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What's Happening - The Trend to Larger Diamonds

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What's Happening - The Trend to Larger Diamonds

Impressive and glamorous, large diamond engagement rings are having a moment, as modern brides covet more noticeable gems. From the substantial size to the brilliant bursts of fire, there’s a lot to love about more prominent stones. Here’s why large diamond engagement rings have become so trendy among contemporary brides-to-be.

What’s Behind the Trend?

Is bigger always better? That’s a question for the ages. But, whatever your opinion, there’s no doubt that size matters when it comes to engagement ring diamonds. Larger diamonds glitter with noticeable scintillating fire. They attract attention and inspire interest while adding sophistication and glamor to any ring design.

The moment it’s on her finger, the typical bride starts showing off her ring to family and friends. These days, you’d have a very difficult time finding a modern bride who would prefer a smaller diamond over a higher-carat gem.

At the same time, lab-grown diamonds have also fueled the trend toward larger stones. Created in dedicated facilities using advanced modern technology, these stunning gems are identical to natural diamonds both optically and physically. They also give people the ability to purchase a larger diamond for the same price as a smaller natural.

But while it’s important, size isn’t everything. For a truly stunning ring, cut, clarity, color and design are all important considerations.

1 vs 2 Carat Diamond Ring

Obviously, carat weight has a big impact on the cost and beauty of an engagement ring. While beautiful, a 1-carat diamond won’t capture attention like a 2-carat stone. When cut and set by a skilled jeweler, larger diamonds will typically result in a more striking and expensive piece. At the same time, when you choose a larger diamond, you want to make sure it has good color and clarity since blemishes will typically be more visible. This is because larger carats have larger surface tables that are more visible to the naked eye.

large diamond engagement ring by John Atencio

Choosing a Diamond Shape

Larger diamond gemstones come in a wide array of gorgeous shapes. That said, elongated shapes like marquise, pear, emerald or oval tend to give a larger perceived look due to a greater surface area of the table.

For people who choose smaller diamonds, it makes sense to select shapes that make the stone look larger than it actually is. This isn’t necessary if you choose a larger stone, which allows you to confidently select any shape and style. This is another consideration that has led more and more people to invest in larger stones that open up a greater amount of design possibilities.

When it comes to diamond cut, one shape isn’t necessarily superior to another. It all comes down to the personal taste and style of the wearer. You can never go wrong with classic round brilliant diamonds, especially if you are planning to buy a larger diamond. Bear in mind that especially large diamonds require a master designer, such as John Atencio, who has the creativity, skill and instincts to blend more prominent stones into a work of wearable art.

Choosing a Diamond

A diamond engagement ring is one of the most important purchases you will ever make, so you want to be certain you are doing it right. Understanding how to select a diamond will impact how you select your ring. With any diamond, the 4C’s — Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight — work together to determine beauty and value.

When considering a diamond, most buyers focus on carat weight. After all, if she has her heart set on a 2-carat stone, anything less will leave her disappointed. Still, color, clarity and cut will work to determine the actual value and beauty of the stone. Though not one of the fundamental four C's, diamond shape and ring design will also play a fundamental role in the selection of your engagement ring.

At John Atencio, when we say the “perfect” diamond, we really mean the perfect diamond for you. This means the gemstone has all the characteristics you desire and fits within your budget. There is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to selecting the ideal diamond for your engagement ring. In almost every instance, it's best to seek guidance from an expert. This is the best way to make sure you won’t pay for a feature that will ultimately go unnoticed, or purchase a diamond that will interfere with light reflection.

While choosing the perfect large diamond engagement ring can be intimidating, your experience doesn’t have to feel that way. At John Atencio, our attentive consultants can show you how to pick a diamond she will love. Our expert team always works to ensure that we meet every customer’s needs in terms of color, cut, clarity and carat, all while maintaining the highest standards. Use our helpful diamond search for either lab grown or natural diamonds, and then make an appointment at one of our locations, where our attentive, knowledgeable experts can guide you toward the perfect ring for your unique love story.