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Oval Cut vs Pear Cut: What's the Difference?

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Oval Cut vs Pear Cut: What's the Difference?

The shape of a diamond is one of the most important considerations when selecting an engagement ring. In recent years, oval-cut and pear-cut diamonds have become increasingly popular choices for modern brides-to-be. Read on to learn the similarities and differences between these two uniquely beautiful diamond shapes.

Oval vs Pear Cut: Understanding the Nuances

Oval and pear cuts belong to a category known as fancy-cut diamonds. Unlike classic round brilliant stones, fancy shapes have creative facets that reflect and refract light in unique ways. When choosing between oval and pear diamonds, it helps to understand these scintillating nuances so you can choose a shape that fits your unique taste and style.

The Elegance of Oval Diamond

Oval diamonds are currently rising in popularity for engagement rings. There is something very elegant about an elongated cut, which flatters the finger. 

Featuring a perfectly symmetrical, oblong silhouette, these diamonds are all about symmetry. Characterized by gently rounded edges, the cut conveys a sense of refined balance highly suited for both classic solitaires and modern designs.

woman wearing an oval cut engagement ring


While similar in outline, oval diamonds tend to appear larger face-up than pear cuts of the same carat weight. This makes ovals a great budget-friendly option when aiming for maximum visible stone size. In terms of pricing, oval diamonds are generally less expensive per carat than round or pear-shaped diamonds, especially in larger sizes. Combined with the shape’s on-trend elegance, this price advantage makes the oval cut a very attractive option.

The Allure of Pear-Shaped Stones

Sometimes called a teardrop diamond due to its single point and rounded base, the pear cut dazzles with its asymmetrical outline. Wider at one end, pear-shaped diamonds combine the best aspects of oval and marquise diamonds for a gorgeous hybrid. 

woman wearing an pear cut engagement ring

The pear cut's defining narrow top and broader lower portion enable maximum retention of carat weight. The cut requires precision to ensure optimal light refraction, showcasing a mesmerizing interplay between symmetry and asymmetry.

Since pear diamonds utilize less rough diamond during the cutting process, they tend to be more affordable than other brilliant cuts. This makes them a budget-savvy way to enjoy some serious sparkle. Their price advantage, combined with an uncommon silhouette, makes pear-cut gemstones a popular option for countless contemporary brides-to-be.

Oval Cut vs. Pear Cut: Comparing Brilliance

One of the most important considerations when selecting a diamond is light performance. When it comes to maximizing brilliance, there are slight differences between an oval and a pear cut.

Oval diamonds dazzle with spectacular brilliance thanks to their elongated cut, which provides more facets around the edges to reflect light. While oval and pear cuts exhibit a similar number of facets, the dimensions of pear diamonds mean some edges don't necessarily reflect as evenly. That said, a quality pear diamond will still showcase plenty of fire and radiance. 

Much of this depends upon the professional cutters who execute the precise pear outline. With a pear-shaped diamond, precise skill is required to cut the top point. This area often shows bowties and other hallmarks of inferior workmanship in less meticulously cut stones.

Ultimately every diamond is unique, which is why it's so important to closely assess gems for cut, clarity, color, and carat weight rather than making assumptions based solely on shape.

Finding the Perfect Fit

When it comes to selecting an engagement ring, the shape of the center stone should align both symbolically and aesthetically. An oval brilliant conveys symmetrical perfection, while the pear cut adds a touch of poetry with its evocative teardrop form.

Oval diamonds work beautifully in settings that allow the stone to be the star of the show. With their elongated outline, these diamonds are nicely showcased by streamlined solitaire settings. That said, creative designers like John Atencio also offer a range of other setting options specially designed to accentuate an oval's symmetry.

Meanwhile, the pear cut provides designers with an element of creativity. These cuts fit well into halo diamond settings surrounded by glittering pavé stones. The pear's unique outline allows for very eye-catching styles, including east-west rings, where the special elongation draws the eye across the finger.

With pear cuts, there are many design possibilities. It all depends on your personal style and the look you want to achieve.

Modern or Classic Style

Are oval diamonds more modern or classic compared to pear-shaped stones? In this case, beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder.

While sparkly oval shaped diamonds offer timeless appeal, their sleek shape feels fresh and contemporary. The elongated shape outline has an understated glamor that shines in both simple and elaborate settings, making the cut a popular choice among modern fashionistas. 

Meanwhile, pear-cut diamonds also exhibit a quietly luxurious aesthetic. Their defining narrow top and fuller bottom add architectural interest, feeling more aligned with glamorous vintage motifs. Still, these cuts also offer contemporary appeal when featured in the right design.

photo of a pear cut engagement ring with pave diamonds by John Atencio


One could argue that oval diamonds are a bit more versatile for matching both traditional and contemporary styles. But in the end, choosing oval vs pear is all about personal preference.

Finding the Perfect Diamond Ring

For nearly half a century, John Atencio’s distinct visions for beauty and ethics have yielded gorgeous pieces revered globally for unrivaled beauty, quality, and social responsibility.

This devotion to excellence begins with sourcing only conflict-free diamonds that meet stringent international compliance protocols and the highest standards for quality. 

woman wearing an oval cut engagement ring

Take, for instance, John’s Satin, Essence, Majesty, and Duchess oval diamond engagement rings. Creatively designed using the finest materials, each dazzling piece showcases a fiery oval diamond complemented by glittering pavé luxe diamond accents. 

Not to be outdone, John’s alluring collection of pear-cut diamond engagement rings includes a breathtaking assortment of uniquely beautiful pieces – from classic solitaires to halo designs with a single row of cascading side diamonds.

Bear in mind that John Atencio also creates custom engagement rings to accommodate any special fancy diamond – including the oval and the pear.

The John Atencio Difference

Whichever diamond cut you choose, John Atencio has all the expert guidance and gemological resources to help you select a center stone of exceptional quality. With full lifetime warranties and custom design services, you can be confident in finding your perfect fit. 

Discover the dazzling light performance and symbolism of oval and pear diamonds in gorgeous settings designed to match your personal style. Shop online or visit one of our convenient locations, where our attentive consultants can help you choose the diamond of your dreams.