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How Long Does It Take to Make an Engagement Ring?

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How Long Does It Take to Make an Engagement Ring?

You’ve found your forever love, and since you’ve been thinking of popping the question for quite a while, you’re wondering how long it takes to make an engagement ring. When you want to give her a custom ring that’s as special as she is, there are several elements that come into play, so gather your ideas and set a budget. Making a custom engagement ring involves many factors, from choosing the right setting, metal, center stone and side stones to the actual crafting process. It takes more time to custom-create the perfect ring, so it’s a great idea to begin the process as soon as you find the perfect woman. Customizing a stunning engagement ring that will wow her is fun and easy at John Atencio.

John Atencio is World Renowned

Choosing an engagement ring from John Atencio is a wise decision because of his extensive experience, his devotion to impeccable quality and his honorable sustainability practices. Holding 46 years of experience, acclaimed artist and designer John Atencio is known the world over for designing distinctive statement jewelry that marks important milestones in your life. He takes the time to sketch every piece on paper, envisioning his designs from his own rich experiences and inspirations. A firm believer in creating the highest quality statement jewelry with the finest in responsibly sourced materials, he allows only master artisans to handcraft his designs. Discover more about the man who designs the breathtaking jewelry she’ll keep close to her heart.

The John Atencio Difference

Giving her a John Atencio engagement ring speaks volumes about the love you have for her because every ring is meticulously handcrafted for beauty and quality. John goes above and beyond the crafting process of other jewelers, avoiding the practice of using a standard setting to fit any size of center stone. Instead, the size of the ring is scaled to precisely fit the center stone you select, resulting in a durable ring with perfect aesthetic balance. He believes every ring is unique and his commitment to quality is simply second to none.

Sustainability is important to John Atencio. This ethically and environmentally minded jeweler insists that his designs be created using only recycled gold and gemstones that are either lab-created or responsibly sourced from mines. He is committed to only selling mined diamonds that adhere to the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), a worldwide movement to prevent exploitation and eliminate the diamond trade used to finance war and human trafficking. You can find these exceptional diamonds in the convenient natural diamond search and lab grown diamond search on

So how long does it take to make an engagement ring that will take her breath away? Read on to discover the John Atencio custom process.

custom engagement ring by John Atencio

Making a John Atencio Custom Engagement Ring

How long does it take to make a custom engagement ring? From the moment you bring your ideas to a John Atencio boutique to the time of completion, it generally takes a minimum of two months to handcraft a stunning engagement ring. The following steps detail the process.

1. Get Some Ideas

The first thing you must do is browse sites like Pinterest and Instagram to find ideas for her custom engagement ring.

2. Set a Budget

Decide upon the amount of money you’re willing to spend on the perfect custom engagement ring. She’ll wear this ring on her hand for the rest of her days, so it’s well worth the investment.

3. Contact a John Atencio Bridal Concierge

Bring your ideas to one of our skilled bridal concierges who will work with you to custom design the perfect engagement ring.

4. Choose the Metal of the Setting

John Atencio always uses sustainable materials in his creations, so you’ll feel good whether you choose gold, white gold or rose gold.

5. Select the Center Stone and Side Stones

Careful consideration must be used when selecting the center stone and side stones for the ring that will grace her finger for the rest of her days. John Atencio has an exceptional selection of stones, offering responsibly mined and lab-grown diamonds in a variety of cuts, as well as fancy yellow diamonds and colored gemstones. After you’ve decided upon the materials and the setting, a CAD drawing will be created from your ideas and will be presented for you to review.

6. Wait for the Wax Model

After you’ve approved the CAD drawing, a wax model of the ring will be created for your review. The process up to this point takes a minimum of two weeks.

7. Approve the Setting to be Cast

After you’ve authorized the wax replica of the agreed-upon design, the actual setting is cast in the metal you selected. This particular process takes a minimum of four weeks.

8. Wait While the Stones are Mounted

Precise and sturdy placement of the chosen center stone and any side stones will take approximately two weeks. After this process, her custom engagement ring is ready for you to slip on her finger.

Can’t Wait? Propose Today with a John Atencio Proposal Ready Engagement Ring

If you just can’t wait a few months to ask her to be yours, John Atencio offers an amazing selection of Proposal Ready Rings. Meeting the strict standards he also uses with his custom engagement rings, each of these rings is designed in iconic John Atencio style. Set in 18k white gold and paired with an exquisite hand-selected diamond, these stunning engagement rings are the perfect answer if the time to propose is now. A powerful part of the Proposal Ready Collection, the Intrigue is an engagement ring of exceptional character and quality that will always remind her of your love for her. Visit and explore the possibilities.

Presenting her with an exquisite, custom-made engagement ring is an easy feat that’s well worth the few months it takes to handcraft. So, browse Pinterest, Instagram or other avenues for ideas and bring them to your nearest John Atencio boutique where a bridal concierge is ready to assist you every step of the way. Because when you give her an authentic John Atencio, she’ll always wear your love story on her finger.