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Diamond Tennis Styles: Sustainable for the New Year and Beyond

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Diamond Tennis Styles: Sustainable for the New Year and Beyond

New Year’s Eve is an exciting opportunity to dress up and celebrate. But how do you add that extra fire to your hottest look? Whatever your outfit, diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces provide one of the easiest ways to infuse a touch of glam. They also offer exquisite versatility that works with every look during New Year celebrations and well beyond.

A Look that Endures through the Seasons

Iconic fashion staples, diamond tennis necklaces and bracelets retain versatility that transitions effortlessly from day to night and season after season. While they make great holiday gifts, these dazzling jewelry staples continue to elevate outfits all year long.

Thanks to their versatility, diamond tennis bracelet styles remain prevalent on runways and red carpets decade after decade. This unique ability to transcend generations and trends makes these iconic accessories an easy, no-fail way to add glitter and elegance to your look.

Timeless Diamond Tennis Styles

Tennis bracelets and necklaces dominate fine jewelry collections thanks to their eye-catching brilliance and impressive versatility. This seasonless staying power makes them a sound investment in sustainable sparkle that persists all 12 months of the year. 

Classic diamond tennis necklace styles feature a single line of brilliant-cut diamonds. This slender row of gems creates an endless circle of light around the wrist or neck. 


photo of diamond tennis necklace


Contemporary designs incorporate on-trend touches like fancy cuts, halo settings, and sculptural shapes while retaining the iconic tennis silhouette. 

John Atencio offers several tennis necklace designs, including gorgeous Riviera necklaces with graduated diamonds that radiate outward from a larger, central stone. 

At the same time, he also offers distinctive tennis bracelet designs you won’t find anywhere else on Earth. Take, for instance, John’s gorgeous Orion and Lines collections. Each design blends clean, modern lines with graceful artistry to craft uniquely beautiful pieces that capture the eye. Stunning and distinctive, these diamond tennis bracelets are ideal for women who want to enhance their ensembles while showing off their unparalleled style.


photo of diamond tennis bracelets


In a similar way, Monaco and Mirage bring their own distinctive flavor to the classic tennis bracelet, infusing it with John’s signature creative flair. As these pieces show, contemporary designs come in a wide array of different metals and styles, including fiery cluster bracelets

Whatever your taste, at John Atencio, you can find a world of exclusive tennis bracelet styles you won’t see at other jewelry stores. The wide variety allows you to mix various diamond shapes or widths for visual intrigue. You can branch out with rose gold metals and pavé accents. And when you blend a diamond tennis necklace with a tennis bracelet, you infuse your ensemble with unignorable brilliance.

Sustainable Style through Sustainable Sourcing

For nearly five decades, John Atencio has honed his skills as an award-winning jewelry designer, crafting unique fine jewelry reflecting his creative vision and mastery of design. Continuously refining his artistic talents, he brings inspirations to life for customers across the globe–fusing creative inspiration with time-honored techniques. From his necklaces to his bracelets, each piece aspires toward enduring elegance and ethical integrity.

Sadly, not every jeweler prioritizes ethics. John strikes a balance between social responsibility, quality craftsmanship, and environmental awareness. He upholds steadfast principles and commitment to sustainability. Each John Atencio original tennis necklace and bracelet displays the superb artisanship only a seasoned artist can provide. At the same time, every creation adheres to the Kimberley Process–a leading worldwide campaign combatting the trade of unethically obtained gemstones.

John's dedication to sustainable, ethical sourcing is founded on partnerships with conscientious miners and suppliers. This reassures customers that his gemstones are free from environmental damage, conflict, and exploitation.


woman wearing diamond tennis bracelets

Lab-Grown Tennis Bracelets and Necklaces

Lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces have become a popular trend in the jewelry world. One of the most compelling advantages of a lab diamond is that, to the naked eye, it is indistinguishable from a natural diamond. Even the most knowledgeable diamond detector would be unable to identify a lab-grown diamond because these man-made gems are optically and chemically identical to natural diamonds. The only difference is that lab diamonds have microscopic inscriptions. Without highly technical equipment, however, you cannot tell whether your diamond tennis piece includes naturally mined or lab-grown diamonds.

Given that all lab-grown diamonds are made using sustainably sourced materials in a dedicated environment, there are no potential ethical concerns. Lab diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces also typically cost about 30% less than pieces featuring natural diamonds of comparable quality and size. At the same time, lab diamonds are always held to the same unyielding standards as natural diamonds. 

Whenever you buy a John Atencio tennis bracelet or necklace made with lab diamonds, you can be sure it will have exceptional-quality gemstones.

Styling Your Tennis Bracelet and Necklace

Tennis bracelets and necklaces look fantastic on their own, paired together, or featured alongside other pieces. If you'd like to add a fashionable edge, try wearing yours with a stylish watch.  

Since tennis bracelets are designed to add subtle sparkle to your look, pairing them with watches is easier than you might expect. The combination looks especially harmonious when both pieces have matching metals, whether it’s classic yellow gold, romantic rose gold or refined white gold. The pieces also blend especially well when the watch includes some fiery luxe diamond accents. 

The beauty of the tennis bracelet is that it goes with just about everything. This means you can wear yours any time of day, with any ensemble, for any occasion. This includes everything from pantsuits and ball gowns to t-shirts and jeans. The same goes for tennis necklaces.

For statement glamor, you can pair a tennis necklace with a flashy sequined top or an elegant black dress. For daytime shine, style your necklace with a sundress or your favorite jeans and a tee. Tennis necklaces also add glam to cocktail dresses and business attire. Easy to layer with other necklaces, these versatile pieces complement any look.

The John Atencio Difference

John’s exceptional craftsmanship ensures that his tennis pieces last for generations. Gems are carefully matched and hand-set to create perfect alignment and consistency. Safety clasps prevent gem loss while providing peace of mind. Exceptional color and clarity ensure brilliance throughout the lifetime of the piece, while meticulous construction guarantees that these pieces become heirlooms that last for generations.

Blending understated glamor with eye-catching brilliance, the iconic tennis necklace and bracelet complement any style. At John Atencio, you will find pieces showcasing exclusive designs with vibrant diamonds and superior precious metals. 

For an unforgettable gift or personal treat, shop online or visit one of our stores to discover the perfect John Atencio diamond tennis necklace or bracelet for decades of eye-catching fire.