring options without realizing custom creation is an option. In fact, couples often don't even know that designers like John Atencio will collaborate with them to conceptualize a fully custom piece.

Choosing a bespoke John Atencio engagement ring conveys the uniqueness of your relationship. John's rings are painstakingly crafted to optimize elegance and durability. Unlike typical jewelers who use standardized mounts for any gem, John's settings are sized to flawlessly fit your chosen center stone. This results in optimal structural integrity and visual harmony that makes your distinctive ring truly one of a kind.

a Denver proposal with a custom engagement ring

The Customization Process

When you decide to have your ring designed by John Atencio, you’ll be embarking on a two-month collaboration. It takes this long to turn your vision into reality, but the results are well worth the wait, especially when you see what goes into the process.

During the customization process, our team will work with you closely on all steps, showing a variety of ring styles and center stone shapes. With a clear understanding of your budget and preferences, our attentive sales consultants will carefully guide you to make a custom piece that’s consistent with the ring of your dreams. Here's an overview of the steps:

Step 1 — Gather Inspiration through Pinterest, Instagram, and anywhere else to find custom ring ideas, including reviewing John’s Engagement ring designs for added inspiration. 

Step 2 — Define your budget by deciding how much you feel comfortable investing in this meaningful heirloom. (As a ring she'll cherish forever, it's undoubtedly worth the splurge).

Step 3 — Consult a John Atencio Bridal Specialist who will bring your vision to our skilled team. They will work closely with you, guiding you to make sure you create the custom ring of your dreams that meets John’s high standards for quality. 

Step 4 — Select the metal, whether it’s their classic 18-karat yellow gold, white gold, romantic rose gold or platinum. 

Step 5 —Thoughtfully choose the center stone and accent stones. John Atencio offers exquisite, ethically sourced diamonds and colored gemstones -  and they can source gemstones for you from their long-standing suppliers to meet your vision. 

Step 6 — Review the CAD Renderings, a digital model of your custom creation completed by the John Atencio team for your review and feedback before crafting begins.

Step 7 — Authorize a wax version of the setting's design before final casting.

At this point, you’ll wait for the mounting to be hand-fabricated, followed by the stone setting into the finely crafted ring. After that, your one-of-a-kind ring will be ready for that once-in-a-lifetime moment! Bear in mind the creation process time varies, but we generally allow at least 4-6 weeks once everything is finalized, approved and ready to go. So, it’s best to get started as soon as possible.

Presenting a flawlessly crafted customized ring is both exceptionally meaningful and easily achievable with help from John Atencio. Simply gather ideas and schedule a visit with a bridal consultant to make your dream design a reality. Because when you give her an authentic John Atencio creation, you’re not just offering an engagement ring – you’re offering a wearable work of art that will last a lifetime of love. 

Engagement Ring Shopping Denver: Sustainable, Ethical Designs

These days, consumers are becoming more concerned about the ethical implications of diamond jewelry. Unfortunately, not every Colorado jeweler prioritizes ethical sourcing. On the other hand, John Atencio strives for harmony between social duty, quality craftsmanship, and environmental awareness. All of his pieces adhere to the Kimberley Process, a leading global effort stopping the flow of problematic "conflict diamonds.”

Few jewelers match John’s unflinching integrity and standards. His strong commitment to sustainable and ethical gem sourcing is founded on meaningful partnerships with conscientious miners, vendors, and cutters. This enables customers to feel at ease knowing John's gems are completely free of any ties to environmental harm or questionable sourcing methods.

a newly engaged Denver couple

Signature John Atencio Style

Featuring defined architectural outlines, John Atencio's jewelry mirrors his incredible artisanship. Crafted with remarkable attention to detail, each piece is meticulously designed and created using only the best materials to produce remarkable heirloom-quality pieces.

Like other exceptional artists, John draws inspiration from geometry, architecture, and anything else that catches his eye. He then channels these into one-of-a-kind designs that thrill his customers throughout Denver and the world. Though every new creation stems from different inspirations, they all carry the mark of superb quality and signature organic style that defines John Atencio.

Discover the Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring in Denver

Once a local Fort Collins jewelry store, John’s Colorado brand has grown into a globally acclaimed name. Generations have treasured John Atencio’s designs, from eye-catching pieces to collaborative works that yield uniquely gorgeous bespoke creations. 

John Atencio showing his engagement ring designs to customers

A legend in the jewelry industry, John Atencio has 50 years of design expertise. This includes helping clients actualize their dream jewelry that satisfies his unwavering quality guidelines while embodying their distinctive flair. Throughout each step, we work hand-in-hand as your vision evolves into a perfect piece that reflects your distinctive union and style.

Whether you envision an unexpected setting, fancy-shaped stone, or modern styling with multiple integrated aesthetics, John Atencio can produce a beautifully distinctive custom engagement ring as exceptional as your bond.

Budget-Friendly Options for Timeless Treasures

To increase the accessibility of his unique rings, John provides practical financing solutions at his Colorado showrooms. Customers can leverage two highly-regarded lending partners, Affirm and Wells Fargo. These flexible plans make higher-end purchases more manageable.

Interest-Free Financing Options:

Can you pay for a custom ring over time without interest? Thanks to John Atencio's partnership with Affirm, the answer is yes. A handy alternative to credit cards and loans, Affirm instantly approves online financing in fixed monthly installments over 3, 6, or 12 months.

The best part? No interest applies if the balance is fully paid within one year.

Additionally, John provides a Wells Fargo credit card program. This rotating credit can fund jewelry purchases with 0% interest when requirements are met. For example, no interest accrues if the balance is fully paid within one year. Otherwise, standard credit charges apply.

This financing necessitates credit approval. Monthly payments depend on the final ring price, excluding sales tax. Speak to a John Atencio specialist for complete financing particulars.

Find the Perfect Ring Today

Definitive lines. Flowing forms. Balanced shapes. At John Atencio, we create eye-catching pieces and remarkable wearable art made from start to finish using only the best materials — and all with flawless attention to detail.

Whether it’s one of John's signature looks or a personalized ring tailored just for you, each creation carries forward the impeccable craftsmanship and organic aesthetic distinctive to John Atencio.

Browse our online collection or schedule an appointment at one of our locations, where our experts can help you find beautiful jewelry to treasure for years to come.