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Tennis Bracelets: Comparing Carats

diamond tennis bracelets, tennis bracelet carat comparison
Tennis Bracelets: Comparing Carats

A modern wardrobe staple, diamond tennis bracelets go with anything, from casual ensembles to formal attire. While they infuse any outfit with shimmer and glam, each bracelet’s appearance can vary based on the total carat weight. This tennis bracelet carat comparison shows how carat weights affect the look, value and price of a diamond tennis bracelet.

Considering Carat Weight

Obviously, carat weight has a major impact on the beauty and cost of a tennis bracelet. Larger diamonds will almost always result in a more stunning and costlier piece. At the same time, when you select larger diamonds, you want to make sure they have good clarity and color since blemishes will be more visible.

Something many people fail to consider is that a larger carat weight will result in fewer diamonds on the bracelet. Since larger diamonds take up more space, there’s simply less room. So larger diamonds will mean fewer are required to fit around the wrist.

In turn, a smaller carat weight means you will almost always have more diamonds around the tennis bracelet. So, you can imagine that a 2-carat tennis bracelet would have about six dozen diamonds in it, while a 10-carat bracelet would only have about 38.

It’s not just carat size and the number of diamonds that influence the cost. Any embellishments to the bracelet will also influence what you pay. A simple bracelet with a single row of diamonds will always be less expensive than one equipped with a special clasp or two rows of diamond gemstones.

How Many Carats Should a Tennis Bracelet Be?

On average, a typical diamond tennis bracelet will have between 3 and 4 carats. That said, the number of carats can vary between different types of bracelets. Most will range from 2 carats in total weight to 10 carats or, in some cases, even more. The total number of carats will depend on the size of the diamonds and how many are set within the bracelet.

With all that said, you should never choose a diamond tennis bracelet that’s less than one carat in total weight. There are quite a few diamonds on a tennis bracelet and a piece with fewer carats can indicate the presence of lower quality diamonds. Why? Because smaller diamonds allow a jeweler to get away with using poor-quality diamonds since larger diamonds are more apt to show inclusions and discoloration.

tennis bracelets in different carats by John Atencio

What About Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Not many years ago, it would have seemed impossible to make lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets with the same exact properties as bracelets featuring natural diamonds. Now, modern technology has made this bold vision a beautiful reality.

When choosing a tennis bracelet, it’s very important to consider the quality of the individual diamonds. The 'Four Cs' (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) have always determined the value of any jewelry-grade diamond. Higher grades will result in a more attractive tennis bracelet that attracts attention for all the right reasons. These days, however, jewelers don’t have to scour the earth for premium-quality diamond gemstones, thanks to lab-grown gems.

Created in dedicated facilities that leverage highly specialized equipment, lab-grown diamonds are held to the same unyielding standards as naturally mined diamonds. They also have the same chemical, optical and physical properties as natural diamonds.

One of the biggest advantages of lab-grown diamonds is that, to the naked eye, they are indistinguishable from mined diamonds. Even the most seasoned diamond-detector would never be able to identify a lab-grown diamond just by looking at it. The only real difference between natural diamonds and lab-created diamonds is that the latter includes microscopic inscriptions. Without highly specialized equipment, however, it’s not possible to determine whether a diamond is naturally mined or grown in a lab.

Responsibly sourced and eco-friendly, John Atencio’s lab-grown diamonds make stunning diamond tennis bracelets. Whatever the carat weight, you can be sure your bracelet will feature scintillating, high-quality diamonds that elevate your finest look.

Whether you’re treating yourself or surprising that special someone, you can never go wrong with a breathtaking diamond tennis bracelet. Masterfully crafted using premium-quality natural or lab-grown gemstones, John’s tennis bracelets are available in a diversity of carat weights.

Browse online or visit any convenient John Atencio location, where our courteous experts can help you find the perfect tennis bracelet to enhance your look and complement the jewelry you wear every day. We can also help you choose a stunning jewelry gift to show that special someone just how much you care.