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Get Creative! The Best Ways to Propose at Christmas

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Get Creative! The Best Ways to Propose at Christmas

Are you thinking about proposing to the one you love on Christmas? That idea is a great one because the energy is heightened, the mistletoe is hanging and there’s absolute magic in the air. Christmastime is already spectacular, so use it to your advantage and pop the question that’s been dancing in the back of your mind. Whether it’s a classically creative proposal or one that takes a little ingenuity on your part, there are many ways to ask for her hand in marriage during Christmas. This is the perfect time to propose, so consider these ideas and order those “engaged” Christmas cards to tell the world. Now drop to one knee and make it a Christmas to remember with a John Atencio engagement ring.

Make Christmas Extra Special with an Engagement Ring from John Atencio


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Hang an Engagement Ring Christmas Ornament on the Tree


One method of eliciting the enchanted effect you’re hoping for is to hang the box directly from the Christmas tree or put her John Atencio engagement ring inside a special ornament to hang from the tree. A wide assortment of engagement ring Christmas ornaments is offered online and in stores during the holidays, running the gamut from basic to personalized with your names and the date. Want to be a little more clever and make it yourself? Fillable, empty glass ornaments of various sizes are easy to come by and can be filled with her engagement ring and a special message surrounded by velvet, satin or rose petals. Write “Marry me,” on the outside with a paint pen or adorn it with ribbon and get ready for romance. If you can dream it, you can do it, so get creative and make it special for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Print those Engaged Christmas Cards


Sometimes it’s worth it to go all out to create that memorable moment, so confidence goes a long way when you plan a proposal. Cross your fingers and make the assumption she’ll say “yes” by having some “engaged” Christmas cards printed before you get down on bended knee. Regardless if you’re having a nice dinner out or if you’re getting cozy beside the fireplace, pass your love that card in an envelope and watch the flush of sweet surprise on her face. When she reads “Will you marry me?” alongside your names and the date, she will appreciate your efforts and melt in your arms with a resounding “yes.” Better yet, put a photo of her John Atencio engagement ring on the card to make her eyes widen with amazement, then present her with the real thing for an effect you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives. Just like her engagement ring, it pays great dividends when you go bold.

Knock her Socks off with the Most Creative Marriage Proposal


If you really want to surprise her when you propose, make the choice to gain her forever love by going the extra mile for her hand in marriage. Since flash mobs are currently frowned upon due to their public nature, you can plan a treasure hunt that ends in the discovery of a distinctive John Atencio engagement ring or make a trail of gifts that lead to the big surprise. You can also plot an evening of board games, replacing her pawn with her ring, or propose while playing in the snow, slipping her ring into the finger of her gloves first. Be original and pull that wishbone from your Christmas Eve turkey and let her win her ring, or present her with her favorite cake with your message and ring on top. Regardless of which route to her heart you choose, the result will be the one you long for when you go with an engagement ring from John Atencio.

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Ask Her to be Yours with a Traditionally Creative Christmas Proposal


Your proposal doesn’t have to be outlandish to elicit the response you desire. Christmastime has long been an amazing time for marriage proposals, so hop on the bandwagon and get that John Atencio engagement ring ready to go. If you’re one for tradition, tie her ring to the mistletoe and pull her in for a kiss to seal the deal, or stash that pretty box under the tree or in the bottom of her stocking for a Christmas morning surprise. You can ask your love to spend her life with you amidst the decorations on the doorstep, during a Christmas photoshoot or after you spell out your grand intentions in Christmas lights or candles. Staying close to home to propose will be anything but boring when you gift her with an engagement ring from John Atencio—the most exquisitely bold statement of your promise to love her forever.

Set out to make her dreams come true this Christmas by proposing with an engagement ring from John Atencio. Visit to view the most enticing selection of engagement rings. Browse our responsibly mined natural and lab-grown diamond database, then schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with a concierge to get started on ring she’ll wear for life. Start writing your Christmas love story today.