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Strutting Style: Hottest Men's Jewelry Trends from the 2023 Runway

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Strutting Style: Hottest Men's Jewelry Trends from the 2023 Runway

Are you wondering what men’s jewelry trends are this year? When fashion houses walk the runways, their influence is undeniable on mainstream clothing and jewelry vogue around the world, and they’re pushing the envelope. Like women’s jewelry in 2023, big and bold men’s jewelry is in and it’s on fire. Enjoying 47 years of distinctive jewelry design, master designer John Atencio offers original men’s jewelry that tops the trends and remains relevant.

Not only known for his designs, he is also respected for his strong stance on sustainability, using only recycled gold and responsibly sourced gemstones in his creations. Read on to discover what’s hot in men’s jewelry, then view John’s complete Matrix Men’s Collection for the ultimate in trendsetting jewelry fashion. 

Hot Off the Runway: 2023's Men's Jewelry Trends


man wearing bold necklace which is a men's jewelry trend


Make a Statement with Bold Necklaces

Big and bold is in style this year, prompting chains and distinctive necklaces to sit atop the men’s jewelry trends for 2023. From religious archetype necklaces to dog tag pendants, John Atencio carries popular pieces that exude style. Crafted by hand using sterling silver and meaningful oxidized patterning, the Matrix Dog Tag Pendant Necklace on a 24-inch bead chain is an eye-catching piece that will perfectly complement his casual clothing. Add the matching Matrix Signet Ring to your ensemble for a polished look that draws appreciation.

Metalware, black and white, chain, cross-pendant men jewelry trend


Go Bold with Religious Archetypes

Symbolism involving religious archetypes like a cross is a strong visual statement on the runway in 2023. Stunning to behold, the Matrix Black Pavé Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace on a 24-inch ritorta chain is handcrafted by master artisans using sterling silver, 14-karat yellow gold accents and .91 carat weight of shimmering Pavé Black Diamonds. This exceptional piece of jewelry will draw every eye in the room. 


A black and silver leather metal bracelet as a men's jewelry trend


Stay on Trend with Leather and Metal

Pair the natural texture of leather with the gleam of yellow, white or rose gold and it will result in one of the hottest men’s jewelry trends for 2023. Known for designing jewelry that makes a personal statement about those who wear it, John Atencio achieves this feat handsomely with the Matrix Black Diamond Double Leather Bracelet. Handcrafted with sterling silver, 14-karat yellow gold accents, pavé black diamonds and braided black leather, this beautiful bracelet with a magnetic clasp will elevate any clothing he wears. 

A silver timepiece men's jewelry trend


Elevate Your Watch for High Style

When the pairing of leather and metal top the men’s jewelry trends, a John Atencio watch is a sophisticated fashion that’s a pleasure to wear. Part of the John Atencio Timepiece Collection designed with Swiss Movement Technology and state-of-the-art finishes, the Pantheon III Watch with an Austrian Leather Band is meticulously handcrafted with a silver iconic-plated (IP) case and a polished silver IP bezel and crown. Inspired by the artistry of the Roman Pantheon, this exclusive watch is truly a reliable showstopper. 

A close-up of a colored gemstone ring showcasing a men's jewelry trend


Add Color with Gemstones 

Exceptional jewelry with colored gemstones tends to lift our spirits and embody happiness. This year’s men’s jewelry trends from the runway are proving that color isn’t just for women and that men can successfully wear jewelry with colored gemstones. Belonging to John Atencio’s Matrix Collection inspired by the necessary human balance of family, relationships and communication, the Matrix Lapis Signet Ring is crafted with care using sterling silver, 14-karat yellow gold accents and beautiful lapis. Vibrant John Atencio color makes everyone look and feel good. 


A silver and gold ring with black and yellow stones showcasing mixed metal men's jewelry trend


Make it Elegant with Mixed Metals

Stacking and layering jewelry made of different metals has come into vogue in recent years, and so has wearing one piece made of various metals. Holding incredible foresight into the future of jewelry design, John Atencio has been creating mixed metal jewelry for decades.

Combining mixed metals with the symbolism found in this year’s men’s jewelry trends, the Matrix Black Diamond Cross Ring is handcrafted with sterling silver, 14-karat yellow gold and glittering pavé black diamonds. This ring is a handsome addition to any man’s hand. Expect John Atencio to release his new men’s collections with mixed metal pieces in time for the holiday season.


Personalize a Piece with John Atencio 

Self-expression is everything in today’s fashion world, and men are riding this trend that’s long been reserved for women. Make that personal statement by customizing a piece of jewelry that reflects his passion for life by going to John Atencio.

From start to finish, John Atencio makes it effortless and fun, from assisting with design ideas to selecting the setting, metals and gemstones. Browse our responsibly sourced natural diamonds and gemstones and our lab-grown diamonds and gemstones to see how satisfying it is to design a personal piece of men’s jewelry. 


a man wearing all the latest mens jewelry trends



Blend Runway Trends into Your Everyday Style with John Atencio

This year’s men’s jewelry trends are spirited and fashion-forward, so it’s fun to create the latest looks by stacking bracelets, layering necklaces, wearing an entire collection or mixing metals and collection pieces.

John Atencio makes it easy to stay on trend because he is celebrated the world over for his bold and distinctive designs, which are not only contemporary but have become iconic over his 47-year career. A genuine John Atencio is handcrafted to be an heirloom-worthy of handing down over time, so each piece is a special collectible that makes wearing it a joy. 

Bigger and bolder jewelry is at the height of men’s jewelry trends for 2023, making John Atencio the perfect choice to heighten his style. From offering bold pendants and mixed metals to incorporating leather and colored gemstones, John Atencio mirrors the trends that make him look fabulous. Whether you browse from home or visit one of our boutique stores, a knowledgeable concierge can answer any questions or assist in the process of creating a custom piece that reflects his exact style. Because he deserves a genuine John Atencio.