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Make Your Engagement Memorable with These 4 Tips

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Make Your Engagement Memorable with These 4 Tips

Getting engaged will be one of the happiest moments of your life. Once you say, "Yes, I will," you'll begin planning for the big day with your fiancé, family, friends, caterers, and everyone in between trying to make it special. You'll worry about guest lists, budgets and wedding jewelry. You'll be surprised by the generosity of the people in your life. As the chaos unfolds around you, you'll work to make the engagement as memorable as your big day itself. Believe us - it'll take some work. Here are four tips to make your engagement memorable from the moment of the proposal leading up to your wedding day.

These 4 Tips Will Make Your Engagement Memorable

Lean On One Another

Engagements are an exciting and stressful time for the two of you. Talk to one another. Take time for yourselves. Don't get so caught up in checking off your to-dos that you forget to support each other. By leaning on one another, you'll make it to the big day without pulling out your hair. Do lunch together between errands for breaks and pick up coffee together before getting started to spend some time together without worrying about what to do next.

Make Decisions Together

You both may have very different ideas of what will happen on your wedding day. Don't make those decisions without talking to each other. Let your fiancé know what you want and find a compromise if you don't agree with one another. Pick and choose your battles and don't sweat the small stuff by getting angry. Don't let wedding planning make the decision to get married seem like the wrong one.

Treat Yourself

Take the time to step out of the fray and make time for yourself and your fiancé. Take breaks from the planning. Don't just post a selfie of your engagement ring on Instagram, celebrate the engagement with family and friends. Plan date nights and romantic excursions to get away from it all and enjoy the smaller moments leading up to your "I do's." By taking time for you in all this, you'll stay grounded, be able to tackle the hiccups that arise smoother and get more excited for your wedding day as the anticipation grows.

Preparing for Marriage

Your engagement is the start of the rest of your lives together. Many couples forget this during the hustle and bustle of wedding preparation. They bicker, they blow up at one another, and they let the stress of getting ready for the wedding drive them apart. Consider marriage counseling, leaning on your church, or hanging out and talking to your married friends about what comes next. Work with one another to prepare for married life together.

By spending time together planning your wedding and every event leading up to it, you'll work together to make each moment something special. Don't discount the days leading up to your wedding – they'll remind you of the love you share and why your marriage is meant to be.