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Types of Square Cut Diamond Rings

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Types of Square Cut Diamond Rings

Modern and stunning, square-cut diamond rings blend classic beauty with contemporary elegance. In this informative post, we detail the different types of square cut diamond rings, from princess and emerald to Asscher and cushion cuts. We also take a look at the most important square cut ring pros and cons, so you can determine the best cut for your unique look and style.

Princess Cuts

With remarkable brilliance and sharp, distinct lines, princess-cut diamonds deliver a fairy-tale feel for modern brides-to-be. Characterized by their square geometric shapes, these stunning, square cuts illuminate a diamond’s gorgeous internal fire.

With angular lines, these princess cuts have somewhat pyramidal shapes, with four sides that are evenly beveled. But what makes princess cuts so alluring is their impressive brilliance.

Quite often, angular-shaped diamonds won’t have a high degree of scintillation because their step-cut shapes yield flashes of light instead of fire. With a princess cut, however, you get a spectacular degree of fire despite its angular, square shape. Of any available geometric square cut, the princess offers maximum brilliance, rivaling that of round and cushion-cut diamonds.

Emerald Cut

Coveted for their understated elegance, emerald cut diamonds are a popular option for bigger stones at higher price points. Perfect for brides who prefer understated elegance, the cut isn’t as ostentatious as many other diamond cuts, which tend to glitter with lots of eye-catching flash and brilliance. That’s not to say that emerald cuts don’t emit their fair share of brilliance and fire; they just do it in a more subdued fashion.

square cut diamond

Flaunting elongated, rectangular shapes, emerald-cut diamonds have carefully chiseled step cuts. The stones also have straight linear facets, usually arranged down the length of the stone in parallel fashion. The corners of emerald cuts are also generally cropped to ensure stability and prevent fractures.

Emerald cut diamonds provide broad surface tables with deep clarity, so it’s important to choose a diamond that has very few inclusions. They also have long step cuts that offer abundant reflections of both white and colored light.

Popular with brides who want larger diamonds at lower prices, emerald cuts usually look bigger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight.

Asscher Cuts

Asscher cuts are characterized by deep pavilions, high crowns and small tables. Also known as square emerald cuts, Asscher diamonds look nearly square, except for their cropped corners which help more light enter the gemstone.

Due to their many facets, high crown and exceptional depth, Asscher cut diamonds produce very good brilliance and a striking hall-of-mirrors effect. Unique and eye-catching, Asschers are a great choice for brides who want engagement rings that will stand out from the pack. The cut is versatile, allowing it to be used in an array of different ring designs. It also tends to be a bit less expensive than other popular diamond shapes, including princess and round cuts.

Due to its unique shape, the Asscher cut diamond can be harder to find compared to certain other cuts. It can also accentuate flaws in the gemstone, so it’s important to select a diamond with few inclusions. Bear in mind that the Asscher cut can also make a diamond appear smaller than it actually is, so it’s generally best to choose a larger stone when possible.

Square Cushion

Classic, alluring and unique, cushion cut diamonds represent the modern evolution of one of the earliest diamond cuts. Melding the old with the new, this gorgeous diamond cut brings the best of each world due to its highly brilliant faceting, unmistakable shape and vintage appeal.

Named for its square shape, the cushion cut has rounded corners that look a lot like a cushion when viewed from overhead. But unlike most other cuts with standardized faceting, cushions can have a bit more variety. Although they can be faceted in several different ways, cushion cuts will typically fall into two categories: modified and standard. Modified cuts come with extra rows of faceting, while standard cushions have a classic, fiery appearance.

Cushion cuts tend to be coveted due to the way they reflect white and colored light which produces exquisite brilliance and fire. The diamonds also have distinctive shapes for more personalized engagement rings that blend classic fashion with a modern flair.

Less expensive per carat than popular round-cut diamonds, cushion cuts offer good durability because of their rounded edges. That said, they do have open tables, which can make tiny inclusions more visible. They also tend to retain more color, which can motivate buyers to pay a little extra for premium diamonds with fewer inclusions at the higher end of the color scale.

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