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John Atencio Jewelry for the Minimalist

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John Atencio Jewelry for the Minimalist

Minimalist jewelry is having a moment right now, as modern consumers embrace a more polished, refined look. From celebrities to fashion influencers, everyone has their own way of sporting these subtle yet beautiful pieces. Here are some of the best minimalist jewelry options in John Atencio’s extensive collection.

What Is Minimalist Jewelry?

Minimalist jewelry includes delicate, uncomplicated designs that subtly enhance an outfit or overall look. It can be worn by people with clean and simple fashion styles, as well as people who wear a lot of big, bold, bright patterns. Instead of overcomplicating an outfit, minimalist jewelry adds a nice touch of detail without going overboard.

In general, minimalist jewelry will include small pieces with simple designs that are either a single color or set with a small amount of neutral stones and/or details. The overall effect is pleasing to the eye since it delivers a clean design that creates a more polished, refined look. Still, minimalist designs don’t have to be plain or boring. In the right hands, these simple, sophisticated designs can be beautifully compelling in subtle ways that won’t steal the whole show.


When it comes to choosing a minimalist necklace, you don’t have to settle for a simple chain. A staple of minimalistic jewelry, bar necklaces like the Devotion Pendant are unassuming, and you can layer without it appearing overly distracting. While it may seem somewhat counterintuitive to think of pendants as minimalist jewelry, small designs call subtle attention to your piece while the juxtaposition between the simple chain and pendant will give it a very classic look.

john atencio minimalist jewelry

Earrings and Bracelets

Pearls and diamond studs are the standard minimalist favorites. Versatile enough for ball gowns, professional attire or your favorite t-shirt and jeans, both options draw attention to your face and elevate your best features.

Solid gold bracelets are another great piece for minimalist fashionistas. Similar to necklaces, they can be layered, and there’s always room for an unassuming pendant or pearl. Like a simple choker, the right bracelet can draw attention to your hands, especially if you’re wearing one or more minimalistic rings.


Single-stone rings are exceedingly popular among contemporary women who want to shine without overpowering the eye. Eternally timeless, solitaire engagement rings like the Bellissima can accommodate diverse settings and any stone shape, from round brilliant diamonds to fancy-cut gems and alternative gemstones.

Simple yet striking, solitaire rings are anything but plain. Available in a diversity of designs and styles, they can be customized to suit distinctive tastes. You can swap metals from yellow to white to beautiful blush rose gold. You can even replace the diamond with a ruby, emerald or sea-colored sapphire. Whatever your desire, whatever your look, a single stone ring provides plenty of ways to bring out your beauty while preserving the coveted minimalist style that’s become so trendy among many modern brides-to-be.

Men's Minimalist Jewelry

Decades ago, men had few options when it came to minimalist jewelry. These days, they don’t have to settle for plain gold chains and simple metal bands. From dinosaur bone to meteorite to depthless black zirconium, there are all sorts of compelling materials that yield impressive minimalist pieces. Enhanced with strategically placed black diamonds or gold accents, each design maintains its subtle sophistication while elevating his sharpest look.

While they are designed to be relatively unassuming, minimalist pieces should never blend into the background. Ideally, they should enhance your look and complement your style without overpowering the eye. This is a delicate balance requiring an expert hand and a creative mind.

John Atencio has spent four decades designing creative, compelling jewelry that evokes glamor, sophistication and style. Informed by the past and inspired by the future, he has continued to refine his wondrous craft, bringing his unique visions to life for a customer base that spans the world. For a master craftsman like John, inspiration abounds, whether it comes from the wondrous architectural achievements of the past or the intimate aspects of personal experience. Blending iconic clean lines with soft curves and compelling geometric shapes, John’s distinct architecture yields one-of-a-kind jewelry that's exquisitely simple and beautifully refined.

As he continues his artistic journey, John curates new subdued and stimulating designs while also creating popular classic pieces of extraordinary quality. From necklaces and pendants to bracelets and rings, every design is expertly crafted in pursuit of progress and enduring beauty.

Browse his many collections and discover the perfect jewelry piece for your one-of-a-kind style.