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Get a Crash Course in Diamond Shapes with Our Guide

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Get a Crash Course in Diamond Shapes with Our Guide

Diamonds can be cut, polished, and shaped to embody a variety of unique designs and artistic expressions. All in all, there are thousands of potential diamond shapes that can be precisely crafted according to the jewelers (and the clients) wishes.

Because there are so many different ways that the diamond gemstone can be formed by an expert artisan, we’re helping you make sense of all of the available shapes through this handy guide.

John Atencio has been designing fine jewelry for 44 years, and in that time, he has seen diamond trends come and go. However, a few select diamond shapes have stood the test of time and remain as some of the most sought-after designs available today.

In this guide, we’ll go over seven of the most popular diamond shapes. We’ll explore the many reasons why these shapes are so revered, and hopefully, we’ll be giving you some food for thought as you consider the shape of your diamond, regardless of its setting or occasion for purchase.

The Round Cut Diamond

Round cut diamondRound cut diamonds can be said to be traditional, timeless, and classic. Also termed ‘Round Brilliant Cut’ diamonds, these gemstones capture and bend light in a uniform way, giving the wearer a flash of brilliance with every glance. Typically with 58 facets, many contend that round cut diamonds ‘set the standard’ for the diamond aesthetic.

The Emerald Cut Diamond

emerald cut diamond

When a more structured, royal design is preferred, the Emerald Cut is a top contender. Diamonds that are cut using the Emerald Cut shape exude a kind of elegance that can’t be found with other diamond shapes. What makes this cut unique is the ‘step-cut’ faceting that is integral to the shape. Emerald Cut diamonds are a fantastic choice for engagement rings.

The Oval Cut Diamond

oval cut diamond

Many regard the Oval Cut diamond as being modern and bold while still retaining the pristine elegance that is inherent in diamonds. Because the shape of this diamond appears to be ‘slenderized’, it is a fine choice for wearers who want a more svelte design that emanates delicate beauty. Oval cut diamonds treat light similarly to Round Cut diamonds, without sacrificing brilliance or shimmer.

The Marquise Cut Diamond

marquise cut diamond

As its name implies, the Marquise Cut diamond is fit for royalty. The shape of this diamond brings our attention to the opposing points at the top and bottom, an aesthetic that resembles the hull of an old, seafaring Spanish galleon.

Marquise Cut diamonds have been experiencing a resurgence in recent years, with many proponents of this diamond shape choosing it for its uniqueness and radiant appeal.

A lesser-known feature of Marquise Cut diamonds is that they can flatter shorter fingers. Also, this shape lends itself well to making the diamond appear larger than it actually is.


The Asscher Cut Diamond

asscher cut diamond

Similar in style to the Emerald Cut diamond, the Asscher Cut diamond is a shape preferred by those who are partial to antique jewelry design.

The Asscher Cut can be thought of as an artful blend of both the Emerald Cut shape and the Round Cut shape, giving the wearer the best of both worlds.

Asscher Cut diamonds are less common and therefore highly prized by those drawn to this bold, declarative design.

The Pear Cut Diamond

pear cut diamond

The Pear Cut diamond can be said to resemble an inverted tear, and it’s a combination of both the Round Cut diamond shape and Marquise Cut diamond shape.

When choosing a setting for a Pear Cut diamond, a halo setting is a hand-in-glove fit, although other settings can work equally well depending on the desired presentation of the gemstone.

The Heart Cut Diamond

heart cut diamond

To convey passion, love, and unbridled romance, few diamond shapes do a better job than the Heart Cut diamond. This diamond is one of the most difficult to create based on its complex geometry and intricate faceting.

Heart Cut diamonds are a fantastic choice for engagement and anniversary rings, and they serve as eternal reminders of commitment, sentiment, and gratitude.

Choosing a setting for a Heart Cut diamond can be challenging, as many ring styles may need modification to accept a diamond of these dimensions. This is why a diamond expert at John Atencio can add so much value, helping you to choose just the right setting for the ring of your dreams.

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Regardless of their shape, John Atencio diamonds are some of the most distinguished, remarkable diamonds on Earth. Our longstanding relationships with miners, cutters and suppliers assures our commitment to excellence and sustainable sourcing. We’re passionate about helping our each customer arrive at the best diamond choice for them, and we’re ready to start a conversation with you about your diamond purchase, today.

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